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JEA CRJ fleet

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Tilii, I must agree, Rd will never change and maybe his own little empire at XXX is the best place to keep him. He probably even supports bonding..aghhhh!!!
Barcode, pleasure to hear from you again, inside BE is what appears on this forum as I think you know, you just have to ask a BE crew member when you see them.
Anyhow, unlike RD i do have a life so good luck again to all at BE, and lets hope the Board sort it out b4 it is too late!!

Regards BB

Gentleman, less haste more speed!

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Wow.I've just logged on to tonights episode of'how sad is Raw Data' and after reading that old chestnut about the pilots will always leave to go on and fly bigger and better aircraft or some such other nonsense, I wish to state right here and for the record that I when I left JEA I genuinely did not want to go but felt that I had no option. Things could have been turned round by a few simple management decisions(increase the crews per aircraft so that you dont work your team into the ground!) We had a great working environment for a while, unfortunately when you marry very uncivilised rosters poor management decision making ie too much work not enough people,lower pay scales than contemporarys etc then you have set the stage for a mass exodus(if memory serves me correctly there were more than 48 of us in 18 months)and that is some turnover. To address your other point about all the contented people who have not applied to leave I would guess they fall into three broad bands.

1/Those who have insufficient experience, but are on the lookout and cant wait to leave.

2/Those who have to be where they are because of commitments such as family where it is not easy to change,ie BHD perhaps, or long serving members of the company who would have to start at the bottom of another airlines' seniority list.

3/And lastly, people like yourself who would have absolutely no hope of getting into another airline because of your very tenuous grip on reality.

To address your roster it seems a bit lax in comparrison to some that I know of, and by the way are you doing much nightstopping at the moment? With the rosters that i've seen most of these people would be better of flying longhaul, oops i think I can feel another mass exodus coming on.

Does it really have to be this way? Wouldn't it be much better if management took some positive steps to reinforce the troops rather than kick them in the knackers when they are down, JEA got a long way on the goodwill of the people before it turned into a beancounters paradise, just a bit of incentive would probably go a long way.

I await RD's riposte with great interest!
Keep her lit!

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Capt PPRuNe
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Just in case any of you are considering descending even further into the quagmire of personal insult I advise you all to consider very carefully your actions. Whilst the likes of Vulcanite make a totally immature post and the responses to some of the other postings are not much better, do not turn this into a personality thread.

The discussion did start off fairly civilised but some of the 'personalities' have managed to drag the whole thread close to the gutter. There is no need for 'tilli' to use puns (intended or not) to publicise someones name on here and it doesn't help when others try to use insults to prevent others making their views felt here on a public forum.

I suggest that you all go away and calm down. Feel free to restart this thread if there is anything left to discuss but the content has wandered too far from the title and the participants all need their heads banging together. You wouldn't use some of the language and tone if you were all sitting face to face in the same room so show a bit of civility and try acting as though you would if you were together.

This thread is now closed thanks to an excess of toys being thrown out of the pram. Read the title of a thread and try to keep the content related to it in at least some way. If it just degenerates into a personality slagging match then it gets closed.

Capt PPRuNe
aka Danny Fyne
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