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737 crashes into World Trade Centre

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

737 crashes into World Trade Centre

Old 12th Sep 2001, 03:40
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The saddest of days has unfolded. Never would I have imagined anyone reckless and blood thirsty enough to even contemplate such a scheme. Truely appaling, and I trust that whoever did this will be brought to short and swift justice. To put it bluntly, somebody is looking down the barrel of a cruise missile.

To the people of the United States of America, I offer you my deepest sympathy for the victims and their families. I also offer my full support in any endeavour you will undertake to bring the guilty persons to justice. Outside the US embassy in Copenhagen this evening, 100s of people are gathering laying flowers and lighting candles in a quite display of support and sympathy.

I am not a beliver in God, but tonight things are not what they used to be. I feel deeply for the people who have died and their families, and I especially feel very deeply for the passengers and crew on the aircraft used in this cowardly way. I am certain that the flight deck crew had been taken off the flight deck and the aircraft was under terrorist command. No pilot would ever deliberatly do this, for my own sake I would rather have eaten a bullet or ditched in the Hubson or Potomac.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 03:44
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Jolly Green Giant
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I'm still numbed, a dreadful day also of course for aviation and for American and United Airlines. Dreadful for those companies' workforce, so Towerdog, wino, dallas dude and all the rest, we're with you in grief.

What those passengers went through and particulary the pilots went through is unimaginable, it really is chilling to think of what the scenes would have been like in the cockpit when the trouble first broke out. God only knows what kind of struggle went on, I strongly suspect the pilots would have been either murdered or severly disabled before the impacts. Just gruesome.
It will change our industry forever.

RIP brothers....
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 03:45
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To our American colleagues, my sympathy to your and your fellow americans. God Bless you, and God Bless America.

To Heliport, Capt PPRuNe and other like-minded contributors, I salute you for your efforts in trying to restore some decency to the thread.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 03:47
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Feeling stunned and very sad at the moment.
For the families and friends of the crews involved today, my deepest sympathy to you all.
To all who lost colleagues today, my thoughts and prayers are with you all tonight, you know you are not alone through this terrible time.
For all who suffered today, "You will never walk alone......."

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 03:52
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This is a very distressing situation all round however I feel we have a duty to the deceased to assist in the investigation. The fact of the matter is that the flight crew were obviously not at the controls at the impact and judging by the level of planning that these people have obviously gone to it is more than likely that they have had some form of flight training, it may have been rudimentary or it may have been advanced. basically someone somewhere has had to have unwittingly trained them. I think everybody who has trained anybody to fly cast there minds back and if anybody they have instructed at any level that just somehow don't seem quite right for any reason comes to mind pass the details on to the authorities, the good thing is you can't possibly point the finger at an innocent man because if they find them still around alive and kicking they are obviously not involved but if they turn out to be missing and unaccountable they may in fact be a lead that could find the guilty party. As you may be aware in the Pan Am flight investigation it was evidence that was a lot harder to find that lead to a conviction.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:01
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Red face

A day that will live in all our minds until the day we die.
When I turned on the tv today I thought that I was still in bed dreaming, unfortunitly I wasn't. I was deeply shaken by the horrific events that unfolded before my eyes, I still cant believe it. However I cant help making a few points
I remember sitting on a plane a couple of months ago(as a passenger) in the US and talking to some guy who preeched to me about how another war was very close as it was all written in the bible in , I think it was revelations and how the east and west were going to enter the worst conflict in history
.I thought he was mad, until today. I am not a religious person but today I read it and everything he said was correct, and I must say that I was terrified by what came next.
I know that I am kind of contradicting myself when I say this ,but if Afganistan(kaliban etc) has denied involvement then we must assume that this attack(if it came from the middle east)is the work of a minority and if this is true then war seems unlikely as they would be too small and very difficult to blow away(guerillas etc)and too small a force to create a world war(and it does sound as if they dont have that much finances as they didn't use any bombs or expensive material).I just hope that it is not the work of another nation or group of nations and I also hope no anti-democratic nation sees it as a good opportunity to engage in war.
I also heard that the hijackers used knives(not guns) and if this is so, then I do not blame American lack of security as knives can be smuggled aboard,I seen it.
I sorry that I had to say all of the above on such a horrific day ,but I just cant help thinking.
My heart goes out to all the famillies,American or otherwise(I say this as there were probably many tourists at around or in the trade centre) who suffered
irreplacable losses , May god be with you all
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:07
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I don't work in the aviation industry, so I am not even sure that my words are entirely appropriate here. However, having been told about the terrible 'accident' of an aircraft crashing into the WTC whilst at work and then imediately turning on the television only too observe another aircraft impact the building was unbelievable. I think that imgage will haunt me for a considerable time. It really has been deeply affecting.

All I would really like to say is that, if I as an outsider, can be this upset by the images and events of the last 24 hours I can't begin to imagine how dreadful it must be for those of you working in the industry. Equally I realise it must be a dreadful time for everyone else touched by these events.

