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Old 11th Nov 2008, 14:04   #481 (permalink)
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Bootneck Miri

Well, actually it fell over about the 20th may '83, I picked it up and put it onto a barge on about the 24th, for some reason my log book doesn't have a date of the lift, I have a photo though, taken by someone else. Reg 9M-SSJ. It was re-built and then flown home by Dick Houry who sadly died a few days after.
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 14:08   #482 (permalink)
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Yes you are correct it was the E23, see my previous link
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 16:14   #483 (permalink)
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Alan Biles and C of G

Mention of Alan and C of G reminded me of Christmas day 1981:

Who remembers what was going on here?

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Old 11th Nov 2008, 17:25   #484 (permalink)
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Phil77 - I'll say hi to Mike when I see him.

Hel1aviator - I'd rather have been flying it to Vietnam!! As for the footage making your ferry look mundane, it's amazing what a bit of music can do. Also I edited out the other 33 hrs 52mins of straight and level! And as for Ian behaving?.....of course he didnt!!!

Stacey_s - Ian is with us here in Ghana, I'll pass on your regards!

Budgie 75 - I think it's your round. I'll be in ABZ late December!

Pofman - As for "so much in 8 years" : there is a lot to be said for "being in the right place at the right time."
The Newbies (I still feel like a newbie) at the Academy, as it is now called, certainly do have lots to look forward to.
From the sponsored courses HP55/56 or JAA1/2 the variety in career path is wide. Having all had the North Sea initiation, 8 years on a couple are flying EC135 for UK Air Ambulance, one flying S92 for HM Coastguard, two flying the AS332L2 Offshore SAR, one flying S61 for the Irish Coastguard, and another being the Chief Pilot of Bristow Trinidad.
I'll try to find some photos taken while on the course 8 years ago. (Don't worry lads, sober pics associated with flying only!)

212man - You must be able to do that trip with your eyes closed. With regard to being a little lower than you at some stages......we had a better tailwind down there....honest.
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 19:01   #485 (permalink)
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Hi Bootneck, recognise the photo can't remember all the name! Stephi de-camped to OZ we lost contact about 10 years ago, does that help?
Dont forget my baby monkey in Miri......

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Old 11th Nov 2008, 20:47   #486 (permalink)
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Khasab 204B and Seletar 205


"I remember Alan fell out of 'puff' while giving a lunch box to some passengers, despite hanging on the monkey harness under the helicopter he didnt let go until the suprised pax took the box from him".

Hmmm. Well not quite but I can't deny that I fell out.

"Also while I was learning the area he walked on the port skid tube to tap on the windscreen, the CofG ws interesting".

Can't deny that either. Young and foolish but it was good fun.

"bob has I understand passed on".

Really sorry to hear that.

Were you in Khasab or Muscat?


PK-HCD (30017) had just been through the refurbish programme run by a work party headed up by Angus McLeod in the Singas hangar. I think we'd just done a comp wash when the Argosy needed to get by. Rather than put wheels on and move out of the way it was much easier all round to put some weight on the tail, hence the throng of filipinos and others helping me hold it down.

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Old 11th Nov 2008, 21:57   #487 (permalink)
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Muscat 1980

Setting up on Day one at Medina Qaboos. We were taking over from Jim Sommerscales (sp?) who'd been flying and maintaining a 206 with Crescent Helicopters.

The lunchtime 'lumpy run'. It was one of these runs that I managed to fall out of whilst handing an Igloo of water to a worker at one of the pylon sites. Sometimes the ac was so full on departue I had to stand on the skid until there was room to sit in the door.

Pouring concrete into the shuttering around the pylon base.

Hooking up a bunch of trestles. These were used to keep the conductor off the ground before tensioning.

The finished article. We assisted in the construction of 48 of these.

Packed up and ready to leave Medina Qaboos for Dubai. We operated from this pad from Feb to August 1980.

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Old 24th Nov 2008, 13:34   #488 (permalink)
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Admittedly before they were with Bristows but does anyone recognise these faces from the mugshots:

Answers here & here.
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 14:31   #489 (permalink)
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How sad to hear that Bob Innes has died. I've been trying to contact him on my last couple of leaves and was rather worried that something may have happened after I failed to get a Christmas card from he and his 'mummy' last year. If anyone knows how to contact Doris, please PM me. Bob and I flew 58Ts together when I first joined Bristow and served together on many operations over the years. He was always such an enthusiastic pilot and I always remember sharing a 'schlafwagen' with him when we were on the Prakla Seismos contract in Iran. He would always have difficulty negotiating the way to the ladder for his top bunk, so sometimes slept on the floor for an hour or so first before wetting the desert and then going to bed. He slept flat on his back and on waking sat up straight always exclaimed, "Seisshaus mouse, it is so good here and the lumpy is magic!". His command of German was legendary and I'll always remember his explanation to Herr Ochse, the Prakla manager as to what the problem was with one of our helicopters - "Ah her Ochse, the helicopter is abgefuched!".

Only 2 years ago he had bought a new BMW motorbike, but skidded on a roundabout on the ice and broke his collarbone. His 'mummy' said it was time he stopped riding bikes, but he was just cross because he'd scratched the expensive paint job on the fairing!

