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Longest Flight

Old 13th Jan 2012, 23:21
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Longest Flight

Hi guys,

I was wondering what would be the longest non stop scheduled pax or cargo
flight nowadays.
I'll appriciate any input.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 00:21
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Newark-Singapore by Singapore airlines in the A340-500 is the longest scheduled flight, I believe, both in terms of distance and duration.

Cargo I would guess MEM-HKG by Fedex in the 777F.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 00:28
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Longest flights

What time and /or distances are we looking at?
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 05:51
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I did 15:20 last week, OMAA-KJFK. Then had a whole 24hrs off to recover!!
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 08:33
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I think DXB-LAX lasts about 17 -18 hours
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 09:16
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Did Lax-Mel about 16.5 the other day ... however Perth-Columbo has the record for a scheduled airline service I believe .... 32-34 hrs in a Catalina .... (fast flight plan was 28 hrs)

ok .. it was a while ago .. but I had to put it in.....
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 09:26
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Looks like Singapore Airways from Newark to Singapore may be the longest scheduled flight at the moment weighing in at 18.5 hours.

Singapore Airlines Flight 21

Will we ever see London - Sydney non stop?
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 10:20
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Holy cow, how many flight planned miles is that?
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 10:47
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FDX HKG-MEM (777F) is planned at 14:10 flight/14:36 block. Puddle-jumping compared to some of the pax sectors
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 11:26
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DFW-BNE is scheduled at 16:15 this time of the year. It is longer during southern winter - hello NOU!!
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 14:38
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I don't care what they say... long haul flying is extremely overrated.

The worse experience was on riding in Business Elite on CAL from BOM to EWR when the cognac ran out!
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 18:53
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Will we ever see London - Sydney non stop?
The White Rat did it in an empty 747-400 I
believe some 22 odd yonks ago taking just
over 20hrs.

Landed with his 30 mins and not much else.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 20:39
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Will we ever see London - Sydney non stop?

adding to Slasher's note, this was a delivery flight as I recall dressed up for PR purposes. With a bit of commercial pressure inflight replanning finally stretched it to Sydney .. I recall from an RAeS lecture (years ago) regarding the flight that it wasn't overly comfortable for the last bit.

High density cold soaked fuel with the aircraft towed out to the runway .. but it made a good PR yarn at the time.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 21:03
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The great circle distances for the routes mentioned so far:
DXB-JFK 5967 nm
MEM-HKG 7115 nm
EWR-SIN 8285 nm
DXB-LAX 7246 nm
LAX-MEL 6883 nm
DFW-BNE 7215 nm
LHR-SYD 9188 nm
BOM-EWR 6784 nm*

(Courtesy of the wonderful Great Circle Mapper )
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 06:45
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SAA A346 JNB-JFK 7000nm
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 08:10
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I remember SAA had a stopover in Accra, and then switched to Dakar. Are they doing it non stop now?
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 09:25
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Don't forget SYD-DFW at 7454nm great circle distance (DFW-BNE is shorter, but takes longer due to the prevailing winds).

My longest is nearly 16 hours, 52mins block time DFW-BNE.
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 10:37
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What's the max payload FedEx can lift out of HKG direct MEM on 77F? 70T? 80T?
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 10:58
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Yes the SAA JNB-JFK is non-stop now. It's not unusual to see 16:45 block time in this sector. SAA is considering JNB-IAD non-stop due to the success to the JFK route.
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Old 16th Jan 2012, 11:06
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There have been debates as to whether this flight counted, it's certainly not a scheduled service but it was a revenue paying charter and not a stripped out aircraft purely flying for a record attempt.

BA Boeing 777-200 breaks non-stop commercial flight record, Brussels to Melbourne

UK flag carrier British Airways set a new record for the longest non-stop commercial flight late last month, when it flew 17,157km (9,274nm) from Brussels international airport to Melbourne.

One of the airline's Boeing 777-200s (similar to the one pictured below) was chartered by UK prime minister Tony Blair and his entourage to fly to attend the Commonwealth Games, a multi-sports event for former UK colonies, held in Australia's second city. The prime minister had been in Brussels for a European Union heads of government before embarking on the flight, which had been requested months ago as non-stop in order to make the closing ceremony of the games.

Max Kingsley-Jones / Flight International

The flight, captained by Capt Rod Mitchell, took 18h 45min to reach Melbourne, during which three hot meals were served. It has not been released how many passengers were onboard the 305-seat aircraft, although the prime minister usually travels with around 40 members of entourage and is followed by a further 20 journalists. To comply with crew flight time limitations, 20 crew were onboard, of which two were captains, two were senior first officers and 12 were cabin crew. An engineer, a security manager and a catering manager were also part of the personnel.

In June last year Boeing flew the 777-200LR variant 21,601km in 22h 42mins without refuelling from Hong Kong to London, setting a new record for a commercial airliner. However the 24 March London to Melbourne flight is the longest flight with paying passengers under civil transport rules.

Boeing is keen to promote the -200LR as a hub-buster, and Australian carrier Qantas told Flight International in July that it had been assured by the US airframer that the "Holy Grail" of non-stop flights from Australian east coast cities to London without fuel stops with an “economic payload” would be feasible with the -200LR. Boeing is understood to be studying a 18,500km variant involving six auxilliary fuel tanks.

The still air distance from Sydney to London Heathrow is 17,000km but allowances for headwinds and minimum fuel reserves require a range of 17,600km. The official range of the -200LR is currently 17,400km, based on 301 passengers with three auxiliary fuel tanks.

Following meetings in Canberra, the aircraft carried Blair's retinue on to Wellington, New Zealand and Jakarta, Indonesia where Blair held further talks before returning to London.
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