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Uncontrolled IFR Airports in Europe

Dear colleagues,

I'm supposed to write a theoretical study about an Implementation of IFR procedures at an Uncontrolled Airports in the Czech Republic. During my ATPL frozen training, I've met these kinds of procedures only in Germany. Please, can you give me some tips for other countries which have this specialty or where can I find procedures for this states? I found this procedures for Germany in their AIP-ENR 1.8. I heard that there is more states like Germany having these special airports, but I can find them. I was searching in other countries AIP, but I didn't succeed. If you have some experiences with these airports and procedures I would be very thankful for it. I'm really interested in it.
Thanks for all responses.
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It's not Europe I know, but this link will send you to the PDF file for the Transport Canada AIM. Look in the RAC (Rules of the Air) section. The specific sections you will want to review are RAC 7.9, 8.9, 9.4, 9.12, and 9.13.


Operation into and out of uncontrolled airports is a regular occurence for commercial operators here in Canada, specifically in the northern regions. It is just as safe as operating into controlled airports when everyone follows the rules and procedures outlined in the AIM.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you very much. It's an useful document it contains a lot of information what I need. I like the Canadian's and American's air rules. It's not full of bureaucracy as in most of the European states.

if anyone knows some European state which applies the IFR uncontrolled Aerodromes Procedures, that would be great...
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Norway and Sweden have quite a few.

Also the UK have one as well Barra

Denmark (Faroes) is an Information service
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Australia has more non-controlled fields with approaches OCTA than controlled airfields. FIS is provided and you self separate.

US also has loads of non-towered fields, although the airspace around them is usually Class E so controlled for IFR, OCTA for VFR. You get cleared for the approach & then don't have to talk to ATC until cancelling IFR before or after landing.
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