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The TGI of Paris 31 ° correctional chamber has just recognized French company HELI UNION guilty of the offenses of bargaining, concealed work, illicit loan of lucrative labor ... The case began with a 1 ° complaint of a victim pilot of discrimination and who was dismissed in 2004. It led to the questioning of HU's "hiring practice" which goes through a distant OFSETS company based in a 1st time in Jersey and now in Cyprus and which provides the pilots and engineers staff. Obviously this OFSETS company is an "empty shell" allowing HU, the true employer and recruiter, to practice SOCIAL DUMPING ... That savings: no CRPN, no URSSAF etc ...
The case is followed by the French SNPL
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Good luck with that one, whatever you are trying to say.
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Sorry, can't understand your banter old boy !
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I kind of get the drift, but much more English and less Acronym’s required.
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This is no different than most large helicopter operators employing pilots on overseas contracts. Schreiner also employed pilots through APRAM, based in Cyprus, Bristow through Guernsey etc. This can have tax advantages or not, depending on the employee’s country of origin and whether the employer is paying tax for the employee (and providing proof of this). At the end of the day, you read your contract of employment before signing and either accept it or not.
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Emploi pilote : Héli-Union fait appel - Air&Cosmos

I can see HU have good grounds for their appeal!

As Phone Wind says, in the end nobody is forced to sign anything.

Rencart15: If HU employees didn't like it and wanted all the typical French welfare benefits they just had to go elsewhere!
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HI Phone Wind and GKaplan,
Nobody was forced to sign...Sure but when you haven't other choice, you take it;It doesn't mean that you agree with it!!
With your way of mind all the companies may impress their own law.
Fortunately there are some trades union to prevent the jungle law from being apply. Perhaps you have made the most of it without be aware of that...
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There is no need to investigate very far to know that this kind of set up was a very current practice in the 80s, within the "international" operators, and if its ethic can be questioned, employees were knowledgeable, responsible of their commitments and in the vast majority, happy to get this job.
I can't believed that the charges of concealed work, illicit work, social dumping could apply here.

Of course this type of contracts gives an almost complete authority to investors and head management. If not wisely "aviation minded" managed then cases such as "discrimination" or "salary bargaining" or else of the same sort can quickly develop, a "mercenary" attitude settles amongst the employees and the whole thing drifts quickly down to the worms ....

btw ... hello GKaplan ...."long time no see" ))))
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Originally Posted by cpt View Post
"long time no see" ))))
Hello! It's true I come here very rarely
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I, like any others who were able to take advantage of the tax-free status of similar jobs did very well from it. 6 months a year working overseas earning a good salary, 3 months on holiday wherever I wanted in the world and 3 months at home doing the gardening and meeting my mates down the pub. HMRC happy, bank manager happy, family happy. Would do it all again if I could.
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[Hello! It's true I come here very rarely]
Yes indeed, but I was meaning long time no see in "3D" something like 20 yrs or so ... time also flies ...
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