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Helicopter down in Sydney 1st March 08

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Helicopter down in Sydney 1st March 08

Old 1st Mar 2008, 02:22
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Helicopter down in Sydney 1st March 08

News on Sydney Morning Herald website:

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Old 1st Mar 2008, 03:04
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Channel Nine raw video footage and report.

Four people are in a serious condition with life threatening injuries, while another is listed as stable.
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 05:56
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Boys day out. Very sad!

FOUR men critically injured in a helicopter crash in north west Sydney are being prepared to be airlifted to hospital.

Police said five people were aboard the aircraft when it crashed in dense scrub near Arcadia at 12.55pm (AEDT).
A fifth passenger is in a stable condition with minor injuries, a NSW Ambulance Service spokesman said.
Helicopters will transport the seriously injured, who are all aged in their thirties, to Westmead and Liverpool hospitals.
A man with spinal and back injuries will be taken to Liverpool hospital in a serious condition.
A second man will be taken to Westmead hospital with facial and pelvic injuries. He is in a serious condition.
A third man will be taken to Westmead hospital with shoulder injuries. He is in a serious condition.
A fourth man has been taken to Liverpool Hospital with spinal injuries. His condition is unknown.
"All patients are male and between 30-40 years,'' the spokesman said.
A fifth man, aged 36, is being taken by road ambulance to Westmead with multiple abrasions. His condition is stable.
Police said nearby residents on Cobah Road witnessed the crash and telephoned emergency services immediately.
Eight ambulances were deployed to the scene and the NSW Rural Fire Service and Fire Brigades NSW are in attendance.
NSW Fire Brigades said there was no fire, no spillage and no explosions.
The spokesman said the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) had been informed and an investigation would follow.
Helicopter company
The helicopter is believed to be a Jetranger based at Bankstown, a local helicopter pilot said.
The blue, white and yellow Jetranger had a call sign NBP and was used for charters and hired to private pilots, the Chief Pilot at Wieland Helicopter Company, who does not wish to be named, said.
A company which flies Jetrangers, Bankstown Helicopters, is expected to issue a statement later this afternoon.
A spokesman for Bill Miller, the director of Bankstown Helicopters, said he was unable to confirm whether the helicopter involved in today's crash belonged to his company.
"Sorry, it's no comment at the moment,'' the spokesman said.
"We've got nothing to say at the moment.
"We're still gathering information and we'll release it as we receive it.''
Bankstown Helicopters offers scenic flights, charter services and flight training.
An industry insider said the aviation industry was a tight-knit community which would be deeply affected by the incident.
"I'm sure everybody is saddened by the news,'' the spokesman said.
"There are some families that are looking for answers today.''
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 17:24
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It appears that the marketing department of the Sydney Morning Herald want to cash in on this sad accident.

They're running a box advertisement adjacent to the story with the title:

Fear of Flying!
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 22:59
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What type of helicopter?
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 05:16
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VH-NBP comes back as a JetRanger, so the original article seems to be correct.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 21:28
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The aircraft was NBP - I've been told the tail has been shown on TV.

I'm also told that the local media are beating it up, though that's a bit easier when headsets, a complete main rotor assembly and various bits and pieces can be found hanging in nearby trees. Apparently part of the floor including pedals is some distance from the fuselage and the skids are, as a unit, some distance from the remaining fuselage, which sits on it's side open like a tin or sardines.

I can't view clips from where I am, but I'm sure there's a link on one of the TV station websites.

Apparently the occupants are now stable.

I'm rather impressed by the maturity shown so far on this topic - 2 days and nobody's slagged anybody off, long may it continue!
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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 00:10
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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 00:28
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If I read the story correctly, it stated that a man left the helicopter BEFORE IT LANDED, and that he was on the driveway, not moving. Can this be true? Maybe they got it wrong. Hope everyone makes it.
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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 01:47
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Media speculation.
If you can't get a comment, make one up.
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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 11:27
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I'm amazed anyone survived looking at that wreckage.......
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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 14:50
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Yea they were dam lucky looking at those photos, must of came down very hard!
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Old 17th Mar 2008, 22:08
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Video footage of the accident was shown last night on Today Tonight.
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 21:14
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Anyone able to post the video here?
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 23:48
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Footage was taken by the wife of one of the passengers.
Certainly didn't shine a good light on the pilot....................
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Old 19th Mar 2008, 04:52
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From the footage shown on Today Tonight, it looked like the pilot of was all over the shop!!!

Have they determined a cause as yet?

Of course the Kestapo won't be interested, they way to busy sweating the small stuff.
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Old 19th Mar 2008, 12:25
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This really bothers me. It's bad enough that alot of the general public think helicopters just fall out of the sky and crash and burn...also alot of them are too scared to go up again after a bad flight experience -pulled a few rip-ass turns and scared them to death.
Some pilot goes out and destroys not only a machine, but all the hard work that 99% of pilots put in to flying safely and professionally.
There's been so many accidents where the wreckage has come out looking better then that of NBP, but with no survivors. I happened to be sitting in traffic looking at it on the back of a trailer last week...and it wasn't a very big trailer either. Makes me think of how some great pilots have died through no fault of their own, and then others just fly like a maniac, write off a machine and walk away.pfft. And I thought that 'licence in a Weet-Bix box' line was a joke...now I'm not so sure. I really hope CASA do something for once
Can't find that video anywhere though
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Old 23rd Mar 2008, 06:54
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and then others just fly like a maniac, write off a machine and walk away
Is this what happened? Have the ATSB released anything yet?
I haven't seen any footage of the crash sequence but I would be very interested to see it. Two of my work colleagues were on that helo and have sustained severe injuries.
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Old 24th Mar 2008, 23:38
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Footage on Youtube.com:



(edited to add: this is not footage of the incident, but the aftermath)

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Old 25th Mar 2008, 22:04
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Does anyone have some footage that was shown in Sydney on Today Tonight about a week or so ago that actually shows the crash sequence? The video was taken by one of the folks on the ground at the time. I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the net.

Many thanks.
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