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jalflightdispatch 3rd Jan 2012 20:12

2011 Worst Accident: Iran Air Boeing 727 Flight 277
According to various sources, Iran Air Boeing 727 flight 277 was the world's worst air accident in 2011, claiming the lives of 77 passengers and crew on board:

Airline fatal accident numbers climb in 2011

Avionews - Agenzia stampa del settore aeronautico, elicotteristico, aerospaziale e della difesa

Unfortunately it looks like things are only going to get more difficult for Iranian airlines to continue to safely operate western aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus with ever increasing sanctions being applied against Iran.

In a recent surprise announcement, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran announced that there exists a 98% capability in Iran to service Boeing, Airbus and Fokker aircraft:

Fars News Agency :: Official Stresses Iran's Self-Sufficiency in Repairing Passenger Planes

98% certainly sounds impressive, but what about the other 2% :uhoh:? Call me over cautious, but I sure wouldn’t want to fly on an aircraft that has 2% of its maintenance unaccounted for.
I for one only hope that 2012 is not another year to have an Iranian airline in the unfortunate position of having the world’s worst air accident of the year.

jalflightdispatch 5th Feb 2012 15:46

It is over 1 year on from the Iran Air Boeing 727 crash which claimed the lives of 77 people. Disappointingly however there has still been no official report or explanation into the cause of the accident :confused: .

There appears to be such little progress in the accident investigation that the investigation section of the Wikipedia article on Iran Air Flight Number 277 has not been updated in over a year:

According to the Wikipedia article, the investigation is being overseen by the Iran Civil Aviation Organization, but with such little progress over the past 12 months, have they even started yet :hmm:?

Neptunus Rex 12th Feb 2012 19:40

Ironically, six months later, on 8th July 2011, another B727 crashed, this time in DR Congo, also claiming 77 lives.

GlueBall 13th Feb 2012 17:23

There is no embargo on parts for civil aircraft which were in operation prior to an embargo.

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