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AIR EUROPE it. - purser removed by police in FCO

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AIR EUROPE it. - purser removed by police in FCO

Old 16th Oct 2001, 14:55
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Good Question Wig Wag!

But the answer is obvious. Not only purers have more to say. Even any FA has more to say, as long as they complain togehter in group of 3-4 against a captain. Concerning the attitude some FA's have, my impression is they know very well that they have the power to remove captains from the company.

So better do what your cabin wants or get some applications filed.
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Old 16th Oct 2001, 15:15
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One of the most powerful weapons that black South Africans had against the white government of the appartheid era was; the ability to communicate fluently as a nation, in the languages of the white population. White South Africans on the other hand, generally did not bother learning the languages of their black counterparts. The rest is history...!

An old literacy question asks:
What are you if you speak 3 languages?
Trilingual of course!

What are you if you speak 2 languages?
Bilingual of course!

And what are you if you speak only 1 language?
Well then you must be English or American, of course!!!

NOTE: I could hase written this in Afrikaans, Dutch, (Broken) French or German. I've been living in Europe for less than 3 years.
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Old 16th Oct 2001, 17:11
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Dear nobull****,
Quite simply, you are full of it. You seem very sure of your facts, do you have some inside information, do you work for Air Europe or are you simply against ex-pats working in Italy. Why not ask the First Officer, or was he drunk too!!!!!
Read the post, even after the purser was removed from the flight, he still would not listen to the Captain and tried to organize a mutiny by the other cabin staff from the jet-way.
Are you perhaps an ex-cabin attendent yourself, you are obviously not an aircraft commander.

Stop press: Air Europe pusers to be given 4th stripe
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Old 16th Oct 2001, 17:17
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As a … third party, in this conversation – been Greek and all – I though that it would be useful to give you my two cents :-) It is always difficult to work in a foreign country and be regarded as a friend! When you move there YOU have to conform to the rules of the hosting country. THEY don’t have to change their ways to your likings!! That’s the first rule IMHO. British (Or I should say English) are very reluctant to change their way of doing things, more reluctant then any nationality in the world.
In Greece we have a saying, regarding our relations with Italians, an Italian saying: “Una fatsa Una ratsa” (I hope the spelling is right). So it is easier for me to understand the Italian point of view!
Having said that, in the current discussion, I believe that firing the captain in a foreign country is – at least – bad taste. And trying to confuse the issue with ww2 experiences in this forum is again bad taste.
The issue is how a captain (been the “boss” in the aircraft), can work with his colleagues in harmony, so as the flight will be safe and pleasant. I never had problems with my crew, and I never had to raise my voice to make them execute my commands. Bad manners are always the worst way to finish successfully a flight.
If the purser in fact did what the captain said, he should be punished. If the captain twisted the facts to his likings, then he should be punished.
We don’t have all the facts (and I don’t think that we’ll ever do) so it is impossible to have a verdict, in this forum.

Regards to all.
Safe landings
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Old 16th Oct 2001, 19:11
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Well, if some of you can't make a post without resorting to the kind of comments that kids in a school playground are likely to make such as "we won the war, naa na naa naa na" or equally justifying it with a response then I despair!

I am closing this thread before the babies, xenophobes, mentally handicapped etc take it over and just turn it into a quagmire of spit dummies and saliva. Apologies to those of you who manage to discuss the topic without the pathetic comments from the less mature brigade.
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