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Sydney, Aus

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Sydney, Aus

Old 5th Jan 2004, 19:02
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Sydney, Aus

I'm here doing some research. I see floatplanes taking off from Rose Bay (about 15 mins from city centre by road). But helis have to op from the main airport or Bankstown. For pax, this means at least a 30 min journey west/south of the city - then a 15/25 min scenic flight - then 30 mins back to their hotel by bus.
Why do the floatplanes have it so good ? Why no heliport nearer to the centre of this fabulous city ???
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Old 5th Jan 2004, 19:30
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Now thats a very touchy subject your bringing up there!!!!

1) ask the govt why they didnt approve it back in 92, i think

2) the govt will say " i needed to win the next election" and the rich harbourside residents of balmain dont deserve helicopters flying over thier heads 24/7

3) the govt head who knocked it back now fly's around in squirrels! but he has to drive to bankstown apt where it happens its his local seat in parliament!

4) i can send you the commision of inquiry into the rejection if you wish, makes for good bedtime reading.

A chicken flying to pluto would have more chance than sydney CBD receiving an inner city heliport. unfortunately head, its a sore subject for us here it would be absolutely fantastic for all operators but i guess the votes are a bigger drawcard.

just my opinion only!
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Old 5th Jan 2004, 23:42
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Doesn't one of the arguments that sometimes works, or at least carries some weight, go along the "efficiency of medevacs because of quick access to city via city heliports" line? I thought that was the reason that the Perth heliport was allowed to stay operational, after being threatened with closure. It is mainly used for tourist flights, but is still very handy for urgent transfers to the city hospitals. I'm sure someone else on rotorheads knows the exact details etc.
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Old 6th Jan 2004, 03:35
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Stormy, the Perth city helipad nearly did close with the redevelopment along the river a couple of years ago.
After lobbying by a couple of operators, mainly Prestons who run the joy flights on the weekends, it fortunately remained as part of the re-development because as you are well aware, you let a city helipad go, you’ll never get it back.
Incidentally, that pad has only been used a couple of times for medevac use over the years. The Perth main hospitals have their own pads these days.

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Old 6th Jan 2004, 05:20
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The medevac argument won't work in Sydney because the major hospitals all have their own pads.
We did have a CBD pad in the 80s, in Darling Harbour, and it was popular. When the Gummint developed the DH area, the pad was moved around the corner, but the paperwork wasn't done properly, and the NIMBYs shut it down.
We almost got it back in 92 but an election was called, as Belly Tank described, and the cowardly parties bowed to a certain noisy female in Balmain.

Ironically, that noisy female eventually became the minister for tourism, and wouldn't a CBD pad help tourism!

The floaties are there on a Grandfather clause, because Rose Bay was always a flying boat base - my father used to fly the old Empires out of there. One option was to put a floating helipad into the designated water aerodrome, but the environmental requirements knocked that on the head too.
With the Olympic planning back in 1998/99 we thought we might get a CBD pad, but missed out again. Bluddy NIMBYs and spineless politicians.
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Old 6th Jan 2004, 12:07
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Thanks all. Very interesting. And a crying shame. There seems to be a thriving charter business in Sydney and its growth is only limited by the facts that the helis have to op from so far out of town.
According to the local press Branson's trying to buy a house on the harbour - so maybe he can swing it with the Minister for Tourism. I'm sure once he's turned her upside down a few times, she'll give in.
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Old 29th Nov 2010, 15:16
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Sydney Harbour to review request for a heliport


29 Nov, 10

Yesterday, the Tourism and Transport Forum released a document called “HarbourView”, and representing their vision for revitalising Sydney as Australia’s international gateway and premier tourism destination.

Their vision includes the following statement “Since the late 80s, Sydney has been one of the few global cities without a helicopter service. A Harbour Chopper service will provide a bird’s-eye view of the harbour and a unique way to experience its major attractions. A tourist helicopter service will also address increasing demand from highyield visitors for direct passenger access to the heart of the city and beyond to the Blue Mountains, the Hunter and north and south coasts.

Federal, state and local government need to work with the industry to identify the site for the Sydney Heliport. Hence they recommend the identification and development of an agreed location for a heliport both accessible from the central business district, as well as connections to Sydney Airport.
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 00:55
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Did you get the date right?

Surely you meant April 1 2011?

Political suicide for anybody on that committee.

Sadly, the industry body which was the HAA is dead and buried in an unmarked pauper's grave.
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 02:12
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Isn't there a port area that could accommodate a pad while being far enough away to not bother any residential areas? Such an area would be as noisy as hell already - I'd be amazed if anyone would notice the helicopter traffic.

Nobody complains about the Mechanics Bay helipad in Auckland do they? My ma-in-law's apartment is not too far away from it with the container terminal in between and you can't hear the helicopters at all.
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 04:39
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Noisy port? Hardly. All the marine trade was moved to Botany Bay years ago, the port area in the harbour is gentrified with apartments and restaurants and NIMBYs.
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Old 1st Dec 2010, 11:56
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The location and operation of Melbourne's Yarra river helipad is an excellent example of how a central city helipad can exist without upsetting the locals.

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Old 1st Dec 2010, 22:15
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Mmmm ...