Basically I think I am grasping for words other than to say I hope none of you here will ever have to encounter, first hand, the utterly dreadful experiences that today has brought

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:07
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It was my little girl's fifth birthday today. These events had started to unfold before I had spoken to her, and I subsequently found it very difficult to be the joyful Daddy she needed and expected.
Many thousands of parents, grandparents and children died today without ever having harmed anyone else. The crews and passengers of those aeroplanes were but a tiny percentage of the total casualties. Talk of retribution is premature and irrelevant for the moment. Think of all those thousands of bereaved families; that possibly more people have died today than in all wars with Western involvment since 1945. When the grieving is over, then will be time for cool retaliation, and the perpetrators will regret ever making an enemy of America and the civilised world.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:09
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Has anyone noticed that all the aircraft used in this awfull event share a type rating? Someone somewhere has been in a "box"
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:17
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Are you really unsure whether the hijacker pilots of the aircraft that flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were beginners or experts? Surely they were trained heavy-jet pilots, very likely trained specifically on either the B-757 or 767. How could they otherwise have accomplished what they did? It is surely no coincidence that each of the three aircraft were one or the other type.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:26
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Trash du Blanc
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Shouldn't be too hard to make a database of everyone who has been in a 75/76 sim worldwide within the last year or so....

The second plane hit very fast - 300 kts or so, in a ~30 deg bank. Definitely knew what they were doing. He almost came out the other side - most of his fuel did, and one engine core streaked across the sky, still producing thrust after passing through.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:27
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My thoughts and prayers are with all Americans tonight. I will never be able to erase the horrific images from my mind, and I will never, ever forget about those who were murdered today.

May, in Heaven, all their dreams come true.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:35
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Red face

I have just woken up this morning to hear of the terrible tragedy in America. My heart goes out to all the families touched by this dreadful loss. This is a day that will go down in history as one of the worst days to be remembered for ever. It is raining here today as somehow it feels as if God is crying in heaven as he looks down as watches mans inhumanity to man.
... at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them....
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:40
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What happened today feels like somebody has attacked my own family. It is unbelievable. How can somebody be this evil.
Do you think the CVR will give a lead to the language being used or maybe even the dialect?
The theory of commonality of B-767/757 seems very interesting.
Does this date make any "anniversary" of any actions made by The US or any others?
My prayers goes to the ones waiting for their dearest ones. It really hurts.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:48
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Words cannot express the grief that all civilised people must be sharing after todays events. The huge numbers of people who have suffered unimaginably today make it tempting for the mind to shut off to the scale of tragedy. I am trying to remember that each victim was one person whose demise was as significant amongst the many as if an isolated event had claimed a single life somewhere. I am grasping for some sense but it is hard. The horrific images I have seen have extended the boundaries of normal experience.

The civilised world must unite - we suffered a terrible blow today and our energies must combine to ensure that we can once again feel that the human race has advanced.

Humanity has been threatened and must be restored. It goes without saying that my thoughts are with all those who have suffered so much today.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 04:48
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Even in our peaceful backwater, we share the shock and grief. Our thoughts go to the innocent victims, their families and friends.

George W has just spoken of going forward in the name of freedom. Please let this be a measured response.

My 8 year old has told me that the yanks should "nuke the b**tards". I can only question the values of the world he has been raised in (and over which I have no control) if such is his initial response to the tragedy.

But I fear his reaction may be shared by those much older and assumedly 'wiser'. We can only live in hope.

Good luck to you all, wherever you are.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 05:11
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Hey Guys,

Just a few facts to add to thie discussion.
1. The hijackers apparently used bux cutters or small knives which could get through security legally.
2. The perpetraitors chose a Tuesday morning which would be one of the slowest travel days of the year as summer unofficialy ended last Monday in the US. This would ensure the fewest possible pax tro resist their efforts.
3. Several news organizations showed the tracks of the a/c fron BOS to New York. There had to be either direct communication between the a/c or some ground control to turn the second a/c on to the target at an approriate time to ensure maximum coverage by the news media. OK, this last point is largely conjecture on my part. Perhaps they were just lucky.

I hope this means that large carry-ons will no longer be allowed in the pax compartment and that securty will no longer be handled by the lowest bidder.

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 05:11
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I still cannot believe what has happened. It's such an immense loss of life and such an immense national uneasiness that it is beyond even logical thought.

Although it is beyond words, I think Tony Blair has said it best so far:

"The full horror of what has happened in the United States earlier today is now becoming clearer.

"It is hard even to contemplate the utter carnage and terror which has engulfed so many innocent people.

"As for those that carried out these attacks there are no adequate words of condemnation. Their barbarism will stand as their shame for all eternity.

"As I said earlier, this mass terrorism is the new evil in our world.

"The people who perpetrate it have no regard whatever for the sanctity or value of human life and we the democracies of the world must come together to defeat it and eradicate it.

"This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism but between the free and democratic world and terrorism.

"We therefore here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy and we like them will not rest until this evil is driven from our world."
May God rest in peace all the souls whose lives ended so abruptly and unexpectedly today.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 05:21
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Its a sick sick world we live in. I seem to recall that 3 people connected with the Embassy Bombings in East Africa 1998 (also connected to Bin Laden) all had pilot licences.

If we could wind the clock forward by three months I wonder where we will be?

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 05:21
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"Let this be a measured response??"

Yeah right, lets all remain calm and think about this little problem.
Perhaps we can all solve it peacefully and lets all remain friends.

Hello planet Disnyland:

Do you belive that a few insane idiots, attacking your country, killing 10000 people, should be faced with a little measured response?
(Well, we know they may be bad or confused, but lets be reasonable and be nice to them.)

Let the swine fry...Lets get some big pots out and let 'em slowly cook in oil. Like the good old days. That should be a measured response.

A nuke attack would be way to nice and to easy.

These idiots don't understand that if somebody's finger slip off the big button, their entire country be gone.


Your statement to Winston:

"You can not possible make them understand"

Understand what?

Please explain.

You another brain washed rag-head having no clue about the value of human life?

If so, just say the word and many of us Infidels would be happy to snuff out yours.
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