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Ian Corrigible 9th Mar 2015 23:24

Two helicopters involved in fatal Argentinean mid-air
At least ten killed after two helicopters filming TV show in Argentina collide

The images appear to show an AStar: La Rioja State Government operates a single AS350 B3 (/H125...), while the Gobierno de la Provincia de Santiago del Estero operates an AS350 B3 (/H125), EC145, Bell 206 and Bell 407.

mickjoebill 10th Mar 2015 03:36

What is the altitude at the location?
More here...
Three French sports personalities die in Argentina helicopter crash - BBC News

Ten ...:{

mickjoebill 10th Mar 2015 04:04

Local Tv station, TN, with stills prior to accident.
Also names of the victims.


laurenson 10th Mar 2015 08:25

Realy bad news...:sad:
The LIDAR System from AW sould be instaled on all aircraft, il will help to save life...
Obstacle Proximity Lidar System - DETAIL - AgustaWestland

[email protected] 10th Mar 2015 10:13

Terrible accident - looks like possible disorientation in dust if it was immediately after take off from the site pictured.

wiggy 10th Mar 2015 12:26


French TV currently quoting eyewitnesses saying the accident occurred just after take-off, but to be fair no speculation as to cause.

As stated in mickjoebill's link three high profile French sporting personalities killed so it's been the main item on all broadcast media this morning...five other French nationals also lost (TV team) plus two Argentinian pilots.


HeliHenri 10th Mar 2015 12:59

No dust :(

Video: así fue el accidente de helicópteros en La Rioja | Tragedia aérea en La Rioja - Infobae

chopcat 10th Mar 2015 13:18

What are we seeing at 15s into the footage flying towards us?

Ripline 10th Mar 2015 13:33

Looks like birds in the tree - spooked by the downdraft.

Maybe one flew the wrong way & became FOD for the lower machine?

jimjim1 10th Mar 2015 13:51

As stated, at about 15s in to video.

Formation take off, one hit tree tops?, ...



sleeper 10th Mar 2015 14:06

Looks like they got too close and had a midaircollision.

nyker 10th Mar 2015 14:14

Very Sad, RIP

wiggy 10th Mar 2015 14:54

French TV are now showing the same footage but better quality than the internet feeds above, though not HD...

From that footage it appears to me that there's no significant dust, the helicopters are a considerable distance both beyond and above the trees and also well clear of any birds seen in the footage.

G0ULI 10th Mar 2015 15:04

Brief Loss of Situational Awareness
Watching the video several times, it looks like both helicopters were flying normally without any obvious faults. A flock of birds rises from the trees but all appear to be heading away from the aircraft. The nearest helicopter appears to commence a turn to the left and impacts the further helicopter which continued to travel in a more or less straight line until the impact. If the pilot in the nearest helicopter was flying in the right hand seat, there is the possibility that he couldn't see the other helicopter before commencing to turn. Looks like it may just be a case of a brief loss of situational awareness possibly compounded by the passengers and film crew looking for the best angles to film.

SilsoeSid 10th Mar 2015 15:24

Imho, lookng from about the 10 sec point, it is fairly windy and the aircraft appear to be some way from the tree that the birds emerge from.
The aircraft seem to be moving away from the camera, and the 'lower' ac appears to be climbing.

wiggy 10th Mar 2015 15:25


Only other thought I have, having seen the video now several times (stuck at French airport waiting for flight), is that it's really hard to work the aspect out - I wonder if there's also vertical element to this i.e. was it a case of one aircraft climbing into the underside of the higher one?

Anyhow that's enough speculation from me.

Fox3WheresMyBanana 10th Mar 2015 15:39

If it were a briefed formation, it looks like the #2 climbed into the lead.
Failure to maintain separation by the lower, rearward helicopter, who obviously had the responsibility to do so.

Helilog56 10th Mar 2015 15:45

A very tragic and unnecessary loss of life....:(

Gemini Twin 10th Mar 2015 15:56

Shocking and totally unnecessary.

[email protected] 10th Mar 2015 16:02

Very sad, I was hoping the dust might have been some mitigation but it would appear not.

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