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Rotorheads Around the World (incl 'Views from the Cockpit')

Rotorheads A haven for helicopter professionals to discuss the things that affect them

Rotorheads Around the World (incl 'Views from the Cockpit')

Old 26th Dec 2002, 03:07
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Arrow Rotorheads Around the World (incl 'Views from the Cockpit')

Heliport mentioned a while back we should post pictures taken from our machines, so here goes my first one.

I took this one a few days ago right after some friends had landed and were getting ready to shut down. I have also included a link to some other pictures I had previously posted a while back.

Helicopters and Heliports WebPage Here

I hope some of you post your own soon.
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 16:10
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Show us what you do .......... and where you do it!

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Old 31st Dec 2002, 16:12
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Just put up new pictures on my web page

I just put up new pictures on my webpage I hope you like them,

This is a picture of a 230 I flew for a while, it is now doing EMS in MS/USA, its nice to fly once you are off the ground, but its got some nasty habits, not too much power for hot and high, great helicopter to fly IFR!

Helicopters and Heliports WebPage Here
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Old 25th Jan 2003, 01:23
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Two Pictures From Africa (oncho program)

I just found these two pictures from the Oncho program in West Africa, does it bring back memories to anyone?

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Old 20th Mar 2003, 22:12
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I found this interesting picuture

If anyone has pictures they would like posted please email me the pics and I will upload them on my server and send you a link so you can post them on PPRuNe.

My email is [email protected]

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Old 29th Mar 2003, 23:31
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Not much in the way of cityscapes up here in Scotland, but I think you'll agree the scenery more than makes up for it....

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Old 4th Apr 2003, 12:01
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Nick Lappos
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Here are a few guys at work.

101st Airborne Aviation Brigade Base Camp somewhere out there.....
Old 4th Apr 2003, 12:21
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Seen today at work

This was seen in the airport ramp at MMTO today, the pilot is my chief pilot Luis, and this pictures were taken by me, you should have seen the crowd of mechanics standing around! It's some "senorita" who wants some shots for her model portfolio. Spanish lesson # 1 for when you come down here: "senorita esta muy buena"

Only in Mexico
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Old 4th Apr 2003, 15:45
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Blender...you've been doctoring the pics

John: who is that
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Old 4th Apr 2003, 15:49
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It must be spring break again eh?
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Old 5th Apr 2003, 00:54
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OK Blenderpilot: Where do I send my resume. That kind stuff never happens to me.
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Old 5th Apr 2003, 04:53
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Ok, so it isn't a turbine, nor in a wonderful area of the planet, but I play around a famous blimp on occasion when doing "circuits" in Pompano beach ... (Thomas ... nice pic !)

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Old 6th Apr 2003, 12:22
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Tours seem to be the easiest work although many long hours.
Thanks Oscar for the help.

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Old 7th Apr 2003, 18:49
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Well we seem to have had pics from Europe, the Antipodes, North America but unfortunately Guns pics from Africa didn't come out yet so here's a couple from Cameroun in the meantime. They're of operations in support of the Tchad-Cameroun pipeline (nearly 1200 km in length).
Sorry this one's a bit out of focus as the digital zoom on my little camera is a bit Mickey Mouse:

This is near where we landed with a party of archaeologists mapping the site of an iron age site where there were numerous iron forges. It's around 3500 feet elevation and 34 degreesC:

Look forward to seeing Guns Afrikan photos when he gets through to Blender.

Many thanks to John Eacott for the use of his website.

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Old 9th Apr 2003, 01:47
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Angel Slightly Topical Images!

Some shots of Iraq taken in January this year.

The first two are at Al Rasheed Airbase, which was reported as 'liberated' by the US today. The third shot is at Mosul civil airport in the north of the country and also features an Iraqi 727, which is probably now the 'ex' 727 seen in the press at Baghdad Airport recently.

The UN aircraft were evacuated shortly before hostilities commenced.

Pics hosted by JE..many thanks John

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Old 9th Apr 2003, 09:33
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Thumbs up


Dear old BALZ, many an hour flogging around the Brent Field in that, back in the 70's. How many hours on the old girl these days?
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Old 9th Apr 2003, 20:40
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Links to 'Geocities' sites never seem to work very well.
Suggest you ask John E or BP to host your pics.


Thanks John
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Old 11th Apr 2003, 18:44
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Hi Vertalop,

Great pics of the UN machines, and I know its a long shot...but I don't suppose you have one with the Twin Pioneer in the background? Or did you see the twin-pioneer there...I'm trying to track down which one it was.

Cheers in advance
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Old 12th Apr 2003, 12:32
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Eacott....now the Bristow 212's must be the world's oldest 212's going.....some of them made 30,000 hours.
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Old 13th Apr 2003, 22:31
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Angel Mi-24 / Mi-26 and Mi-8

One of my personal "bests" .. just a shame I took this pic in 1999 on a low quallity setting on a 640 x 480 cam they do not even make these days.

But here we go .. bit of history in Sierra Leone. As the war was coming to a close the UN came in .. so my ship, the Mi-26 and then a Mi-8 in a HIGH Hover ... I personally do not fly a high approach landing at all (SA Airforce doctrine) but it has saved my a55 on many occasions.

The UN these days do a much lower quicker approach and the Civillian Russians are using "our" technique.

Cheers Gunsss

Cheers Gunsss
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