RIP old friend

I've done quite a few ferry flights to and from Nigeria in a variety of helicopters and I'll try and find some of my old photos as all the ones I have done in the last few years have been for Schreiner and Caverton. Even though it's not a Bristow photo, did you see this island in a lake in Mali Rosh? It's not marked on the old TPC maps I've always had, though it's on my Michelin motoring map! It's pretty much on the direct track between Banjul and Bamako:

I really liked your vid Rosh and wish I had something like it. I hope I'll one day have a final chance of another ferry or two before I reach my sell-by date. It looks as if you had to make quite a few fuel stops. I was lucky on my first S76 ferry when I brought the first 76C+ to Africa as we had the Schreiner ferry kit with 4 drums of fuel in the cabin and pumped fuel through the modified aft cabin bulkhead direct into the tanks via another modification in the baggage compartment. The flight was from Stockholm, Arlanda to Lagos. We had a few trials and tribulations along the way as 45 minutes south of Stockholm, IMC with a faulty autopilot and GPS we had an MGB chip warning, necessitating an emergency landing in Skavsta. We also had to spend a few days in Helsingborg for a turbine module change as one engine was consistently failing PA. After that we routed to Osnabrück for fuel and on for a night stop at Troyes, near Reims. The next day we got to Perpignan non-stop but had a problem with oil consumption which had to be sorted before continuing. We wanted to try the ferry kit the next day and made Perpignan to Malaga via overhead Barcelona (when it seemed our transponder had failed) in one go. Next day we went direct to Marrakech but as Western Sahara was closed in those days, had to route direct to Fuerteventura for our next night stop. We had the fuel to route from there direct to Nouadibhou for fuel and on for a night stop in Banjul. From there direct to Bamako was another long leg, followed by a shorter one to Ougadougou for a night stop. The leg from there to Lagos seemed very short! I still like that route better than the long drag we used to have to take across the Sahara.

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Old 24th Nov 2008, 15:43   #490 (permalink)
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H i Shag

Also sorry to hear thr old Yarpie has passed on, have fond memories of him from Muscat with Mr Biles and myself, also some time offshore Brent, Good friend and true gent, did you ever see the tie trick done with such aplomb!!!


PS please PM with details
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 11:50   #491 (permalink)
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Sorry to hear Bob passed on,will always remember the great parties at No 1 Hardbrakes and how the locals were amused when he came to work on his motorbike in shorts in September in Shetland!!!!
He also entertained everyone with his tie trick at my stag night in the Portapub Happy Days.
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 12:58   #492 (permalink)
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Sogs dear boy....."sell by date"?

Obselete and destined for the dung heap you are Laddy!

Except for the chickens pecking on ya...it ain't all bad out here.

Perhaps I will have to post a Kodak moment of a pair of 21 year old legs disappearing into the icebox on the boat to give you an idea of what I mean.

I always wanted to adopt a child.
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 22:07   #493 (permalink)
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from http://shetlopedia.com/Sumburgh_Airport


G-BHOG leaving the "taxi rank" Lerwick:

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Old 26th Nov 2008, 02:56   #494 (permalink)
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What ever happened to John (aka Frosty)Tanagawa of BEAS fame?

Frosty......a Nip in the air....giddit?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 03:21   #495 (permalink)
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Frostry: now there's a name from the past!

This tail rotor is on show at Weston Super Mare: anyone privy to the full story?

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Old 26th Nov 2008, 05:47   #496 (permalink)
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RIP Bob,

Remember Bob from back when I was a baby baggage handler with Bristow in Shetland circa 1978, very funny guy...

Tail Rotor.... Is it a S55? Anybody know who the Griffiths was in the Trinidad portion of the blade?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 07:46   #497 (permalink)
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look like a 47 tail rotor, isn't it?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 09:57   #498 (permalink)
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Forgot a name.

There was a 50th anniversary do at the museum for Bristow about 5 years ago, I guess this is to do with it, I went to the evening reception and three of the names on the 47 T/R were there, Cliff Saffron, Sharkey Ward and John (the Wad) Waddington. Some really old names there, I lodged with Ron Hodge when I did my RAF resettlement course at Redhill in 1969 and he was just about retired then.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 11:26   #499 (permalink)
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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That is a really interesting tail rotor and has brought back so many memories.
Tony English, (one of Nature's gentlemen) and John Waddington, two very nice guys, both ex Peru and I met them in Indonesia, Duri, when they were flying the 205. No mention of John Odlin or Bob Potts?
I see the name Baker there, was that 'Bent Nose'? or am I mixing things up?
Bill Farnell I first met in Iran in 1968, what a character! ex WO Pilot from the RAF, would sit in a horse shoe shaped bar in Tehran when on time-off and casually ask someone near him, :"And when did you first realise you were homosexual?"
Cliff Saffron, another great guy, was our chief engineer in AUH when we had G-ANJV, WS55Series3, played a handy game of darts, and would be heard calling out "arrers mucker!" to any team member who needed support.
Peter Gray was an instructor at Middle Wallop when I was there in 1964/5, sure it is him, also from Fernando Po, I think?
The K.Bryant rings a bell, was it Keith Bryant? sure I met him somewhere!
Keith Wilkins, we first met in Tehran in 1968, it was the Iranian New Year and we had to get to Khorrmshah so Ken Bradley, the area manager, said, "No problem, you can deliver the company Peugeot station wagon", and so we did, Keith drove, Liz and his infant child in the back and me with a map, only one road anyway, so it didn't matter much but the drive up through the mountains and than back down to the top of the Gulf is a journey I'll never forget, (and Keith's driving was good!).
On arrival in Khorrmshah we were met by Horst Voight, another really nice person who I met again on Das many years later.
The only Griffiths I remember was John Griffiths, ex RN and South America who set up the WS55 operation in Abu Dhabi before returning to England.
Thanks for that picture of the tail rotor, really got the memory bank going!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 16:46   #500 (permalink)

Nigerian In Law
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Could the Griffiths be John, ex MP Trinny and then Personnel Supt before he retired ? He did my interview and Steve Medlin was the tea boy who also delivered the internal mail !!

The boy done good............

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