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English Proficiency - What level?

There has been a lot of talk on this and other fora about the adequacy of level 4 EP. But what level do we actually have?

I am a Brit whose home language is English. My UK CAA ATPL and my FAA 61.75 CPL state "English Proficient" or " Language Proficiency: English" The UK one because the appropriate form was signed off by the Examiner after a LPC a few years ago.

So what level am I?
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I'm not terribly familiar with your system....ours is slightly different but as i understand it, your jurisdiction and ours granted a level 4 to start with under grandfather rights to all licence holders. it is (here anyway) valid for i think three years ..and if one is going to any renewal in that period you can ask for (in your case you can download the form and take it to an examiner i think) and get the test...and get the amendment to level 6...which is for life.....

in your jurisdiction persumably it is similar because i was contacted today by four CAA PPL holders who want me as an examiner to complete the form for them to enable them to get level 6......

but as i say...i think i read somewhere that your system was a little different to ours...
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Level 6


There is a UK JAA examiner at Larnaka who will give you level 6 'testing' for 50 Euros should you require it.
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 13:33   #4 (permalink)
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Hi all, I´m from Spain and the proficiency check here is kind of a mess..
Does anybody know whether it´s posssible or not to get level 6 in a different JAA country, i.e. UK, submitting a CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge) which is equivalent to C2? Is it compulsory to have obtained it in the previous months or something?

I´d appreciate any useful advice. Thank you all.
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Old 20th Aug 2010, 14:53   #5 (permalink)
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English proficiency for pilots, I've learned during this past year is a real issue in Afghanistan. On a daily bases we deal with pilots who lack any real understanding of english that cause a lot of problems when you are trying to merge traffic for sequencing, let alone with trying to direct them to a specific parking location.

I know that there are several companies that teach and test aviation english proficiency (I wouldn't mind working for one of them), but how can we enforce a certain level of english proficiency for pilots that want to fly to/through other countries?
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Old 29th Aug 2010, 16:10   #6 (permalink)
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It is not possible to submit any other certificate in order to obtain ICAO Language Proficiency level 6. You must take a test approved by you National Aviation Authority. They should be able to provide you with a list of approved tests but if not PM me as I am a trained Aviation English consultant and language trainer and can point you in the right direction.
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Sorry if I post a similar question to the one just posted somewhere else in this forum. Just seems that this thread is more current.

I am a US permanent resident, have lived in the US for 9 years and do have a valid US PPL gained in 1981 with IFR etc. but 5 year old plastic card. If I get this reissued now, do I still get this English language proficiency statement on there, and if yes for how long will this be valid?

Now will this US PPL language proficiency statement be any good for my German PPL, gained independently from the US PPL in 1982, and also still current?? I would think that with the US FAA attesting my English proficiency this should be good enough if I fly a D registered plane with my German PPL say in Italy talking English??

Or is it like with the medicals where you need to have a seperate medical for each licence, both FAA and German?

And if I need a seperate English proficiency test for each licence are there providers that can do both in one go like my doctor, who for a nominal add on fee does the FAA and German medical every two years in one go?

Thanks, just trying to avoid the cost and hassle of having to get this test done in Germany.
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The language proficiency endorsement on the airman certificate is an ICAO standard; there is no U.S. regulatory requirement for airmen operating U.S.-registered aircraft within the U.S. as required crewmembers to have an English proficiency endorsement on their U.S. airman certificate. There are, however, long-standing FAA requirements for actual English proficiency pertaining to the basic eligibility for a U.S. airman certificate. The current rules in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 61, 63 and 65 require that the applicant be able to read, write, speak and understand English.

To satisfy the ICAO language proficiency endorsement requirement, on February 11, 2008, the FAA is making available replacement certificates for affected airmen with the additional endorsement – “English Proficient”. All affected airman certificate holders are considered to have met the ICAO English language proficiency requirements based on the eligibility requirements of parts 61, 63 and 65. The FAA’s issuance of an “English Proficient” endorsement on a U.S. airman certificate attests that the airman meets the Level 4 operational standards found in ICAO Annex 1 (a copy of the ICAO Level 4 criteria is attached). All affected airmen have until March 5, 2009 to comply with this requirement
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Old 20th Jan 2011, 16:43   #9 (permalink)
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Hueyracer - the FAA statement does not satisfy ICAO requirements because it does not state a level. Even then, it is assumed at level 4, which expires after 3 years. Rapidly approaching for most people.

Some countries will only accept a (re)validation that is done at a "flight test", not a "review" or "check" - so an FAA certificate will never be acceptable because it is never stated when, or how, the evaluation was made.

The FAA guidance notes specify that an AME must evaluate a pilot's English proficiency at each medical. But nothing is actually done unless the subject is deemed to be inadequate - so no proof.

The whole thing is the usual dog's breakfast with the biggest player ignoring the rules.

The UK CAA store your level details but don't print them on the licence. It is a pilot's responsibility to know their level. The only way to "prove" it is to pay the CAA to divulge your level to your choice of AA for a validation issue.
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