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SQ getting SAS Crew for the 744F . True??

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SQ getting SAS Crew for the 744F . True??

Old 1st Jun 2004, 06:41
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Just picked up a rumor that SA has committed a fair sized blunder. Seems they hired a number of furloughed guys who hadnīt flown in a while. After putting them through groundschool they suddenly realized these guys didnīt have the currency to qualify for local license requirements, so they very unceremoniously got the boot again.
Mighty amateurish performance by a major airline and a real slap in the face to the pilots involved.
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Old 1st Jun 2004, 11:57
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Mach Number

You are quite right, it’s better than being unemployed.

Safety does not matter anymore these days simply because the general public has no collective memory of it.

People get killed by the hundreds every day, who cares?

If the SAS guys are unhappy, in the end it may do them good as they will appreciate even more the Scandinavian system when they return home, even if that means they have to quit flying and do something else.

People say: "perception is reality" as long as this does not mean "individual perception is reality" there is nothing wrong with it.

Fitting in with SQ is a question of adaptation; certain cultures have more problems with it than others.

If you look at what happens in the European Union you should understand what I mean.

I have worked with Scandinavians and must say that if I had to make a choice it would not be a difficult one. You never know of course but, the probability you get it right is certainly not against them.
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Old 1st Jun 2004, 21:22
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I think they all knew they would be in for some surprises - that was part of the drill seeking new pastures -

but i also think they were in for surprises they did not expect -

being major union busters (although the concept of union seems different in Spore)
some contract issues etc
not fullfilled CDR expectations
pax fleet, cargo issues - type of aircraft

scandinavians are very adaptable straight forward in many ways - in the last years - they have been to Africa middle east , europe, asia

middle east, hong kong seems more interesting at the time for adventure,

as far as I know - no SAS pilot has signed a contract yet -- it was a great disappointment to some I think -- but the contract was not justifiable --

so, all your worries ....
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Old 2nd Jun 2004, 03:01
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You said, "Just picked up a rumor that SA has committed a fair sized blunder."

Which airline were you referring to, SIA or SAS?
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Old 2nd Jun 2004, 18:16
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I have been on the sidelines for the past few weeks watching the thread rise and fall like the tide. But, I can't let the remarks of airbus340_321 pass without comment.

1) Union busting is an extremely strong term. Kind of like calling someone a SCAB. Just to give you some insight, did you know ALPAS agreeded to SQ's plan of setting up a stand alone cargo airline? So, with that in mind, how do you justify calling someone a union buster?

2) I know for a fact there are some former SAS F/Os in training right now. As Mack Number wrote, it beats being unemployed.

3) Finally as to the "blunder". There hasn't been one. There has been 2 SAS F/Os who left. The reason was their dissatisfaction with the no command part of the deal. Either they didn't know or were hoping it changed, but they left after about a week of ground school. The non -400 pilots hired are all going through conversion training. Currency and recency isn't an issue.

Just thought I'd try to clear up some of the rumors/facts
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Old 2nd Jun 2004, 23:47
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I hope FactSeeker has not retreated because I'd like to know how many years of work experience with SIA and years of living in Singapore his posts are based on??

If past or present SIA crew have negative views of SIA or Singapore why shouldn't they be allowed to pass on their views? Their motive is unselfish to advise other crew, yours on the other hand appears to be totally financially motivated.
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Old 2nd Jun 2004, 23:58
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This is another example of why PPRuNe is to be for everybody.

I am sure that there is a huge divide between the public (passenger) view and the pilot view of certain airlines around the world.

Nice Hosties on tight uniforms might be pleasing to the eye, but says nothing about the true nature of the airline. Another example is the long running EK adventure in JNB thread.
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Old 3rd Jun 2004, 04:01
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I second sia sniffer's post. The contents are accurate.

In fact the boys up North in Europe are very outspoken.

Do you all remember the SIA chap from Norway in 1991? Got murdered by bunch of Malays. Slight difference in culture, saw a woman and tried to be cute.

How about the other SIA chap from Norway? In 1993 he basically got fired from SIA because in a company party he said, "pass me a beer". It wasn't the statement that was the problem, the problem was, he asked 'Capt. Big Ace Ego how dare the white boy talked to me while eye balling me'.

You boys from North Europe mark our words.
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Old 3rd Jun 2004, 05:52
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So Gladiator - how many SAS "hopefulls" have been cast to the dogs??
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Old 3rd Jun 2004, 23:38
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Spoke to a friend working there now, (ten years), and he said there are a few F/Os, (previously retrenched), going through training who will eventually get endorsed, as F/Os on Expat. terms no chance of a command, been like that for the past twenty years at least. A couple of captains came out to SIN but didn't like the local interpretation of the contract and went home again. No great influx, no great eflux.
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 21:42
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I must admit that when I posted this originally, I didn't expect such a debate. The "Heavies" of the Singapore scene watchers such as SIA Sniffer and Gladiator, have added their thoughts.
So why all the controversy.?? Surely this is a simple case of Caveat Emptor, or Buyer Beware. You sell your sould to whichever devil pays the most guys. In this case it's LKY
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