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EC-135 "Avionique Nouvelle" cockpit info

Im planing to built Helo-simulator at my home and after realy long time of thinking wich helicopter cockpit should i use for simulator. i decidet to do EC-135(its ergonomic,well designed,and it cost me less for building it
but here comes a problem,i dont have any dimentions,i only have pics from net. So i'm asking you if you have any exra pics,of EC-135 cockpit,or tech publicatons with dimensions for it.
thank you for your effort.

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Try here there are PDF data sheets for the major display elements ( currently unavailable for some reason).

Here has dimms of VEMD

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thaNK YOU!
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Question Ec135

Hi folks

what does ARIS stand for?

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active rotor isolation system ?

anti resonance isolation system is official version.
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Eurocopter ships 250th EC 135

Eurocopter Press Release

Eurocopter has handed over its 250th EC 135 to the Spanish helicopter operator CoyotAir. Spain is a major growth market in Europe. CoyotAir, which already operates seven Eurocopter helicopters, will use this EC 135 as an emergency rescue helicopter.
The EC 135 one of the most widely used primary rescue helicopters provides room for up to four crewmembers, a swivel seat for the accompanying physician and up to two patients on stretchers.
Eurocopter, the world's largest helicopter manufacturer, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS whose leading brands include Airbus and is also the biggest partner in the Eurofighter consortium.

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MD600 driver: eat your heart out

How many MD600's out there?
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TC - an independent answer for you on MD600s.....

- highest MSN registered by MD = #67
- highest MSN verified delivery by MD = #58 in May 2001

Of these, 11 are in the UK (including one no longer active ie written off). And of these 11, at least two are for sale, one due to death of owner, one due to high increases in charges and hassle at a certain London heliport, previously a frequent destination for the owner.

So this suggests #59 to #67 are "white tails" at the factory - I have just checked and confirm all are registered in MD's name. I note that #59 is on the FAA register as a 2000 build.
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Didn't they just win the contract to supply DEA several per year for up to 5 years ?

But I am talking of MD902 not MD600 , Oh no not another single vs twin debate tee hee.
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Descrepancies in s/ns may be due to the fact there are about 10 600s presently being kitted at the factory for delivery to the Turkish Police next year.
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That DEA contract is unclear but is currently seen as a lease of UP TO nine aircraft for UP TO five years.

MD have not queried that interpretation, not have they announced clarification of certain other deliveries that have been lost in the gloom like that Turkish 600 contract.
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PANews, I think it is a purchase, not a lease, and there is no limit on aircraft numbers.

lost in the gloom

What do you mean by this?
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Beware the MD smokescreen!

MD select the words in their press releases very carefully to make you think that the truth is rosier than it is......

* Case 1 - DEA - if they had made a sale, they wouldn't use the words "has selected" instead of "has placed an order for" , Then, it clearly states "a base year and four one-year options" - noone buys on that basis. Notar Fan - there is only one conclusion, it has to be a lease.

* Case 2 - they put out a press release for "Serial Number 100 MD Explorer". Fine, but it was merely serial number 100, not the 100th off the line! They have smoke-screened again because serial numbers 1,3,4,5,6,7 and 9 were ground test rigs, and ships 48 to 51 never existed!!! So the flag waving #100 was actually the 89th off the line, and they still haven't produced the 100th ship (the Chinese one they put out a PR on yesterday is #109 ie the 98th).

* Case 3 - In Feb 2001, they put out a press release to say that the Dutch Police have bought 8 Explorers and the first two will be delivered November 2001. In May 2002 another release follows to say the first two "heavily equipped" Explorers will be delivered in June 2002. Check when (or if...) these became operational...

Just how long have they been talking about a Turkish MD600N order....? Is it for real?
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Case 1: I can't provide you proof, but it is a sale, of that I am sure. MD were burned on one goverment lease already.

Case 2: No arguments here, you are 100% correct.

Case 3: The Dutch Police aircraft program is optimistic to say the least. Engineering, configuration issues. I hear they did give the Dutch 2 loaner aircraft. As of today, no deliveries.

I think MD do get a little ahead of themselves with their press releases, especially when dealing with goverment sales, there can be all kinds of hiccups. The Turkish 600s are licensed and are being kitted.
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Hmm, that's made me think/research further. That Chinese one is #109 and six of the eight Dutch ones are serial numbers earlier than that ie #86, 87, 94, 95, 103 and 104 (the other two will be 111, 112), so the Chinese delivery is not the 98th but the 92nd...... That's not to stop other earlier numbers not having reached the stage of being delivered... The "delivered" figure may be back in the 80s...

Yes, the Dutch guys do have a couple of loan N-reg Explorers, #41 and #42
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Perhaps MD have accountants for sales directors

Can I ask:
Are we talking about the 900 series ships?
Are we talking about the Holland MD that bought the 900 line off MD Mesa?

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TC, the truth be told I think MD's problem is the other way round, they have sales directors for accountants (or business managers). But I won't get into that.
Yes, we are talking about the MD900. I think MD is a subsidary of RDM holdings, a Dutch company.
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EC-135 Variants


What is the difference between an EC-135T1 and T2? Is it just a different engine or something else?

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Arius 2b2 engine gives better OEI performance as I recall.
ALso P2 version with inproved P and W 's.
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Who stole the EC135 Fuel pump thread?

Was just recovering from the shock of the amount poor understanding by some............. and now it's gone!!
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