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ivan 3rd Apr 2008 09:32

Did you fly Bell 412 Serial Number 33-001?
Looking for information from ERA guys (or others) who might have flown the number one Bell 412. Drop me a reply here or PM me.


maxtork 3rd Apr 2008 15:00

Never flew it but I worked on it quite a bit years ago.


flysmart2 4th Apr 2008 00:19

Does s/n 33004 any good ?


LHS 4th Apr 2008 01:00

isn't that now on the Australian Helicopters EMS contract on Horn Island?

Goggle Up 4th Apr 2008 04:37

Spot on LHS. Its been there since Jan 08, operated by Aust Heli for EMQ. Rego VH-EMZ.

Elan Head 4th Apr 2008 06:55

Did Arrow Aviation overhaul that one before it went to Oz?

usernamesarebunk 31st Oct 2008 15:20

I have a couple of pics of VH-EMZ in action. PM me if your interested.

TWOTBAGS 31st Oct 2008 20:23

Ascend Charlie is flying it now and is for want of a better term unimpressed! It is the Horn Island based Torres EMS machine.

Curious2 1st Nov 2008 00:39

Perhaps Ascend Charlie should make his own comments!

From what I understand it is a well fitted out and refurbished machine. You can't expect too much from an old classic, I hope you are comparing apples with apples and not classics with EPs! :confused:

Ascend Charlie 2nd Nov 2008 02:35

Are you looking for info on what it is now, or what it was before?

Hey, Twotbags, (what was wrong with IHD, anyway?) when I said I was unimpressed, it was compared to my previous chariot, of which you have some experience!:8

Igor13 2nd Nov 2008 05:55

ERA thru & thru
This bus was owned by ERA from new until they sold/leased it to AH in late 2007. It spent its whole life in the Gulf.

Sounds like it is in pretty good shape for an old bus, AH did a lot of work bringing it up to spec I believe.

The ERA ex-chief pilot came out of hibernation to ferry it from the gulf for transport to OZ. I think he had a lot of history with the machine so it was fitting that he flew it on its final run in the states.

Maybe some ERA chaps could jump on and shed some light on its history prior to its reinvention on Horn. :cool:

TWOTBAGS 2nd Nov 2008 10:21

Perhaps Ascend Charlie should make his own comments

Perhaps he could
Perhaps he has
Perhaps he's correct
Perhaps his previous chariot was brilliant:E


Harry the Hun 17th Jun 2013 14:33

Did you fly Bell 412 Serial Number 33-001?
No I didn't, wasn't me! Why?

Ascend Charlie 17th Jun 2013 21:47

Because it had a little whoopsie the other day.

It wasn't me.
Nobody saw me.
You can't prove a thing.

QAZWSX 18th Jun 2013 05:41

Ummmm a bit more than a woopsey me thinks.http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/...ps75f6398f.jpg

Ascend Charlie 18th Jun 2013 09:42

Yeah, looks pretty much like the last time I flew it - lots of gaffer tape, but a bit more of a 4:1 today.

ivan 25th Jun 2013 04:58

Bugger, it's looking a bit sorry for itself....

gulliBell 25th Jun 2013 13:06

Yeah, they don't chop trees as good as the 212 does :O Looks like the TR departed the scene as well, laying on the ground there with a few other bits and pieces. It'll take a bit more than a roll of gaffer tape to stick that back on :ok:

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