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MD83FO 18th Oct 2021 14:43

A320 AC 1+2 FAIL
In the simulator during takeoff at V1, we had all screens go dark. It was an AC 1+2 FAILURE, I stoped inside the runway, but the examiner said it is safer to continue.
how would you handle this one?

Nightstop 18th Oct 2021 17:12

What does your pre departure brief include as reasons to stop after 80 kts? I doubt totally blank EFIS screens is included. You do have standby instruments and skills to use them, don’t you?

Max Angle 19th Oct 2021 12:02

That exact failure (ending up in EEC) has been highlighted recently in our latest recurrent check, I think before the discussion most of us would probably have considered a stop to be a good course of action but the problem is that your ability to stop the aircraft is severely degraded, only 2 spoilers per wing, no reverse and worst of all, no anti-skid. You managed to stop but there is a good chance of a high speed excursion on anything but a very long runway.

Nick 1 8th Nov 2021 12:03

To stop the a/c you have partial spoilers and acc. brake pressure (7 application ,no reverse ) .
Now you have to think ,as usual , from where you are taking off . It is a 4 km rwy dry ? No problem , but what if you are departing from short wet ,contaminated rwy ? You will be able to stop ? So knowing that you lost both AC bus , ok scaring everything go black , you need to rotate on stanby instruments but after second with the RAT the screen will be back on , get airborne you can reach an holding ,make an assestment , decide if go back to the same rwy or looking for a longer one , perform the approach full briefed on what you miss from sys ,brake, rev. etc. . It is not safer than rejecting without knowing if you will be able to stop before the rwy end ?

FlightDetent 8th Nov 2021 12:59

Well explained, Nick 1.

And so it should be briefed before the exercise, followed by: "and that is what we will practice during the session."

Training is not hard, if you put the student's improvement first.

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