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Heliport 6th Dec 2003 22:59

Rotorheads Desktop Calendars (Archive Dec 03 - Dec 05)
A Christmas gift from Rotorheads .....

Here's our first effort at producing a desktop calendar for your PC. Many thanks to Blenderpilot for agreeing to create the calendar - and for not backing out when he discovered my request involved much more work than he (or I) expected. :ok:

http://homepage.mac.com/helipilot/PP...ecember212.jpgHeli-skiing in Canada
B212HP on Caribou Peak in the Purcell Mountains west of Golden, BC.
Mount Sir Donald (10,600') is in the background.
[i]Photograph by 407 driver

To set as desktop wallpaper:
Right click on the photograph and select 'Set as Background.'

If members like the idea, we'll keep it going and change the photograph each month.
Please let us know what you think.


Mars 6th Dec 2003 23:48


Think you have done a great job - well done!

Look forward to the other 12 for 2004.

XEMS 7th Dec 2003 01:09

All I can say is WOW! That really makes my computer much nicer. Thanks for all the hard work!

Time Out 7th Dec 2003 09:12

Brilliant idea Heliport, and outstanding result Blenderpilot. What a fabulous Christmas gift!!

IHL 7th Dec 2003 12:46

Great Initiative!!:ok:

sprocket 7th Dec 2003 18:56

It has my vote of appreciation.

Thud_and_Blunder 7th Dec 2003 22:10

It's resplendent upon my laptop screen as I type. Wouldn't 407 have appreciated some credit on-screen for his work? Very magnanimous of him if not.

Steve76 7th Dec 2003 23:20

Installed ASAP,

Well done and another reason to get some good photos to you guys.

Heliport 7th Dec 2003 23:24

We tried to include a 'Type, Location and Photographer' line but ran out of time and decided to run with this alpha version now to see whether there's enough demand to justify the work involved in producing it monthly.

So far, the feedback is all positive but there's not much of it given the number of views so it's difficult to make an overall assessment.

Still, it's early days yet.
We'll monitor the posts over the next week or so.


Web-Footed Flyer 7th Dec 2003 23:29

Fantastic Keep'em comming:ok: :ok: :ok:

RDRickster 8th Dec 2003 01:58

I'm guessing that most people agree the calendar is STELLAR! However, if you don't type more than 15 characters in your response, it won't be allowed to post. Therefore, the simple "cool" or "awesome" statements aren't showing up.

John Eacott 8th Dec 2003 07:08

Views vs replies: third view, first reply! Excellent, although the choice of perfect powder snow + venerable 212 is not good for me, with another 7 months to our snow season ;)

Now, how are you going to choose the next month's picture :ok:

Helinut 9th Dec 2003 01:51

Great Idea, well executed! I immediately put the picture on to replace my boring old wallpaper! Looking forward to the next 11 ........................ :D :D:ok: :ok:

DeepC 9th Dec 2003 03:08

I agree. Keep them coming.

Type, Location, Pilot, photographer info would be appreciated.


Stinger 9th Dec 2003 03:23

Nice Idea! Hope we can find a years worth of pics as good as this one.

Flying Lawyer 9th Dec 2003 04:50

It's on my desktop. Well done to the team. :OK:

Good to see you on line - at long last. The prompt at the BHAB Dinner worked then. ;)
You're a well-travelled man. How about putting up some pics for next year? Or in the Rotorheads collection? :D

Bad medicine 9th Dec 2003 05:48

I think it's great. Keep them coming.



Autorotate 9th Dec 2003 10:51

Hey Blender and Heliport - If you want to use any of my images feel free to go ahead and use them. Blender has a lot of them on file.

Regards from Muscat, Oman.


P.S. Will have some great shots of Omani Police 214STs and Royal Flight Pumas to post later today.

helimatt 9th Dec 2003 14:03

Bloody brilliant idea! Thanks guys.:ok:

Thomas coupling 9th Dec 2003 20:06

Innovative, creative and well executed. Well done to Blenderpilot and Heliport.
Thank you for the pressy Too:ok:

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