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Open Letter to President Bush Re: FAA ATC druguse/Whitehouse Shooter

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Open Letter to President Bush Re: FAA ATC druguse/Whitehouse Shooter

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Post Open Letter to President Bush Re: FAA ATC druguse/Whitehouse Shooter

Santee, CA. 92071
August 10, 2001

President Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Via Fax: (202) 456-2461
Via E-mail at [email protected]

President Bush,

My name is James Bergquist, former FAA air traffic controller and head of our union, NATCA, in San Diego.

On 1/20/01, Inauguration day, I sent you the enclosed letter containing scores of allegations of FAA, DOT, DOT IG, NTSB, FBI, and Congressional corruption and the subsequent coverup of this corruption. They have failed to investigate our allegations of FAA ATC druguse on the job, airline pilot druguse on the job, tampering with witnesses in a Federal hearing, tampering with evidence by a DOT attorney in a Congressional investigation, falsifying and tampering with evidence in the NTSB investigation of the VJ592 crash and many other crash investigation over the past 30 years.

I am not the only one speaking out.

In our group, we have two former FAA airline inspectors who have identical stories to tell. See


We also have a DOD wiring expert and Boeing's head wiring man. See his site at..

We have two former airline pilots....See

and read our posts at

On June 22, 1998 I sent a letter to Mr. James Hall, Chairman of the NTSB, calling for him to reopen the investigation into the ValuJet 592 disaster. You can see this letter which is posted at

In that letter, I told him that I had detected several errors made by the air traffic controller and his supervisor in the handling of the emergency. Additionally, I told him that I had a problem with the NTSB theory as to the cause of the disaster, with the oxygen generator fire tests, with the "uncontrolled descent" theory, and the possible druguse by the controller and his supervisor that handled the emergency. I never received a reply.

On 1/18/98 I sent a letter to Mr. Louis Freeh, Director of the FBI, asking for an investigation into druguse on the job by controllers and a bombthreat I received. The San Diego Field Office refused to investigate. I never received a reply. You can read this letter at

I wrote to President Clinton and requested that he tell Chairman Hall and Director Freeh to respond to me without result.

Our government is a mess.

This corrupt system that you were informed about on 1/20/01 has killed thousands of Americans and continues to place millions of Americans in harm's way by chronic neglect. If the system is going to improve, we have to start listening to whistle blowers. You won't get the truth out of the "loyal" people in the FAA, DOT, NTSB, and FBI. They are the "Fox that guards the hen house" and will not investigate their own of any other agencies of the Government.

Unfortunately, the press has lost it's nerve long ago and protects the Government by turning a blind eye to such corruption. Many times I have heard "We are NOT going to lock horns with the Feds" from members of the press. If they could get the truth as far as their editors, the next big story they would be working on is the bear problem at the dump. They would be shipped off to Barrow, Alaska for "rocking the boat".

Today, an air traffic controller from SFO tower who makes $100,000 per year was captured after robbing several banks over a period of 6 months in the bay area. The FBI reported that this was highly unusual for an affluent person to take up this part time vocation and that the profile for bank robbers is a person with a drug habit. Maybe the FBI should drug test this individual.

I first discovered this corruption some 12 years ago after I was given six months leave without pay within 4 hours of reporting drug use by a fellow controller on the job and subsequently fired. Another controller reported the same man for the same offense just 6 weeks laters. The FAA tampered with that witness and have told my Congressman that no documentation exists of the investigation.

The controller who I and another female controller had informed on had been busted twice in the US Navy for trafficking in drugs before being hired by the FAA. If an true investigation would have taken place when we reported this crime, it would have been his third strike and he would be in prison. Instead, he now makes over $100,000 per year and bought an apartment building with his drug profits. I was fired for telling management of this fact. There is something wrong here.

