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Murray/Bodill Round the World

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Murray/Bodill Round the World

Old 10th Dec 2003, 22:06
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"And they certainly aren't millionaires of this league."

That may apply to Jennifer's pal ................

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Old 11th Dec 2003, 00:33
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I bet TC's a laugh at Christmas parties.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 01:10
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The Original Whirly
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I got the impression they were funding it themselves, and raising money for charity at the same time. I could be wrong about that; I'm not certain. Jennifer certainly isn't poor, and that's definitely an understatement!

If public money is funding this, you certainly have a point. If I'm right, then people either contribute or they don't, as with any charity donations.

As for my long ago trip, I tried to do it quietly. Word got around, the media got interested, and I was too young and naive to realise that I would soon become public property. I hated it, tried to back off, and refused to do a BBC TV interview the day after I got back - which infuriated many people, but I didn't care. I wrote the book some years afterwards because...I wanted to. It hasn't made me famous, or been talked about as much as the walk was at the time. I'd actually just hoped it would make me rich, or at least fund my helicopter addiction, but it didn't do that either.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 01:56
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Thumbs up High Nr & Camp Freddie...

I wouldn't classify ALL pilots that attempt to break records as "Headline Seeking Amateurs." You will probably find that most attempts were planned years in advance, had well thought out contingency plans, and were rehearsed several times. Also, MOST participants in these attempts probably did everything reasonable to achieve their goals (within their limits). I doubt any of the folks you've rescued intended to fail... do you? If human beings never attempted "the impossible," none of us would be flying today. My 2 cents.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 05:54
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Jennifer Murray 'Round the world'

No opinion as to whether the trip is good or bad, but having met them both, and bought the book (and read it twice). I am dissapointed that Colin Bodell is always referred to as the ladies assistant, helper, at best co pilot. Because he appears to be a very unassuming chap he seems not to attract the attention, of the media. Its nice to see a woman having a crack at something, but like all women they need a good man behind them. (head down Bug, incoming)
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 07:11
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High Nr, Camp F

Couldn't Agree with you more.
Folks, lets call a spade a spade, this is not a groundbreaking adventure that may change peoples lives, or enlighten us to something that we dont already know
This is a PR excercise, male/female who cares its a pathetic waste of extreme amounts of money and a risk to the SAR units along there route by yet another ettcentric Pommey multi millionaire, who have no regard for anybody or anything except there own Ego.

Maybe its because I dont have much of it, but my god I could think so many more useful, helpful ways to spend this type of money, but maybe thats just me.

I wonder how many of the supporters here were so supportive to this Q guy, then when it all went tits up decided that it was just a plane dumb excercise.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 07:53
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"I wonder how many of the supporters here were so supportive to this Q guy, then when it all went tits up decided that it was just a plane dumb excercise."

From what I remember of the discussion at the time, views were very entrenched on both sides of the debate and very few if any of those who supported the venture changed sides when it failed.

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Old 11th Dec 2003, 09:56
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Thumbs up

Also, they have their OWN search and rescue team following them for this mission. I'd say they've done more to mitigate external pressures than any other "thrill seeker." To claim that this flight is useless is also a bit narrow-minded.

Recently, there were several South Korean scientists lost in the Antarctic. Who knows... the lessons learned from this trip may help improve technology to provide better transportation, including helicopter search and rescue operations, to remote and extreme environments in the cold and other environments.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 14:10
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I like the thing to have an own major sponsor and no question the first on my paper would also be the brewer! Come on all folks it sounds good: "The company's portfolio of more than 30 brands includes Budweiser, the world's best-selling beer!"

Please, please, Mr. Sponsor, take my back, my flight suit, my whole skin, my helmet, but sorry no helicopter paints (isnt't my own ) and if i will chrash on the dayly and nightly business, you could have the publicity.

How does it sound:

That booze is stronger than this proven helicopter hero! !

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Old 11th Dec 2003, 16:24
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Call me a geographical pedant but doesn't 'circumnavigation of the the world' mean going completely around it and not just down the East coast and up the West coast of N and S America? Yes they are going via the North and South poles but it's not the 'awesome adventure' that the web site suggests as they are not flying around the world. I guess it's the same mentality that calls a North American Baseball league the World Series!!
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 18:14
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This is a pathetic adventure.
However it is underway and if those involved get a thrill from it, then that is what is behind it all. Don't we all get a thrill everytime we fly. But we do it for the job and we love every moment, and knowing that the record books will not make any reference to our successes.

I am concerned that others are put at risk to facilitate this sortie.

But, looking to be positive. We might learn something from this.
1. Are the floats which are fitted really the best design?
2. Is the door jetison design user friendly?
3. Are there failures in the weather forecasting system?

