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...and the idiot pax are still out there

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

...and the idiot pax are still out there

Old 19th Sep 2001, 16:10
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Post ...and the idiot pax are still out there

"A Briton is in police custody in Dubai for allegedly threatening to blow up a plane when air crew refused him alcohol.

The man was said to be drunk when he claimed there was a bomb aboard the Cathay Pacific aircraft bound for Hong Kong via Kuwait.

He allegedly made the claim after his request for wine was turned down, according to a local newspaper, the Gulf News.

It said the flight was searched by police but no explosives were found.

The paper quoted Brigadier Sharafuddin Mohammed Hussein who said: "Although the airliner did not make an official complaint against the passenger, Dubai police arrested him for causing trouble and spreading panic, especially among the other passengers."

The British embassy in Dubai said it had provided consular assistance to a Briton arrested on a plane.

The Gulf News said he would appear in court charged with threatening to commit a crime, being drunk and possessing pornographic pictures."

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Old 19th Sep 2001, 16:54
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Canadian Press

Winnipeg The head of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce was arrested at the Winnipeg International Airport on Tuesday after a security guard overheard a man say someone was carrying a bomb. About 2 p.m., a man was going through security to have his carry-on luggage checked, Winnipeg police duty inspector Wally Kosarych said. "Somebody in line he knew said 'I'm a diplomat' and then (the first man) said 'He's also got a bomb strapped to him,'" Insp. Kosarych said. The security guard called police and the first man was taken away and searched. No bomb was found. Doug Robson, chief operating officer of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, is facing charges of mischief and interference of enjoyment of property, Insp.
Kosarych said.

He was released on a promise to appear in court in Winnipeg in November. Mr. Robson was returning to Toronto after the annual meeting of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which wrapped up Tuesday in Winnipeg.
Lyn Book, spokeswoman for the Winnipeg Airport Authority, said the airport authority takes all such incidents seriously. "It's heightened security at the airport now and people have to take that seriously," Ms. Book said. "Safety and security is our No. 1 priority."

Two people were also arrested in Alberta and Manitoba earlier this week after allegedly making jokes about having bombs in their luggage.
A 52-year-old Montreal woman was charged at the Edmonton International Airport on Monday after she said she was carrying a bomb in her jacket and another in her bag.

"That is not a time and place for levity or jokes," said RCMP Cpl. Steve Marissink. "In light of the recent tragic events, people are a little more sensitive to these issues, although this matter would have been treated the same way (nine) days ago."

Another woman was charged Monday in Thompson, Man., after allegedly telling security staff who were checking her bags that she had a bomb in her luggage. The woman had been getting ready to board a flight to Winnipeg.

In both cases the luggage and the women were searched and no devices were found.
The Manitoba woman is facing charges of uttering threats and mischief. The Montreal woman is facing charges under the Aeronautics Act for violating Canadian Aviation Security regulations, which prohibit making false declarations about explosive devices.

The Montreal woman said her comments, made before boarding during screening, were meant as a joke. In addition to the charges, she missed her flight and was banned from the carrier's aircraft until her case in heard in
October in provincial court in Leduc, Alta.
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Old 19th Sep 2001, 16:55
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When events like this occur, the airline concerned should be able to sue the idiot for any additional costs they have incurred. The same goes for "air rage".

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Old 19th Sep 2001, 18:47
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I'd be the first to agree that joking about security, especially after recent events, is pretty stupid.

Unfortunately, jobsworths in their security booths around the world will be delighted at their new-found power to disrupt and harrass passengers and crew whenever they fly. Questions asked at check-in about passenger baggage are aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator - anyone with an IQ above 100 tend to find them exasperating to the point where they may voice their sarcasm in a misplaced attempt at humour along the lines of "yeah right, my bag is full of semtex" etc. If my memory serves me right I believe a Conservative government minister had to resign some years back for exactly this sort of comment when his ministerial red box went through an X-ray machine.

The serious point is that along with this increased and necessary vigilance will come a resentment and frustration which will lead directly to fewer passengers wishing to be put through it all and they will simply choose a different form of transport such as first class rail and will just not travel by air unless absolutely necessary. After all, who needs the crap of being frisked, having to check in three hours early, having to check hand baggage into the hold and wait an hour for it at the destination and be thoroughly patronised throughout if there's a way of avoiding it?

And then we'll all lose our jobs......
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Old 19th Sep 2001, 19:09
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"Unfortunately, jobsworths in their security booths around the world..."

That kind of remark has always been mindlessly offensive, and this week it seems to be particularly ill-considered.

For the record: Security staff are hard worked and usually poorly paid. They are there to protect all those who use airports. They do not need to be patronised and insulted by people who earn vastly more than them and who have nothing better to do than to make flip remarks about questions which the security staff are obliged to ask.

At a very large airport which I know well, behaviour which makes security staff's jobs harder will, almost without exception, result in a very rapid and nasty trip to a cell, and a likely prison sentence when they appear in court.

A bit of humility would be welcome from the privileged people who look down on the lesser orders who are trying to keep them in one piece.

Yes, I am annoyed!
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Old 19th Sep 2001, 21:13
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This morning's news program showing some of the items confiscated by security at LAX. Amoung the usual plastic toy guns, handcuffs, rolling pins, manicure kits, apparently some clowns thought they could get aboard with chef's knives, meat cleavers, yes MEAT CLEAVERS, and the odd switchblade.

I'm really curious about the handcuffs though, there really were a lot of them.
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Old 19th Sep 2001, 22:11
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I am back from a JFK trip, and unfortunately I must say that I was feeling safer before the security check. They searched the crew, confiscated corkscrews and seal removers, eyebrow pluckers, but failed to notice more corkscrew, nail scissors and swiss knives we use for unsealing wine bottles. Sure, security workers deserve respect, but something is terribly wrong there!
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Old 19th Sep 2001, 22:48
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Hae heard that one UK airport is charging 2.00 for pax to get some confisgated items back....

Is that profiteering...

OK, the items should not be taken on board, but to charge???

Plenty of unhappy punters out there.

Old 19th Sep 2001, 23:04
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Red face

Do not allow yourself to get so worked up, JPJ - you will give yourself high blood pressure and heart disease and we cannot have that, can we? No need to bring the part-time job home with you! Regards, TTT.

[ 20 September 2001: Message edited by: Tom the Tenor ]
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Old 20th Sep 2001, 01:19
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I'm not suggesting that all security workers are jobsworths although some undoubtedly are, only that a lot of our customers are going to avoid travelling by air when they're put through all the necessary hassle caused by the events of September 11th. It's not a flip remark, it's economic reality. Welcome to the recession of 2001.
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Old 20th Sep 2001, 01:32
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Well at one airport in the UK, we have already had about six seperate incidents of 'clever smart assed' passengers claiming they have bombs in their baggage since Sep 11. Pleased to say all were arrested by the Police.....passengers will put up with enhanced security, I have heard not one complaint from any of them since last Tuesday...and I think they will do so in the long run
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Old 20th Sep 2001, 02:14
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Max Continuous.

Exactly what experience do you have of an IQ above 100?
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Old 20th Sep 2001, 06:35
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Sounds bizarre

But after a moment's reflection, of course they will need a lot of handcuffs - one pair for each F/A and Aircrew. ("I have handcuffs and I'm not afraid to use them" - er yeah, see you in the aft toilets then).

Then again, kinky types also need to get from A to B (or should that be from S to M?). I wonder how many of the cuffs were fur lined?

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