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United Air Lines, end of an era.....?

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United Air Lines, end of an era.....?

Old 4th Nov 2001, 20:57
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UAL can be saved if the pilots do what they know they must.Hey,its better than the other option.And if the pilots turn it around,it will be a kick in the teeth to the management that screwed things up in the first place.
Purveyors of doom and schadenfreude like Guvnor and 411 sure like the sound of their own voices dont they...
The beauty here is that the pilots have their destiny in their own hands if they act now before its too late.Not many pilots are ever given that option.
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 04:28
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Yes....and pilots being pilots', the FIRST consideration is ah......greed.
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 06:06
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UAL management got way behind the power curve even before Sept 11th by not scaling back substantial operations and employes. Management had lost focus of its core business product by indulging in expensive ancillary activities like the business jet division and the USAir merger fiasco. Present day scale back is too little too late. Only a management miracle can keep this company out of Chapter 11. And to emerge from probable bankruptcy would require further large scale downsizing. The economic recession is deep and brutal and without imminent recovery.

I remember Eastern Airlines in the early 1980s when it was the "Free World's" largest air carrier (35 million pax) and when its baggage handlers were making $35K. "The Wings Of Man" ten short years later had imploded. Product of employe greed and gangster management.
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 09:42
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If United declares Chapter 11, how much would they threaten to cut salaries? Even without Chapter 11, will United be in a much weaker condition than the new American (trying to digest TWA like an anaconda with a large mammal inside it)?

If USAirways is forced to declare Chapter 11, won't the Anointed Perfumed Princes known as Messr's Wolf and Gangb**g, woops-I meant Gangwal, both have ironclad "golden parachutes"? How did they seduce their USAirways Board of Directors into believing that the merger could not fail to take place? Were all board members given certain "inducements"?

Mr Guvnor (the real one): how do you grow such a thick skin-is it the cold salty North Sea wind or the tasty ale?

Y'all are lucky that I sat down at the computer sober and left it sober. No Newcastle Brown or Scottish ale here, not even Shiner Bock from Texas.
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 10:20
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The Guvnor knows a lot about airline downfalls---I believe he had one himself.
Maybe one in Africa? Did you run one down there old chap? Or was that just a nasty rumor? His glee reflects his own shortcomings. Hey Guv, could YOU do any better running one of the major U.S. airlines? No? That's what I thought.

Contact Departure. Donkey Duke
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 10:29
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Next in line is 411A.

Hey 411A----jealousy sucks, doesn't it? You know it does. You are also jealous of cab drivers, aren't you? You walk everywhere, don't you? Admit it! You think pilots shouldn't fight for what they have. Take what life gives you and don't say a word----that's your motto. You're lame. Thanks.

Donkey Duke
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Old 5th Nov 2001, 13:02
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The Guvnor
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Hey, Donkey - I see thay you're persisting in trying to make an ass of yourself. You can stop now - you've succeeded!

As 411A has said in the past, UAL's problems are not just attributable to the pilot's greed but also to that of management. From what I've seen, there seemed to be a complete reality failure on the part of management and the pilots union (in particular) with regard to downsizing before the 11th September - they had got themselves into a macho micturating contest with American and Delta over who's the biggest and who pays their pilots the most - forgetting entirely about the majority of employees (who also happen to be shareholders in the company) who didn't receive anywhere near the same level of pay increases.

Skmarshal 1 - I believe these were UAL aircraft.

Ignition Override - probably both! Hopefully you'll be over here in the not too distant future and we can sup some 'heavy' together.

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