Just some thoughts to see if some good can come from this.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 20:02
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From the website -

"This exciting adventure is being undertaken by Polar First, in support of WWF, the Conservation Organisation, with a mission to stop the degradation of the planetís natural environment"

and of course we wont be wasting any natural resources (for example fossil fuels) or adding to atmospheric pollution as we go.
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Old 11th Dec 2003, 21:02
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Thumbs up

Either you folks are a pessimistic lot, or I'm completely missing the point. Regardless, let me pose a question. If someone were to bank roll this mission and ask you to fly it (given all the safety procedures, dedicated SAR team, etc)... would YOU fly it?

I don't have those skills, and I'm happy to live within my limitations. For me, it is beyond my capabilities (for the time being). Still, if I was more experienced... what an opportunity!
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Old 12th Dec 2003, 00:47
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MaybeI think too much like an Engineer,
If I don't see logic and reason for doing something I won't do it, If there is unnecessary risk I won't bother.
We all know that it is possible for a 407 to fly down to the south pole, so whats it prooving?

But why bother, if it goes wrong and there is a bit of a swell, and in the South Atlantic and below the Roaring forties, it could well do, those last moments before going into the cold grey drink are not gonna be too nice at all, even worse if there is no reason to do it in the first place.

However they could possibly set a record for being the only JAA pilots to actually use Polar Stereographic charts, which the JAA insist is a necessity for flying helicopters in Europe.

Anyway I hope my worries for this excercise don't bare fruit.

If they insist on doing it best of luck, enjoy the flying and safe journey
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Old 12th Dec 2003, 00:48
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Since they appear to intend to fly it all at medium level VFR, what extra experience beyond PPL do you need? If it was dangerous or they had to go in poor wx then I guess they wouldn't do it.
And yes, I would love someone to pay me to sightsee in a helicopter for a few months!
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Old 12th Dec 2003, 01:22
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Thumbs up

Everybody dies... not everybody lives. Why do people climb Everest?
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Old 13th Dec 2003, 01:17
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I cannot believe that dedicated flyers like the pros who post here can be so miserable and blinkered. Christ, you're a sad bunch. Why not just hand in the licence and become a Health & Safety consultant with a nice brown desk.
And put away the green-eyed monster.
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Old 13th Dec 2003, 02:48
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Thumbs up

Well said! This thread feels like we've run a muck... into the tar pits... and are dying a slow death... a lack of willingness to do something different. Where's are the Fisty Flyers? Clearly, Jennifer Murray's 'Round the World' attempt is not a hap-hazard activity that some brainless newbie thought up the day before. We ARE talking about folks that tempter their adventures with "logic and reason," but they still have an adventerous spirit.

Therefore, I submit that the ill-prepared adventurer often brings doom and gloom to the SAR folks and others that are dispatched to bring these amateurs to safety. That is true. However, this is NOT the case with Jennifer Murray's mission. To compare the bloke who got himself stuck in Antartica because of piss-poor-planning, and the current mission seems overly critical and zealous to a fault.
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Old 13th Dec 2003, 05:13
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You moaners are indeed a small-minded, sad and sorry lot. I do hope you all live forever, or at least die of old age in your beds, but don't force on the rest of society the requirement to quench any spirit of adventure, stifle any spark of individuality, just because you find it all too humdrum.
We're all gonna die, and if any man or woman has the balls and the wherewithall to risk going out while taking it to the edge, it's not your place to stand in the way. And if you don't want to try and help them when it all goes tits up, don't - quit and get a job in a bank.
The human spirit not only matters, it's ALL that matters.
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Old 13th Dec 2003, 06:19
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It's interesting to read the difference of opinions between the ppl or amateur pilot, who fly for free or whenever they can or can afford to, and the commercial or professional pilot, who gets paid to fly whether they feel like it or not!
Far longer ferry flights have been undertaken by single piloted helicopters in such illustrious machines as the Bell 47, without any modern benefits, and of course more modern machines with all the latest gismos. In other words long flights are no big deal in general terms. All that is needed is a reliable helicopter, the knowledge to flight plan correctly, good weather forecasting, the ability to calculate fuel usage to refuel locations, maps that are half way accurate, a bum that doesn't go numb and the ability to stare out the window for 10 hours a day.

I've flown in the Antarctic in a 206 and as long as one keeps a beady eye on the weather and is aware of how to combat white out problems, then really it is no big deal. Obviously like in any type of flying, you can get caught out and that is where experience and common sense comes into it.

I don't know this pair but let's face it, they have a new machine fitted with all the latest gismos, plenty of money, should know how to flight plan and refuel and, hopefully, plenty of common sense when to chicken out if it should go to worms! As they are spending months doing it and not weeks as a company would, then getting a numb bum should not be a problem!

As for getting a SAR call out or having to get rescued by other means, so what, numerous people have to get rescued, that's why there are rescue services. It is far more enjoyable doing a real rescue than spending hours tossing out a wooden dummy to practise winching up, so I've no doubt that a rescue crew would enjoy the challenge and if they can't succeed, then so be it.

To any ppl/amateur pilot this would have to be a great adventure. For me after 42 years in the helicopter business, it would be a bore. But then I'm not doing it, they are and I wish them well whether they succeed or not.
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