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Qnh 1041

Old 10th Dec 2005, 14:36
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Qnh 1041

That was the pressure round my way earlier today and I can't remember it being that high.

Is it remarkably high, or is it amnesia?
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Old 10th Dec 2005, 14:52
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Went for a bimble this morning and had to do some winding on the altimeter as the QNH was 980 last time I flew. Just out of interest I checked how far the scale went on the altimeter and it stops at 1045, so I guess you could say it was pretty high. Stansted were giving a QNH of 1041 by the way.
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Old 11th Dec 2005, 15:45
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1048 down my way the other day. What is even more remarkable is that in this part of planet earth, QNH is rarely over 995hpa.

I have seen 1042 back home in Melbourne.
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Old 11th Dec 2005, 17:52
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Apparently in 1902, Aberdeen area reached 1054.7mb!!
Headaches galore with that kinda pressure, i presume
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Old 12th Dec 2005, 22:33
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Some met reports from around the uk at 23:30 showing high pressure :

CARDIFF EGFF 122320Z 04007KT 9999 BKN033 05/02 Q1041
BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL EGBB 122320Z 36005KT 9999 OVC030 05/03 Q1042

and this from the BBC weather website

"The highest sea level pressure figures recorded in the world are generally from Siberia. A figure of 1075.2 millibars (31.75 inches of mercury) was recorded on 14 January, 1893 at Irkutsk, Siberia. The highest recorded air pressure, adjusted to sea-level, was 1083.8 millibars (32 inches of mercury) at Agata, Siberia, on 31 December 1968."
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Old 12th Dec 2005, 22:41
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QNH1044 at BFS at the moment. Don't remember hearing it above 1037 before.

How about the lowest?
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Old 12th Dec 2005, 23:10
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GLA hit 1045 this afternoon, the highest I can remember in about 9 years: I've flown out of the same airfield with 967 and 1037 only a week apart...
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