Where is the war on drugs? When my Congressman asked the DEA to get involved, they dropped the case within one day. We are attempting to brainwash our youth into leaving drugs alone and we look the other way when a government employee uses drugs in a control tower. The US Govt. is really saying YES to drugs by it's inaction in this matter. No investigation of my allegations has taken place in the past dozen years. On the contrary, I have seen only obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses and evidence. A massive amount of crimes have taken place.

Congressman Jim Bates brought this to the attention of the GAO. I have his letter and the GAO's response that they are a small organization and can't look into such matters.

We have contacted several "watchdog" groups including the Aviation Safety Institute, Ralph Nader's Aviation Consumer Action Project, and the Internation Airline Passenger's Association. They refuse to get involved.

We have contacted the Association of Flight Attendants, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, and the International Association of Mechanics. They are also afraid to rock the boat.

When I was busy recruiting new members for NATCA as the San Diego union representative, this controller would go with me and deal drugs to controllers right in the control towers. I had a hard time recruiting controllers in the early days of our union. Their main concern was how NATCA was going to beat drug testing and the NATCA newsletters addressed this issue as NATCA's number one concern.

After several calls to the White house to try to track down my letter, it has taken just short of 6 months to get a reply. The other day, I finally got me reply. In my letter to you, I requested that you have a member of your staff contact me and tell me how you intend to deal with my allegations. Instead, I get yet another letter from the fox that guards the hen house.

I have seen many cases of accidents and incidents involving controllers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. A controller at Miami tower overdosed on heroin in the tower in 1998. His supervisor tried to cover it up by falsifying his attendance record. I was discovered that controllers were getting advanced word of supposed "random" drug testing. See...

When WPLG-TV (ABC News) in Miami first heard about the heroin OD in Miami ATCT, it came from a controller who worked there. He or she also told them that druguse at that facility was "Rampant". This tells me that there are more controllers who are using drugs there.

In the 6/11/01 letter from the Dept. of Justice signed by Deputy Assistant Attorney General John C. Keeney, I was told the following...

This is in response to your letter to President Bush which alleged misconduct by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), air traffic controllers and their supervisors. Your letter requested an investigation of these matters.

Your letter was referred to the Public Integrity Section, a component of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. The Public Integrity Section of responsible for the investigation and prosecution of corruption on the part of the government officials. We have carefully reviewed your letter. Although we appreciate your concern there is insufficient information to warrant a federal criminal investigation by the Department of Justice. We must first have sufficient factual evidence to allow us to conclude that the federal crime way have occurred. I f you believe you possess specific evidence that a violation of federal criminal law has occurred, you may wish to provide that information to your local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That telephone number and address can be found in your telephone directory.

You may wish to communicate your concerns to the Investigation Section, Civil Aviation Security Division (AWP-711), FAA Western Pacific Region, 15000 Aviation Boulevard, Hawthorne, CA 90261. the Investigation Section investigates allegations of misconduct by FAA employees.

We hope this information is helpful. We regret that we are unable to be of further assistance in this manner.


John C. Keeney
Deputy Assistant Attorney General

If I hadn't read scores of identical letters for the past dozen years, I would not have believed my eyes.

Nobody at the Justice Dept. could have looked carefully at my letter to you, there is a link there to previous letters to President Clinton and other links of Mr. Hall and Mr. Freeh in which there is a massive amount of evidence of corruption. For Mr. Keeney to suggest I contact the FAA and FBI is no more that a slap in the face to me.

I have taped hundreds of hours of phone calls of co-workers, the FAA, DOT IG, NTSB, Congressional Subcomittees, the Commerce Committee, the Committee on Oversight and Investigation, the FBI, the White House, and the press to back up my allegations. No one has asked to hear my tapes.

On 7/10/01, at 1000hrs., I called the Public Integrity Section Chief: Lee J. Radek at (202)514-1412. Mr. Radek was unavailable. When I ask to speak with any investigator, I was told that no one could call me back and was told to write another letter.

