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Airport Fees?

Old 23rd Nov 2007, 10:50
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Airport Fees?

I am currently writing an assignment, however I would like to include some financial estimates. They dont need to go into great detail just some of the common charges charged by airports within the UK.

So far i have identified the following:
1. Parking fees.*
2. Landing fees*
3. ATC fee
4. Passenger fee

* With these fees i have tried to work it out based on information i have researched however i am trying to apply it to a realistic setting and would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on exactly how these fees are calculated because the charges vary from free and then break down into different sections regarding the time spent on the ground.

How much would all these fees be for landing and a thirty minute turnaround? for example an A319 with a MTOW of 65000 tonnes

Question: Is an ATC fee the same as navigation charges or is that a seperate fee the airline will encounter through eurocontrol?

Fell free to correct me if this does not make sense. And if you can shed some light on other important bits i have left out then plese feel free.

Thank you for all your help
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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 11:24
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You could try and search for Conditions of Use. This should give you the documents containing the charges for the BAA airports.

You are correct in that charges vary according to circumstances / characteristics of individual airports and there is some attempt to bring a "supply and demand" theory into play to suit these. For example, at some airports landing fees may vary according to aircraft weight, but at Gatwick there is a flat charge regardless. This makes sense as the single runway is the most valuable commodity at Gatwick.

You will also find charges are variable based upon : weight, time of day, duration of stay, number of pax and there are rebates for using non pier served stands. So, in your example, and assuming the 319 is carrying 100 pax and operating an international arrival and departure, the charges at Gatwick could vary from :

Maximum - Peak charges using a terminal pier served stand -
Landing 376.20 + Parking 41.52 + Pax 797.00 = 1214.72

Minimum - Off peak and using a remote ( coaching ) stand for arr & dep -
Landing 120.96 + Parking 13.84 + Pax 441.00 = 575.80

There will also be some charges for check in / baggage facilities which depend upon the number of desks each flight utilises ( the Gold, Silver, Bronze categories, i.e. Virgin Gold, Easy Bronze ) and charged per departing pax.

Some airports ( Manchester ) also have a seperate charge for Security, aside from the Pax departure fee.

Suggest an internet search of the airport sites is the best place to find all this, good luck.
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Old 27th Nov 2007, 13:58
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Wind (up)

Sure would take an airbus a long run to get off the ground at 65000 tonnes !!!
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Old 27th Nov 2007, 15:56
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Airport websites definitely have a list of these charges on them.

I've found that the smaller the airport, the easier they are to find.

Certainly, airports like MAN do have them listed - breaking down all Pax fees as well as aircraft fees.
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