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Polar off runway 4 in JFK

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Polar off runway 4 in JFK

Old 22nd Jan 2005, 21:02
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Polar off runway 4 in JFK

Polar 74 off runway 4R JFK


Just heard over the live feed that Polar 8407, a 747-200 just skidded off of runway 4R at 3:25 PM. A "call 34" was issued to the emergency equipment and all traffic at the airport is now stopped. I encourage everyone to listen as it\'s really fascinating to listen to the operations. They\'re now sending the emergency transmissions to 125.05 which we don\'t get over the feed.

Also, I believe Dave (Musipilot) was operating the local frequency.
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Old 22nd Jan 2005, 21:19
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Departures are back in progress, though does seem a bit quiet.
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Old 22nd Jan 2005, 21:31
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Wow, I was just watching PAC 8047, ANC-JFK, landing on AirNav Flight Tracker over here in Asia.

Looks like departures have stopped again at JFK, the airspace is like a ghost town near the airport.

Swiss from Geneva and Egyptair from Cairo are diverting to BOS, several other inbounds are making decisions as well from what I can see on the screen.


2140 UTC - Jet Blue 403 is the first plane off as departures resume on 4L, sounds like the Polar 747 crew is OK from chatter on the Tower freq...

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Old 23rd Jan 2005, 00:00
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According to Polar Ops the crew is fine and the airplane will be AOG for a couple of days.
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Old 23rd Jan 2005, 00:45
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Any word on the breaking action/runway contamination at the time??
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Old 23rd Jan 2005, 01:01
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Don't quote me but I'm nearly sure that one ahead of the Polar had reported braking action good, though someone who was listening properly might know for sure.

Heard a LH come in and got 'lost,' total white oute and couldn't see the turn off, had to send a car out I believe.
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Old 24th Jan 2005, 11:58
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Heard FEDEX also skidded off at JFK as well...
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Old 24th Jan 2005, 19:01
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Looks like the Atlas companies are having a bad week what with an Atlas 747 over running the runway at Dusseldorf
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Old 24th Jan 2005, 19:20
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Poor Guys....

Lot of paperwork now....
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Old 25th Jan 2005, 03:04
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Have a look at this picture:


If you look at the nose gear, the bay doors are open. The caption said it overran the runway...hydraulic problems perhaps?

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Old 25th Jan 2005, 04:56
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speed freek,

Are the nose gear doors held closed by locks or just hydraulic pressure. How long would you expect them to stay closed following the removal of Hydraulic pressure?

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Old 25th Jan 2005, 12:03
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Digging it out .........

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Old 25th Jan 2005, 12:33
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The nose gear doors in the picture would have been manually opened by maintenance. They stay shut after the nose gear is down and locked, with or without hyd sys.1 pressure.
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Old 25th Jan 2005, 13:00
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Can the crew ground egress through the nose well a la DC-10/MD-11?
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Old 25th Jan 2005, 15:15
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Ok, maint. could have opened them after landing, but what I was suggesting was perhaps a hydraulic failure of some sort, necessitating an emergency gear extension (hence the nose gear doors being open) and the cause of the overrun. ie. Not enough pressure in the accumulator for the conditions of that day.

Btw Mutt, those doors are held up mechanically. So even if the aircraft was powered down for a week the doors on the nose and mains would still be up.

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Old 25th Jan 2005, 20:58
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They changed the single runway operation to 31R afterwards. After clearing the runway, it took 60 minutes to get on stand, requiring a Follow Me - the ATIS said taxyway edge snowbanks were 2 feet high but seemed higher to me.
Serious damage has previously occured to a 330 engine due to taxyway edge snowbank impact and I was happy to be a chicken!
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Old 25th Jan 2005, 23:29
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Huck, not through the nose wheel well but there is an access door just aft of the nose gear allowing access to the L41 section and the main deck. Not normally used as an emergency evacuation route but for maintenance. The aircraft set of gear pins are also stowed just above the access door.
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Old 26th Jan 2005, 07:26
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Landing the heavys on 4R has always been marginal during winter ops. Most of the modern twins make the high speed and the last part of the runway doesn't get used much. Then you show up in your B-747 have to roll to the end. Braking action is usually worse in that last few hundred feet and you have to make a hard left 90 to exit and tower is bugging you to hurry. It would be soooo easy to just slide off the end.
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Old 27th Jan 2005, 02:12
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If the Tower Controller ever tells you to expedite roll out speed to clear the runway, and you can tell that it is slippery, just say "NEGATIVE TOWER", and take your time turning off of the runway because there is a high probability that away from the runway(s), it is almost always worse braking action than on the runways. The controllers sequence traffic, but WE receive all blame if an airplane gets stuck or damaged-unless tiny bits of the huge paragraph of airport NOTAMS and other info are proven to be in error.

Sometimes these high-speeds and taxiways are much worse (not even treated with chemicals and sand!), and it is possible that tower will tell you about this, even after calling it a "PIREP", due to very high workloads. , numerous blocked radio transmissions

Of course this only happens in the US, so it can't be any real problem out there in the real world.
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Old 27th Jan 2005, 05:00
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Words of wisdom from and FAA inspector at Omaha a few years back....

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