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Procedure turn

I am reviewing an aircraft accident which occurred in 1961. With a 60 knot crosswind at a military airfield the pilot was carrying out the promulgated 45 degree procedure turn. Can anyone remember if the 30 degree (teardrop) was the more usual turn in the UK ? I'ts a long time ago I know, but even advice in the 70's would help. I did an IRE/TRE course in mid 70's and I thought it was always double the drift on a 30 turn.

Any views would be appreciated.
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Dear Fellow Aviator

I have not flown in the UK and was not old enough to fly in 1961. (USA guy here...instrument rated and cfii back in 70's...presently cfiimeiatpmel)


My understanding of the procedure turn (45) is this:

no teardrop unless a racetrack pattern/holding pattern is depicted.

the only thing used in place of a 45degree procedure turn that might be acceptable is the 90/270 course reversal...in some places known as an 80/260 course reversal...ALL on the depicted side.

good luck!
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I don't know specifically, but I've seen (and even practiced - early 80s) a few old RAF procedures from that era that used the teardrop turn to final approach track. Specifically they were NDB or QGH approaches with the fix on the field.

I think you approached on reciprocal +/-20 or 30 degrees, flew 1-2 minutes outbound then rate 1 to intercept the FAT while descending to platform height.

I can't recall rules of thumb for crosswinds. You are already established on drift-corrected heading as you transit overhead, so need to adjust for about 1 minute drift on the inbound turn; much as a teardrop entry to a hold.

The QGH could be a bit of a radio hog!
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Drift correction seems relevant. More detail?
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procedure turn

The 45 degree turn outbound hdg was 320 degrees(m) which the Accident Commission report alculated the drift as 25 degrees right. I used a higher IAS which indicated 18 degrees. We both agree that a landing approach speed (115 knots) the drift from lother aircraft was 25 degrees. Thanks for the interest.
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