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Helicopters with wheels are forbidden to hovertaxy or not?

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Helicopters with wheels are forbidden to hovertaxy or not?

Old 5th Sep 2010, 22:15
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what is the difference between ground taxi and hover taxi to the MGB let's say?
do maintenance care if the MGB was used on the ground or in the air?
also I think you spend much more time on the ground than in the air covering the same distance
Not taking into account calendar inspections, the hours between checks /overhaul is counted from when the wheels leave the ground - so hover taxiing will set the clock ticking on all components - because you are airborne.
The flip side to this though, I have seen several wheel brake fires that have caused more damage than just wheels and brakes needing replaced !!
Taxiing with wheels firmly on the ground is a lot safer for all those around you and also keeps the 'hours' down on your components but if you have a long taxi ahead of you (have you ever had to land at Schiphol ??- you can be trundling around for miles !!) it is sometimes best to hover taxi.
Would you want to retract your gear after a long taxi, not knowing how hot your brakes are ???

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Old 6th Sep 2010, 18:18
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In response to ospreydriver, i trained in the US and now fly in the UK and i believe there is a difference in the meaning of "air taxi" and "hover taxi" between US and UK.

In the US as you say air taxi is normally higher and faster than a hover taxi.

However in the UK, according to CAP 413 the term air taxi is meant to replace hover taxi.

"The term 'AIR TAXI' shall be used when it is necessary for a helicopter to proceed at a slow speed above the surface, normally below 20 knots and in ground effect" (ICAO).

Hope that helps.
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Old 6th Sep 2010, 19:26
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The ICAO designations are: air/ground taxi; and air transit. The former is well understood and the latter is:

"intended to permit the movement of the helicopter above the surface, normally at a height of not above 30m (100ft) above ground level and at ground speeds exceeding 20kts."

"Air transit routes, however, require comparatively large amounts of airspace (widths of up to 200m at night), which must be kept clear of all obstacles as well as corresponding areas of ground below them, which must be suitable and of sufficient bearing strength to permit safe emergency landings."

"Air taxi routes are to be selected so as to permit auto-rotative or one-engine-inoperative landings such that, as a minimum requirement, injury to persons on the ground or water, or damage to property are minimized."

Under the ICAO designation, 'air taxi' and 'hover taxi' are synonymous.

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Old 7th Sep 2010, 12:28
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most wheeled helos are larger aircraft than skid helos
Got me thinking - what is the largest/heaviest helicopter to have skids? Nothing immediately springs to mind bigger than a Bell 412, but then the little grey cells aren't working so well these days...
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Old 7th Sep 2010, 13:37
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This might be just a smidgen larger than the 412!

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Old 7th Sep 2010, 17:30
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I've been told that the AH-1W is the heaviest skid-configured aircraft in the world. Since the AH-1Z is even bigger, I'd guess that it takes the cake, now.
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Old 7th Sep 2010, 20:04
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Most of the Bell 214STs had skids, although there were some wheeled versions. Still a few around, I expect.
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 04:23
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That is one of them, but no longer with us, it crashed in the summer of 2008.

Too bad it was a charm to fly.


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Old 10th Sep 2010, 04:33
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It was for sure poor airmanship, and an expensive one too, the result was all the main rotor blades and tail rotor blade sent for inspection. Maybe next time he will think better on landing that close to a smaller fellow...By the way the heavy helicopter was an Kamov KA32.
As well, the 350 driver could have tied down his machine. There are many ways to view any incident on a forum like this.
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 10:17
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In reply to Swamp76, the AS350 had all the rotor blades tied down, even the tail rotor blades were locked with the pin, as a thunderstorm was aproaching, the problem was the deflexion that the blades had on the way down, they swinged more than 1 meter, and the fuselage was dragedd some centimeters to the side, eyewitness said they though it was going to roll over. But you are right, there are always more than one way to see it...
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 11:20
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In that case, the pilot of the heavy needs an attitude re-alignment!
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