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Max demand: countries that need chopper pilots?

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Max demand: countries that need chopper pilots?

Old 12th May 2016, 04:18
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Where in the world: flying on (or converting) a NZ licence

Hi All,

I am a recently qualified CPL(H) with a New Zealand licence. I'm looking to see where there may be job opportunities around the world.

I am completely flexible about where that might be. It's unlikely to be in NZ or Oz due too visa restrictions (I'm a Brit, and unlikely to get a visa). So, I was looking for some help to try and narrow my search for places I should target.

Where in the world could I fly on a NZ licence, or convert it relatively easily?

I am pretty realistic about what I need to do to get into the industry. Happy to draw on by previous experience to support the business/crewing needs of a heli operation. But, it seems sensible to be thinking about what I would need to do to get licensed in a particular country.

Very grateful for any views or for people to share their experiences.


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Old 12th May 2016, 04:24
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Max demand: countries that need chopper pilots?

Hi All,

I'm a British CPL(H), with a New Zealand licence and a pretty rounded background in business and training. I'm on the look out for opportunities outside NZ after I finish up my initial training. That could be piloting or more likely helping out with business/crewing part of a heli operation, as a start. So, I guess the question is:

Which countries are the 'growth markets' for helicopter pilots?

I suppose this could include:
- Which countries have a rising demand for chopper pilots?
- Where are there shortages of pilots or crew?
- What countries are most 'welcoming' to ex-pat pilots?

I don't think there are necessarily any right or wrong answers, but really interested to hear about people's experiences across different regions. All ideas gratefully received!


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Old 12th May 2016, 08:16
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Expatriate helicopter pilots typically need several thousand hours of experience in order to get a look-in at working in a country other than their native country of origin.
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Old 12th May 2016, 08:54
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At the risk of getting a rebuke, South Sudan, Eritrea, Syria? Sorry to seem flippant, but I believe there's very little to be had in the current world economic climate. Still, no harm in being proactive and positive in your pursuit of a career. You should get there eventually.
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Old 12th May 2016, 09:10
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AMM - I originally trained in NZ and obtained my NZ CPL (H), I then went to Australia and did a conversion in order to try and find a mustering job. Unfortunately Australia were more interested in plumbers than pilots so my visa application was denied.

I am now in the process of obtaining an EASA licence but due to a change in my life I only require a PPL, which shouldn't be too much of a biggie.

My advice would be either - convert to EASA or FAA and be prepared to travel, a lot.
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Old 12th May 2016, 10:33
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With a new Zealand licence , Have a look at the operators in Fiji - use google , unless your cashed up , there is no / little work for new starters in the UK, unless you have an instructors ratings, and the conversion is a complete pain.

I personally would not go blowing money , unless you have a visa to work.
There are lots of pilots with visas , struggling to get jobs.

Good Luck
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Old 12th May 2016, 11:58
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I'm afraid you are going to suck the hind tit back in the UK. As a newly qualified CPL of any country you are going to be the last to be considered in the few countries that hire expat pilots.
I know of one Norwegian pilot who got a co-pilot job in China with a CPL but that was a one-off, on the old boy basis, and he didn't last long in a Chinese speaking environment.
There are no shortages of helicopter pilots in any country that has a rotary branch in its armed forces. The experience that they have not got is what they will pay for, especially in the offshore market. At the moment new activity is at a standstill and those that are employed in this way are not too confident about continuing.

I was privileged to fly over a large part of China and South East Asia as a UK national contract pilot. Those days, I'm afraid, have gone.

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Old 13th May 2016, 11:09
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right now it doesnt matter how many 000's of hours you have on this type or that type, when there is no jobs there is no jobs for anybody, the only exception is that who you know may get you something, and if you dont know anyone then you are really screwed
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Old 13th May 2016, 16:21
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Cool AW 139 Captain Position


Good Evening/Good Morning

a post after a long time and the Oil and Gas crisis is struck all over it seems.

Is there any clue or link up for a AW 139/AS 365/Ec 155 driver with over 5300 hrsTT and 2200 hrs as PIC and >2500 hrs offshore experience.

FAA ATP/Two ICAO ATP(H) and an Open rating on helicopters.

Request you experienced hand a little help here.

Haappy Landings

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Old 14th May 2016, 06:38
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There is a way of getting hours on turbine helicopters and very quickly.
Many guys like you have done it before and many have been successful ( some were not and didn't make it home) but you must be willing to accept the risk.......
What I'm referring to is tuna boat flying.
Before you decide to apply you must really look into it and know what to expect.
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