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Munich Hijacking?

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Munich Hijacking?

Old 29th Jun 2004, 22:55
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Hijacking in Munich averted ?!?!?!

Good evening,
has anybody heard news about a potential hijacking of an airliner in munich ?
Austrian Newscenter ORF made the following statement :

München: Möglicherweise Flugzeugentführung vereitelt

Auf dem Flughafen München ist gestern Abend möglicherweise eine Flugzeugentführung vereitelt worden. Der Pilot eines Airbus 320 habe zehn Minuten nach dem Start der Maschine, die in Richtung Istanbul unterwegs war, Alarm gegeben, sagte ein Sprecher der Flughafenpolizei.

Das Flugzeug mit 150 Passagieren an Bord sei zurückgekehrt. Die Fluggäste und die sieben Besatzungsmitglieder konnten das Flugzeug unverletzt verlassen.

Sorry not to have translated it to english exactly; it says more or less that an A320 that was heading towards turkey declared an emergency 10 min. after t/off and returned to MUN. No one was hurt - neither pax nor crewmembers.

SO ?! Any comments on that ?

Brgds, Grieni
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Old 29th Jun 2004, 23:33
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I did not read anything in the news, yet, but I was caught in the ROKIL-holding pattern for half an hour during approach from the north at 22.15loc
ATC gave us the information: southern runway is closed due to hijacked airplane.
Later heard from collegues, who monitored radio talks, that hijacker jumped out of cockpit window. (???) Weird.
Airport (cargo apron) was full of police and rescue cars. Most of them left the scene at 23.00loc.

P.S.: Da ist der ORF aber besser informiert als das ZDF... Hut ab! (=looks like Austrian TV has better sources than German TV...)

Midnight Blue
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Old 30th Jun 2004, 02:46
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more in the news (German)

check this web site (sorry I haven't found anything in english so far)

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Old 30th Jun 2004, 02:59
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Not a hijacking.- Crazy Pax (false bomb)

For what I can understand (my german is not so fluent) a pax said he/she got a bomb aboard, so the pilot decided to return to Munich and landed something like 20 minutes after the Takeoff.
They could not found any bomb aboard and (I am not sure about this) the plane took of later and this guy was arrested...

And the airliner was an A320 from Free Bird Airlines, from MUC to IST(ambul).

That is all I can aunderstand from this article:

Maybe he name of this topic should be changed by "False Bomb Thread" instead of "Hijacking..." we don't wanna scare the people, do we?

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Old 30th Jun 2004, 04:31
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actually, the article does say the man with the "fake bomb" did tell the pilots what to do - which was to return to MUC. So yes, it was a hijacking.
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Old 30th Jun 2004, 09:31
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Airplane forced to return due to family problems

Munich (AP). Due to problems with his family a 28-year old man forced on Tuesday evening a Turkish airplane with a false bomb thread to return. The man from Turkey forced the pilot shortly after takeoff to fly back to Munich, as a spokesman of the Munich airport police, Josef Bichlmaier, told on Wednesday morning. After landing the man jumped off the airplane and was arrested. On Wednesday he shall be taken to the arrest judge *(lacking the right word here)*. The 150 passengers and crew members were not injured.

The Munich police told that the pilot of the A320 of the Turkish airline Freebird, which took off at 20.47 with destination Istanbul, alarmed the flight control shortly after takeoff, and requested return to Munich due to a "security problem" on board. Bichlmaier explained, the 28-year-old was wildly moving around with his cellular phone and spoke of a bomb. He told the pilot to return to Munich. At about 21.30 flight FHJ234 landed again at Munich Airport.

According to the police the front door opened after landing and the 28-year-old jumped off. He broke his lower leg. After medical first assistance he was arrested and still was in hospital at Wednesday morning. Short time after he was arrested, the about 150 passengers and 7 crew members could leave the airplane in good state via airplane stairs. (*babelfish translation*)
They were taken to a terminal, where they were questioned about the incident and where they got psychological assistance.
According to the police all passengers could proceed in the early morning hours to Istanbul.

The exact motive for this "unusual hijacking" was still not clear on Wednesday morning like Bichlmaier said. Probably it was personal, because the man spoke of problems in his relationship. The hijack seemed not to be planned. The man lives in Turkey and visited his wife living in Germany, but had to return to Turkey.

The man did not carry weapons and nothing was found in a later search in the airplane either. In total a several hundred men strong police force was alarmed.

(*Sorry for the bad English, but it is not my native language. Was just trying hard*).

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Old 30th Jun 2004, 10:08
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Rotate on this!
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Good grief! Don't apologise...great effort - Thanks
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Old 30th Jun 2004, 10:13
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Avrel .... your English is Great!!!!

and quote ... "He broke his lower leg" ...... its a pity he didn't break his xxxxxxxx neck!
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Old 30th Jun 2004, 10:18
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Hehe thanks.

That guy was kinda dumb-f*cked I guess. Or "slightly" easy-minded. "Hey I don't want to go back to Turkey.. sh*t I am already sitting in an airplane taking me back.... okay let's hijack it..."

Suppose that is the prove that cell phones can be dangerous.
I guess though for breaking the neck an A320 is not really high enough, unless one jumps head-first....

Short update:


After a bomb threat in a Turkish air charter in the skies of Munich, the police investigates against the man because of several crimes like hostage taking and wrongful deprivation of personal liberty.

The 28-year-old man from east-Turkey might have to sit off a long time in prison, a spokesman of the police said.
The man had on Tuesday evening shortly after the takeoff of an Airbus A320 with more than 150 people on board threatened with a bomb and forced the machine this way to return to Airport Munich. About 270 policemen took position on the field. The man jumped off an opened airplane door and got injured. The passengers and crew members were in good state, but partly had circulation problems.
The 28-year-old had had a visum for entire June an tried to get in touch with his wife, living near Hamburg separated from him (*dunno whether that is right expression*).

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Old 1st Jul 2004, 09:04
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Actually, Der Spiegel reports that the hijacker did not jump by himself, but was pushed out by another passenger. He fell 6 metres.
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Old 1st Jul 2004, 10:03
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thanks Max ..... you have "made my day" !!!!
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