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'Filthy' flight decks

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.
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'Filthy' flight decks

Old 10th Sep 2005, 18:20
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Filthy Filight Decks

I dont know about anyone else out there but the flightdecks on the airline i work for are filthy.

Wouldn't even let my dog eat off them... Bits of food, dead skin.... oh and watching my collegue pick his/her teeth with the check list...

Even if I wanted to clen my hands there is a used bar of soap in the toilet that has a strange black tinge to it..

If health and saftey were to climb on board i'm sure we wouldn't be able to eat or drink on the FD and have to be on 100% OXY all the time....

This has been brought up with the company... and...

"deep cleans are sched when the a/c goes for maint"


so how clean is your FD/ checklist????

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Old 10th Sep 2005, 18:38
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Have recently considered adding a portaloo and urinating in the cargo hold cause Im too lazy to go to the loo.

Lazy mofo I is
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Old 10th Sep 2005, 18:51
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Try this.................

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Old 10th Sep 2005, 20:52
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Red face

Hi there
I had a look into a cockpit one time,just after the skipper had finished his pizza and discarded the box,crumbs and crusts on the floor, the console and every other unoccupied surface. He thought it was a great laugh until the cleaners declined to tidy up his mess and he was compelled to return to his 'pit and clean up.The look of contempt on his FO's face was priceless.
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Old 10th Sep 2005, 23:41
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I dont know about anyone else out there but the flightdecks on the airline i work for are filthy.
May be you should consider doing a little housework next time you sit in your work area
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 00:17
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I leave the flight deck as I expect to find it, neat and tidy. That means no rubbish left behind and all documents etc in the correct place.

However I don't expect to have to bring rubber gloves and Ajax with me to work in order to clean up, that's the cleaners job.

The company have the right to expect us not to make a mess, and we have the right to a properly maintained workplace.
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 01:44
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: UAE
Age: 43
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Yup, absolutely filthy!

More than 40 types of urine found on the control column by an inspector once I heard. I try not to touch it anymore.

My captain decided the other day that we needed to do a bit of hoovering so we borrowed the cleaners' hoover. Well, when I say 'we' I obviously mean 'I'...
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 01:46
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May be you should consider doing a little housework next time you sit in your work area
Dude.... I dont expect to have to remove traces of gingavitis from my checklist and bits ready-chewed food from the control column and varoius buttons.

I'm sure you go ape when your coffee cup is left out and dirrty.... same thing little engine....

now be cool....
HKG Phooey is offline  
Old 11th Sep 2005, 01:57
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I'm with Engineer

Pilots make the mess, they should clean it up.
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 05:30
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: OZ
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Its your office..keep it clean.
Just another example of these self appointed “professionals” behaviour.
I am with “engineer”
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 07:31
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A box of Latex gloves doesn't cost much!
brakedwell is offline  
Old 11th Sep 2005, 08:10
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Join Date: Aug 2000
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making a mess keeps cleaners in jobs - a bit like abandoning your shopping trolley in the supermarket car park - that keeps someone in a job also
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 08:14
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and engineers make good cleaners too......them fightin' words me thinks
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 08:35
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A subject dear to my heart. To illustrate how bad one particular aircraft was, I cleaned just my side during a long turnround. Thats all panels and switches CRT's and finished with a good vacuuming,

It looked like a "before & after" TV advert.............
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 10:56
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Join Date: Sep 2003
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Since when did the engineers or anyone else for that matter clean the floor around their desk at work, or the tables in the cafeteria's.
I too clean up after myself, but im not responsible or able to hover the carpets, remove the twenty dead blow flies from the bottom of the windscreen, wash the lambskin seat covers with 5 years of accumulated fart fumes in them, or remove the black skin oil marks from around the various switches on the overhead panel. Its true most cockpits are a health hazard.
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 13:16
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There is a big difference between leaving your rubbish behind for others to take away which is unacceptable and the reasonable expectation that your office be a clean, healthy and pleasant place to work. If the marketing people, the accountants, the MD or in fact any other person who works on the ground found their office with weeks of dust coating every surface and YEARS of dust, muck and grime in the corners and recesses they would quite rightly be appalled and want something done about it. Can't see anything prima donna like about wanting your office cleaned once in a while, why should it be different because it's an aircraft.
Max Angle is online now  
Old 11th Sep 2005, 13:19
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In an ideal world, people should clean up after themselves. But for the company to leave it dirty despite receiving complaints isn't on.

They don't subject their passengers to filthy cabin (or one would hope not), so why should they subject their staff to filth? Dirty conditions is not exactly great for OH&S either.

Unless, that is, the company is trying to keep their pilots awake by creating a cockpit stink. (then again, the filth may ferment and create toxic gas )
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 13:36
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The flightdecks on our a/c are filthy. it's so bad that even a patch that looks clean, when wiped with a sanicom, coats it in black muck. Where you can see the filth it is absolutely disgusting.

The problem is that the cleaners aren't allowed to clean the flightdeck in case they break something or press buttons they shoulden't (!) and the engineers say that they are not cleaners and it's not they're department. It's an endless cycle, maybe a new job role should be created, 'Cleaners with flying experience' or 'Pilot's with cleaning experience'!

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Old 11th Sep 2005, 13:48
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set the example me mom taught me

seat adjusted fully forward, belts crossed, ashtrays emptied of all debris, including inoffensive chewing gum wrappers, jeppesen closed and in correct order, fcoms in order, center console brushed clean, fingerprints carefully wiped off PFD and ND, thats the way we crew leave the cockpits of our expensive 330-200s...i was taught years ago to tidy up behind myself, like flush the toilet and dont leave shit on the bowl for somebody else to have to scour.........very basic education
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Old 11th Sep 2005, 13:55
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Moderate, Modest & Mild.
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I fell slighty embarrassed to have to reprint this oldie once again.

Captain's entry in a (supposed) QANTAS Tech Log:-

Engineers reply to the same entry":-
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