On 7/11/01 at 0830hrs, I called the Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Mr. John C. Keeney, who had signed my letter, at (202)514-2601. He was not available for a phone call and I was told I couldn't leave my phone number for him to call me back. the operator then suggested I call the citizen correspondence office. The anonymous person there sent me to another person at citizen correspondense. She was unable to give me her name, Id Number, or any information about her id for my records.

She suggested I contact the Office of Professional Responsibility at 202 514 3365. When I told this person that MR. Keeney was the one who signed my letter and again asked to speak to him, I was told that the only people who can talk with Mr. Keeney are the President, the Vice President, and current federal employees. Me being a former federal employee, I could not speak with him. When I told her I wanted to speak with the author of my letter, I was told to "Have a nice day" and was hung up on.

At 0850hrs., I called the Office of Professional Responsibility and talked with another anonymous female employee who explained that their office investigated misconduct by government attorneys. I explained that I had evidence that a DOT IG attorney named Mr. David Tochen had tampered with evidence in a Congressional investigation and I have a tape of him to prove it. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told they no one was available and that they don't take information over the phone. I was also told that I didn't give them enough information. I tried to give them more information and was interupted with "Goodbye, Sir" and was again hung up on again.

The Clinton White house has hung up on me, I have that on tape. I was very polite when I talked with them, why are all these people hanging up on me?

I am in touch with a former roommate who signed a statement twelve years ago that she saw drugs being used in my home by several controllers over a period of six months. This statement was given to the investigators in Senator Semour's investigation and the DOT IG never attempted to contact her and never got the tapes.

When I saw another whistle blower pass over the line of sanity and fired a weapon into the air in front of the White house, I started reading about him. I saw that he sent a letter to the IRS Commissioner and sent a copy to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Attorney General, and another copy to you. You can read more about it at..

and read his letter to the IRS Commissioner at...

Is anyone looking into his allegations?

Please read my letter to the Cincinnati Enquirer about the incident which contains my last letter to you....

Ron Liebau
[email protected]


Thanks for talking with me a moment ago.

I would appreciate it if you would read my letter to President Bush. You will see that I have had a similar experience as Mr. Pickett had.

Mr. Pickett was calling out for justice and claims that the system was totally corrupt. He was correct. The press's job is to watch over the Government so we don't have incidents like this.

The people tend to belief the press, but the press pays no attention to the whistle blower. When can the truth come to the surface when the courts and the press protects the government and punishes the whistle blower? How can we say we live in a "free country"?

As I said on the phone to you, I don't believe that Mr. Pickett intended to shoot himself or anyone else. Why did he receive only one round from the White house Police when he had given them time to assemble dozens of officers with a lot of firepower trained on him. I believe he put his gun in his mouth to protect himself. I don't think for a minute that he pointed his gun at any officers and knew that it would mean certain death. Why were the officer combing the grounds for spent cartridges when Mr. Pickett fired two shots into the air? He had a five shot revolver which doesn't expel cartridges and looked totally different from an automatic handgun.

Mr. Pickett still needs your help. I'm sure Mr. Pickett could tell you how to get the evidence which will prove his allegations of corruption. I contacted the District of Columbia Public Defender's office and asked that his court-appointed attorney contact me. I have received no reply.

Was Mr. Pickett a long-time conscientious employee who had seen illegal practices and made the mistake of reporting it, believing right would prevail? Had he seen this all his career and just couldn't take it anymore? Did he just want to get away from it all and retire?

What will happen to Mr. Pickett once his free counsel flushes him down the drain? Will he receive a fair trial afford him in our Constitution?

Mr. Pickett sent a copy of his letter to the IRS Commissioner to President Bush. Is the White house looking into his allegations?

I live in Santee, CA. and I drive by Santana HS everyday. That boy who shot his fellow students was crying out for help and nobody listened to him. Many people knew about it and remained silent. People are driven to the brink because nobody wants to get involved.

