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So you want to be a Helicopter Pilot ..........

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So you want to be a Helicopter Pilot ..........

Old 26th Nov 2006, 18:45
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Arrow So you want to be a Helicopter Pilot ..........

And you want advice on how best to go about it?
Or where to train?

Or how to become a Professional Pilot?
Or what sort of job you might get with your shiny new Professional licence?

Well, you're not the first - and you won't be the last.

We've been asked those and similar questions many times, and have gathered the answers together in a goldmine of information and advice given by professional pilots (and those still in training) from all over the world. It's the best single source of world-wide information you'll find on the internet - or anywhere else.

Just click on the link below and you'll find a list of the most frequently asked training questions with links which will take you to the relevant discussions.

It will save you searching through past threads to find answers to your questions - and save us answering the same questions over and over.

  • If, AFTER reading the information and advice already posted, you still haven't found the answer to your question, ask it on an EXISTING THREAD relevant to your query.
  • Do NOT start a new 'training' thread unless unless it's absolutely necessary - which it almost certainly won't be.
  • We're a welcoming and very friendly bunch BUT, if you start a new thread asking a question which has been asked many times before without bothering to read the answers already given to the same question, IT WILL BE REMOVED.

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Old 27th Nov 2006, 10:53
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Thank you, Heliport.
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Old 27th Nov 2006, 18:10
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...I'm with Bravo73. HOORAY!!
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Old 3rd Dec 2006, 05:30
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I give it 10 days before some clown posts a new "I wanna become a pilot" thread....

Anybody out there a bookie....
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Old 7th Dec 2006, 10:50
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Just joined PPRuNe and am thinking about changing employer. This thread has been the best info I've found so far.


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Old 11th Feb 2007, 22:11
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Thanks Heliport, you save me some searching
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Old 2nd Mar 2007, 03:26
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but i still want to know how do i become a helicopter pilot
Its something Ive always wanted to do but due to financial......................
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Old 24th Apr 2007, 15:03
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Just to clear up a statement on a previous thread.
The North Sea is NOT just for ex mil pilots with 1000's of hours! My company or should I say he company I graft for have in the past and quite recently taken on low time (low 100's) pilots and they're doing just fine. If you're looking for a settled work pattern, loads of hours and top of the industry salary then give it a go
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Old 25th Apr 2007, 08:21
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There are no limits
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Heliport, me old mucker, how about making this a sticky?
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Old 4th Jul 2007, 21:40
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Heliport, can you make this a sticky again, it seems to have got buried in the deepest depths and taken me ages to find it!

Sorry, what limits, only just read your post! Great minds hey!
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Old 6th Jul 2007, 12:08
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This thread is made a sticky from time to time.

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Old 24th Jul 2007, 15:10
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Thanks heliport!!!

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Old 26th Jul 2007, 15:35
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Your the best i was just about to post a BEcoming a pilot post....thanks a ton!!
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Old 17th Nov 2007, 07:29
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PPL to ????

Hi Heliport

Just need some advice I passed with PPL(faa) and then went onto S.A to convert to CAA and Hour build (have 175hrs Now)

I have enrolled on the Jaa-Atpl at oxford in Feb 08, hopefully when succesful 6 months on i will be looking for employment and im still willing to pay to do some ratings IR,CFI etc etc

Is this realistic? or will i need to pay out for another 300+ hours for piston and turbine? before anyone will even start to look at me?

Need also advice on which companies take on low time pilots and what types of work can i expect?
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Old 17th Nov 2007, 07:49
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Did you follow the link in the first post where it says

Click here?

If you do, there are links to threads which will address your questions. Heliport, by the way, has 'retired' as Moderator here, although he still keeps an eye on things
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Old 17th Nov 2007, 08:47
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Hovering AND talking
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is this rotary or fixed wing? I only ask because I am not aware of any helicopter school in South Africa which can do UK JAA conversion and, as far as I know, Oxford Aviation Training ceased helicopter training a few years ago.


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Old 19th Nov 2007, 18:20
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Thank you!

I am fairly new to your forum- I did read through all of the FAQ (clicked the link)- but I have a fairly general question that I did not see covered there. Please forgive me if this question is a repeat or one that was covered on the FAQ that I missed.

My ?-

Just recently out of the military and am looking for a good, reputable heli-school in/around the San Diego area? Anyone in the SD area have any recommendations/suggestions. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 19th Nov 2007, 20:41
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Welcome to Rotorheads! I suggest that you re post your question in Training, hours building and first job prospects in America, where it will have a better chance of a reply
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 23:20
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Senior Pilot, were you a primary school teacher once? You're so efficient!
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Old 15th Mar 2008, 20:18
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A very clear insight into what its like being a heli pilot!
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