BUT that pad has been around for quite awhile .... and I doubt it would (if it were newly applied for today) get an approval to operate now ... except perhaps for a Perf. 1 Cat A aircraft.

Having said that ... there WAS a facility (not long ago) set up at Docklands 'North Wharf' which could have worked brilliantly had politics not got in the way !!
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Old 1st Dec 2010, 23:23
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In the early 80s Okanagan had a 212 shipped across from NZ & assembled on the Darling Harbour pad which had a 206 service. I flew it from there to refuel at Bankstown without upsetting too many people.
How life has changed!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 2nd Dec 2010, 07:21
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And the S76's that we flew off the docks for Okie: wandering around Darling Harbour last month I was amazed that it will soon become Barangaroo, complete with its own Headland Park. Even less chance of a helipad in the area these days

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Old 2nd Dec 2010, 21:00
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Now doubt these have been considered before, a floating pad next to Luna Park?? Outside of the park, the nearest buildings are hotels and serviced executive apartments which rate low on complaints of noise and high on appreciating the close proximity to a heli service.

or a pad next to the ferry terminal at the zoo?

Both places can easily be reached by ferry.

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Old 2nd Dec 2010, 23:31
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Kind of reluctant to enter this debate but here goes.
If a CBD heliport is to be of any use it must be in the CBD, not on the other side of the harbour. The last thing the punter wants is a two stage trip to get to where he wants to go. Put one at Luna Park or any other location, even a floating one, and your passenger needs a taxi from the hotel, then a water taxi to the heliport, then into the helicopter. We would be wasting to much of his time.
A Sydney city heliport would need to be of reasonable size and be able to accept a number of helicopters at once, both parked up and coming and going. Would you allow joyflights from it, I wouldn't. Nothing would close it down quicker than one or two helicopters coming and going all day every day. I would assume that any approval would come with movement limitations and joyflights would kill those off.
Depending on who gets to operate it, landing and standing fees would be high and possibly restrictive. Do you allow pistons in or just turbines or maybe even only twins, commercial pilots only or private and student as well.
I would also imagine that if it happens, it will be booked solid for the first few months with those who just wanted to tick it off in the "been there, done that" book.
By now I sound like a NIMBY. But I have been arguing for this for years, it would be both a great business to be involved in and a great asset to Sydney.
I've always thought any part of Garden Island would be good. Approach and depart over water, Commonwealth Govt owns it (or at least I think they still do), on the correct side of the harbour, already a noisy spot as it is a working dockyard both military and civil, and best of all, right on the edge of the CBD.
Bring it on, my boss would love it as would I.............
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 02:06
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Michael Joseph Williams, the floating pad was "floated" many years ago to get around the NIMBYs. it would be mobile, to ensure that the movement limits for any one area would not be exceeded; it had to be kept 500m from the nearest residence, and that meant that only a section of harbour near Middle Head could be used; it was big enough to land 2 B206, it had an under-deck section for a guest lounge, because people needed to wait for the water taxi or for the barge to dock at Darling Harbour or Garden Island or wherever.

However, comma,
It was going to be expensive to build and operate. It needed boat crew to drive and maintain it, it needed helicopter crewies to load and supervise pax, it needed to be small and manoeuverable to get into docks, but it needed to be quite big and stable to allow 2 x B206.
It could dock to pick people up from the shore, but then had to steam out to the designated part of the harbour to launch or land the helo.

We couldn't get any sponsors to help build it, despite it being an innovative way for Navy and Army pilots to gain some boat experience, and the limited use it would get from civilian machines ($100 landing fee) made it not economically viable. Yet another "brilliant" idea filed in the round filing cabinet.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 21:52
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It's come back to life:

Travel Australia heliport for Sydney harbour | Stuff.co.nz

The iconic Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are to be joined by a new neighbour – a floating heliport designed to attract tourists and business executives. It is hoped taking helicopter trips from the barge, featuring two helipads, will become as much of a classic Sydney experience as the Harbour Bridge climb.

The heliport will be in place early next month.

New South Wales Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said the heliport, the first in the CBD since the late 1980s, confirmed Sydney’s place as a "truly international city".

"The Sydney Harbour Floating Heliport is a new signature experience that will help entice visitors to Sydney and make it easy for them to enjoy a birds' eye view of the harbour," he said.

The heliport will also provide a more convenient way of getting to the CBD from the airport for business executives, he said. The flat top powered barge, which will feature deck accommodation, takes its place in the harbour in early December.

By the middle of next year, the floating heliport will be a purpose-built vessel complete with meeting rooms, aircraft storage and refuelling facilities. The move has been welcomed by the transport industry who said Sydney’s tourism credentials were damaged by forcing visitors to travel out of the central city to Mascot, Bankstown or Rosehill to take helicopter joy flights.

Tourism and Transport Forum chief executive John Lee believes it will be particularly welcomed by money-rich but time-poor tourists. ‘‘Many international visitors are interested in visiting regional areas, but they simply don’t have the time to drive or travel by coach or train,’’ he said.

The heliport will be operated by Newcastle Helicopters and will be made available to any pre-approved operator during the hours of 7am and dusk. There was previously a service operating in Darling Harbour but that stopped when the area was redeveloped.
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Old 20th Nov 2012, 09:07
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Wonderbar, a very handy spot to land and clean the lens

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