Shortly after this senseless tragedy, the press jumped on the story about the Maryland teen who sent a death threat to a Santana student claiming to "finish the job". In my attached letter to President Bush, you will see that I had received a bomb treat via the Internet. I contacted the FBI and they did nothing. I had gone to the San Diego Field Office on two prior occasions and given them tapes that I had made of telephone conversations with co-workers and Congressional leaders and they refused to investigate my allegations of corruption.

Here is my letter to President Bush which I sent to him on inauguration day...

Santee, CA. 92071
January 20, 2001

President Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Via Fax: (202) 456-2461
Via E-mail at [email protected]

Mr. President,

My names is James A. Bergquist, former FAA air traffic controller and head of our union, NATCA, in San Diego.

I watched your inaugural address this morning and was filled with hope for your Presidency.

I was especially moved when I heard you say "Government has great responsibilities for public safety and public health, for civil rights and common schools. Yet compassion is the work of a nation, not just a government." Later in your speech, I heard you say "We must show courage in a time of blessing by confronting problems instead of passing them on to future generations." and later "What you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to seek a common good beyond your comfort; to defend needed reforms against easy attacks; to serve your nation, beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens: citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens, building communities of service and a nation of character".

I have shown courage by confronting problems and I have been ignored and chastised by my Congressman, Duncan Hunter, California Senators, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, and countless other people I have contacted in our government.

I have written a dozen letters to your father and another dozen letters to President Clinton concerning a problem which effects the lives of millions of Americans, that being governmental corruption relating to aviation safety.

As a second generation air traffic controller, I have seen controllers using alcohol and drugs on the job for some fifty years. We were given advanced word of supposed "random" drug testing. I have observed official government documents being falsified on a daily basis all my life. Since then a controller at Miami tower passed out in the bathroom when he overdosed on heroin. It turned out that he and other controllers were being tipped off about "random" drug tests at Miami. Later is was learned that Ft. Lauderdale tower controllers were tipped off also. His supervisor falsified his attendance record in an attempt to show he was off duty at the time.

The problem is not limited to drug use by controllers. FAA airline inspectors are being fired for speaking out about safety issues or for being too "strict" on the carriers they are assigned to watch over. There have been aviation disasters as a direct result of this practice, including Alaska Airlines flight 261 and ValuJet flight 592.

The NTSB has lied to the American people about the cause of the crash of VJ592.

Your father chose to pass this problem on to President Clinton and he, in turn, chose to pass it on to you. As a second generation President, I am asking you to confront this problem instead of passing it on to future generations. I wish to meet with you personally to show you the documents I have collected in the past dozen years and to show you the extent of the corruption in our government which has taken the lives of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the past.

Please look at my letter to President Clinton at...

and have a member of your staff contact me as soon as possible to let me know how you intend to deal with this critical issue involving the lives of all Americans. Thank you.


James A. Bergquist
Air Safety Activist
[email protected]


Your father signed the bill establishing the Office of Special Counsel to protect the whistle blower. What a waste of taxpayer money! Mr. Pickett and I both had to deal with them is our appeals against the IRS in his case and the FAA in mine.

Where do we go to get the truth out? The buck stops with YOU. This is now your hot potato. Please don't throw it to someone else again. No more form letters from "The fox that guards the hen house".

When a young Mother gets on an airliner with her children in tow, they have no idea that their government is placing their lives in danger and acting in such a reckless manner. Don't they deserve better than this?

Mr. President, enough "Rope-A-Dope". It is time to stop the carnage of innocent Americans. I will not forget about this. You will continue to get letters from me until I get a thorough investigation into my allegations. Please have a member of your staff contact me ASAP.

This letter will be sent to members of the Congressional Aviation Subcommittee of Congress, the Senate Commerce Committee, Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, FBI director Robert S. Mueller III, to the families of airline disasters, to the worldwide press and posted on the internet for the American people to see. I await YOUR response. I pray it won't take another 6 months. Let's do something about this before another 100 or more innocent people have to die for the greed of Boeing, GE, and the various airlines.


James A. Bergquist
Air Safety Activist
[email protected]
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