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Buying R44 with expired TBO and/or calendar?

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Buying R44 with expired TBO and/or calendar?

Old 10th Jul 2018, 15:54
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Buying R44 with expired TBO and/or calendar?

I'm not a helicopter guy though flying rotary (gyros) for almost 20 years. Recently a local guy asked what can be pros&cons in purchasing an R44 with expired TBO and/or calendar to fly it without type certificate under local "experimental" category. We're in Russia and he just wants to fly privately within, say, 100 miles from his nest for his own pleasure. Is there any sense, I mean can such helicopter be operated safe if it expired TBO hours on engine and blades, or if it has over 12 years since main overhaul?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Old 10th Jul 2018, 19:23
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Depends how much the local guy values his life? and more important, the life of others....
Maintenance schedules are there for a reason, to prevent failures which can cause accidents (yes pilots can cause accidents too but that's not the question here).
Don't know any aviation regulations in Russia but I guess the well known quote "only in Russia" explains it a bit.

If you would buy a sports car, would you put sunflower oil in it since it's cheaper than the regular castrol etc. oil.
Would you skip the yearly maintenance on it ?
Guess not, why...because you don't want the car to break down or get any damage.
But on a helicopter which you might fly over populated areas you are willing to cut corners......
two words: Darwin Award.
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Old 10th Jul 2018, 20:25
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But he only wants to fly 100mi out, what could possibly go wrong within such little distance!
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Old 10th Jul 2018, 21:21
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Originally Posted by twistair View Post
Is there any sense?
No, there isn't
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Old 10th Jul 2018, 22:50
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You have PM
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Old 11th Jul 2018, 07:24
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Possibly the most bizarre question I have ever seen on PPRuNe!
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Old 11th Jul 2018, 08:52
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The Russian approach to aviation is not far off that of some South American countries.
Experimental doesn't mean that you get to avoid maintenance, it just has a more flexible approach to maintenance and with that restrictions on use.
Wanting to fly a timex aircraft sounds like an idea hatched over one too many Wodkas
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Old 11th Jul 2018, 08:57
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If it has done 2200 hours then I would say definitely no. If it has done 12 years but less than 2200, the Austrian Authorities allow the remaining hours up to the 2200 to be flown as long as the mr/tr blades are changed and a few other small components. That said there few people I know that would do this, myself included. The spec is there for a reason and whether 100 miles or 1 mile a component failure in the air isn't going to be much fun for the occupants of the R44 or the possible people on the ground.

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Old 11th Jul 2018, 09:29
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Originally Posted by 212man View Post
Possibly the most bizarre question I have ever seen on PPRuNe!
As we use to say here, "bizarre questions are way more rare than bizarre replies" =))

Thank you all guys for your time and replies. I for one completely agree that exceeding recommended TBO isn't wise especially in rotary where stress cycles are accumulated fast and any component failure becomes critical and costly. I've told about this to that guy and just wanted to ensure that I'm not excessively cautious. 20 years back I was taught that there are no too cautious in our game.

Fly safe,


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Old 11th Jul 2018, 15:33
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Robinsons provide lower cost flying often to schools with many hours from novice pilots. They set their component and TBO time to allow safe operation but at low cost. The regulators when agreeing the schedules do this on the basis they will be strictly adhered to. Maintenance should never, never be neglected on helicopters it might kill you or others. Bear in mind there are some on this forum who would be nervous flying such a type even if had been meticulously maintained.
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Old 15th Jul 2018, 05:37
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Ask your mate if he thinks any of these components would be handy to have working ok for his 100nm flight.
2200 hr overhaul BASIC R44 parts list:

C006 MR Gearbox
A120 Bell crank
C169 Muffler
C012 MR Flight Controls
A190 Drive V-Belts
C170 Sheave
C013 TR Flight Controls
C008 TR Assembly
C258 Pitch Links
C017 Swashplate
C016 MR Blades
C274 Windshields
C018 Clutch
C020 Upper Frame
C667 Skid Shoes
C021 TR Gearbox
C027 Cooling Panels
C947 & A947 Flex Plates
C051 Actuator
C121 P/P Tube
D079 TR Guard
D174 Fanwheel Engine
C005 MR Hub
D224 TR Driveshaft
C158 MR Spindles
C031 TR Pitch Control
C159 Pitch Bearings
C007-5 Fan Shaft & Bearing
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Old 24th Jul 2018, 15:57
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The grown ups say its unfit for flight. What do they know give it a shot, but not over my house.
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