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Who Needs an R44!

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Who Needs an R44!

Old 22nd Oct 2007, 13:50
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Who Needs an R44!


4 seater!

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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 14:04
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Red On, Green On
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Styling by Giugiaro, I think.
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 14:45
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Hmmm, but got me thinking, in the news article it says the Nigerian CAA don't seem to be at all bothered, so when would the British CAA be bothered? I mean "when" does a helicopter actually need approval?
If its on the ground and running, is it an aircraft or just a mechanical device, if it then hovers around on ones own land, is it then an aircraft? when does it start to need approval - ten feet up, one foot up or just one inch up? Don't know and I can't seem to find a mention in the regs.
Not that I'm going to copy the yellow thing mind you, but just got me wondering...

Kevin (happy with my bell-47)
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 15:22
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Sell it to Mugabe to visit his rapidly dwindling country

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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 16:46
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Looks kinda like they put the skids on backwards!
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 20:40
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It's a copy! Asda have one just like it, right next to Thomas!
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 22:24
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Can't wait for the flight video.....The Ebuillent One!!!!! Truly Nigerian Engineering........at least he is trying against all odds!
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 23:40
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His real name is DAVO
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 23:57
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The pilot of this yellow peril's last words would be...

"Look guys, i'm only gonna try this once"
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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 00:35
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Well, at least he built his own heli. You have to admire this guys enthusiasm.

I guess the prices on basement apartments skyrocketed in Nigeria after this newsflash!
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Old 24th Oct 2007, 01:26
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The next one will fly at an attitude of 15 feet for 3 hours. Imagine the view.
But really, good on him for trying. He just might have to move to get the benefit of his creativity.
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Old 24th Oct 2007, 06:54
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Something for the kids

Where's the bit connected to it that I put my loose change in so I can watch it bob up and down on the ground with my kids in it, like the one in my local shopping centre and oh yes to some circus music as well.

Da Da Da dada dada dada da da da da!!!!!!!!!


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Old 24th Oct 2007, 15:45
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 13:12
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Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria


KANO (AFP) Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts.
"It took me eight months to build this one," he said, sweat pouring from his forehead as he filled the radiator of the banana yellow four-seater which he now parks in the grounds of his university.
The chopper, which has flown briefly on six occasions, is made from scrap aluminium that Abdullahi bought with the money he makes from computer and mobile phone repairs, and a donation from his father, who teaches at Kano's Bayero university.
It is powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and kitted out with seats from an old Toyota saloon car. Its other parts come from the carcass of a Boeing 747 which crashed near Kano some years ago.
For a four-seater it is a big aircraft, measuring twelve metres (39 feet) long, seven metres high by five wide. It has never attained an altitude of more than seven feet.
The cockpit consists of a push-button ignition, an accelerator lever between the seats which controls vertical thrust, a joystick that provides balance and bearing.
A small screen on the dashboard connects to a camera underneath the helicopter for ground vision, a set of six buttons adjusts the screen's brightness while a small transmitter is used for communication.
"You start it, allow it to run for a minute or two and you then shift the accelerator forward and the propeller on top begins to spin. The further you shift the accelerator the faster it goes and once you reach 300 rmp you press the joystick and it takes off," Abdullahi explained from the cockpit.
He said he learned the rudiments of flying a helicopter from the Internet and first got the idea of building one from the films he watches on television.
"I watched action movies a lot and I was fascinated by the way choppers fly. I decided it would be easier to build one than to build a car," he said pacing the premises of the security division of the university which he uses as hanger for his helicopter.
He hoped -- and still does hope -- that the Nigerian government and his wealthy compatriots would turn to him and stop placing orders with western manufacturers.
So far, however, government response to his chopper project has been underwhelming to say the least.
Although some government officials got very excited when they saw him conduct a demonstration flight in neighbouring Katsina state, Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has so far shown no interest in his aircraft.
"No one from the NCAA has come to see what I've done. We don't reward talent in this country," he lamented.
Abdullahi does admit that his first helicopter lacks "some basic facilities like devices for measuring atmospheric pressure, altitude, humidity and the like."
In a country with Nigeria's abysmal air safety record officials may be loath to gamble on one student's home-made helicopter.
But Abdullahi, undeterred, has started work on a new flying machine, which, he says, "will be a radical improvement on the first one in terms of sophistication and aesthetics."
Currently just a spindly metal frame in the back yard, the helicopter will be a two-seater and Abdullahi calculates it will be able to fly at an altitude of 15 feet for three hours at a stretch.
It will be powered by a brand new motor -- albeit Taiwan-manufactured and destined for the Jincheng motorbike so common on the streets of Kano.
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 13:24
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Nigerian helicopter?

Now, don't tell me, he's got a massive grant from the Nigerian military to develop his flying machine and for tax reasons needs to deposit it in our UK bank accounts. All we have to do is send our details to him...
B50 (Sorry, couldn't help it; 39ft!! etc., no mention of tail rotor, 'rudder' control, cyclic etc., surely a wind-up!)
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 14:30
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All he needs is a "humididy measuring device".
Then the orders will come in from all over the world.

I say any helicopter that actually gets off the ground is quite an achievment for a lone student.
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