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Cyclic Hotline 26th Feb 2021 15:32

Ukranian UH-1H production
You just can't keep a good ship down!


American combat helicopters will be assembled in Odessa

TEXT: NADTOKA SVITLANA , February 26, 2021, 4:38 p.m.
Фото: The Aviation History Online Museum
Bell UH-1 Iroquois - American multi-role military helicopter, developed in the late 1950s

The organization of the production of Iroquois helicopters is in the final stages. The project is funded by investment funds.

State Enterprise Odessa Aircraft Plant in 2021 will begin the licensed assembly of American helicopters Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Iroquois). This was stated by the head of the concern Ukroboronprom Yuri Gusev during a visit to the company, according to Dumskaya on Friday, February 26.

According to him, the first helicopter should be assembled by the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, and production will be placed in one of the shops of the aircraft plant.

"The organization of helicopter production is now in its final stages. The project is funded by investment funds," Gusev said.

In turn, the director of the aircraft plant Vitaly Yukhachev stressed that the Iroquois is a multi-purpose helicopter. It can be both transport and passenger, and in the presence of suspended weapons - shock.

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois was developed in the late 1950s. Can be equipped with two light machine guns, missiles and grenade launchers. The maximum cruising speed is 196 km / h. Flight range - 455 km. Can carry up to 14 passengers. Also available in civilian versions.

We will remind that in December, 2020 the Ministry of Defense ordered three Anto-78 planes in Antonov plant . The Armed Forces will receive three new aircraft for the delivery of personnel, weapons and light military equipment, as well as for the transportation of goods.

It was also reported that the repaired Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft was handed over to the Armed Forces . Necessary works were carried out at aircraft repair plant in Nikolaev.

Phoinix 26th Feb 2021 19:38

😂 amazing. Just like Jurassic park!

atakacs 26th Feb 2021 21:10

Ok anyone can explain how this makes sense ?!

rjtjrt 26th Feb 2021 21:28

My guess is it gives them a non Russian helicopter that they can make, maintain, and repair.
At present they have, reportedly, terrible serviceability from their fleet of Mil helicopters, given ongoing conflict with Russia.
Maybe they can re-engine the UH-1 with local engine, or get approval to make the Lycoming T53, as Ukraine has a very capable engine company (Moto Sich).

meleagertoo 26th Feb 2021 21:55

Originally Posted by atakacs (Post 10998359)
Ok anyone can explain how this makes sense ?!

Why is that hard to understand?
Cheap, low-tech, maintain/repairable, reliable and rugged. Isn't that exactly what you want in a utility helo?
Plus it gets your new domestic manufacturing ability off the ground.

Makes total sense to me.
Can't understand why more countries aren't doing this.

la grua 27th Feb 2021 07:05

Suprised that production tooling and parts specific for a H-model would still be sourceable.

Unless a 'retro'1970's specification, is the objective then why not the:-

(From Wiki) Bell Huey II

A modified and re-engined UH-1H, significantly upgrading its performance, and its cost-effectiveness. Currently offered by Bell to all current military users of the type.

wrench1 27th Feb 2021 12:52

Originally Posted by la grua (Post 10998478)
Suprised that production tooling and parts specific for a H-model would still be sourceable.

If by "production tooling" you mean the fixtures and jigs, those can be (and are) fabricated locally. Know of a number of certified UH-1 airframe and tailboom fixtures in use today. As to the parts supply there is a good network of providers, considering there are still over 175 UH-1 model aircraft still on the US registry alone. Plus the fact there are a number of parts common to the Bell 204/205/212 model line as well. Any other one-off parts could be easily produced per the Bell licensed drawings.

On the civilian side, what will be interesting is if they expand the Ukraine/U.S. aviation bilateral agreement to include these aircraft and parts. Otherwise if they produce enough of these new versions you may see a Bell/Agusta issue if the Ukraine parts start making their way into the mainstream market.

EvaDestruction 27th Feb 2021 14:48

Maybe Burisma Holdings will make some money from it? :O

N707ZS 27th Feb 2021 15:47

Why not the UH-1N with the two engines.

Phoinix 27th Feb 2021 19:25

Or even the 1980 412? No need to go jurassic era, cretaceous period will do.

Why not buy cheap chinese parts or even whole helicopters? They copied everything. I reckon they are noseing in on american butt, going all nato.

Less Hair 27th Feb 2021 21:38

How much will they be by sticker price considering cheap labor cost for final assembly and some old design and tooling that is paid off? Maybe we can all go and own some Huey soon?
I want that speaker system...

Beamr 28th Feb 2021 00:29

Whats the ukrainian version of Fortunate son?

atakacs 28th Feb 2021 15:31

Makes total sense to me.
Can't understand why more countries aren't doing this.
I get the "cheap / simple / proven design" part. But resurrecting a 50-old one, for which tooling is most likely not available anymore, seems rather extreme.

Cyclic Hotline 28th Feb 2021 19:31

All parts for the UH-1H remain in production from a variety of sources, including Bell and a multitude of PMA providers. A UH-1H with composite main rotor blades, will outperform a Huey 2 at significantly less cost, and still utilize the original UH-1H drivetrain and rotor system. The airframe is simple to build, and can be done from the ground up using Bell approved fixtures, of which there are a significant number around, and you can order new ones anytime you would care to.
The T53 engine is still available new from Honeywell, and there are any number of configurations available. Comparing a UH-1H with a 412 is a little disingenuous, as the 412 is a poor performer in this role in any performance comparison with a contemporary upgraded UH-1H.
As for the dear old NH-90, just go and ask ANY of the Operators of this platform (if they have actually ever received them) just how it compares to the Bell, Sikorsky, Westland, Agusta, Leonardo, Aerospatiale, Eurocopter or Airbus platform it replaced.

Still a quite amazing development all the same!

Lonewolf_50 28th Feb 2021 20:24

Budgets aren't infinite. Huey's have proved over decades to be a reliable and effective aircraft when reasonably well cared for and flown with a modicum of good sense. One of the nice things about a UH-1{whatever} is that there's a substantial body of "corporate knowledge" and "this is what works" information available.

I don't need a Porsche for my drive to work. Maybe the MoD in Ukraine figured out that they don't either.
It's been over three decades since I flew a Huey. I'd love to fly one again. May the UH-1 live forever. :)

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