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German Corner

Old 2nd Oct 2004, 13:17
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German Corner


Are you familliar with the german corner? Ok! So proceed direct to!

Can anybody tell me where this waypoint is?
I hurt it is near by KRH VOR and the French border.

Thx in advance,

Be on the safe side!
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 13:31
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It is near Karlsruhe, the actual point is based on the 270 radial from KRH VOR at 12 miles.
Hope this helps.
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 13:53
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I seem to remember a recent thread on this same subject with numerous replies . Unfortunetaly a quick search hasn't been very productive. Does anyone else recall the link ?
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 15:07
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Yes there was a link just a couple of weeks ago, but I can't find it either. Anyway, the upshot was that German Corner was 270 from Karlsruhe, though some were using 10dme, some 12, some 13. I think 270/12 is correct though.
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 15:51
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springbok449 has it right.
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 17:53
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Thank you very much all,
But just wondering! how this be possible? Not on any chart, some know this point some not. Impossible to find it on Jepp.
Why this point and who had this idea? any story behind??

Anyway, know I know were it is and next I fly direct to German Corner..

Merci a tous !!!!!!
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 18:39
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It's the sharp corner between France & Germany. The VOR is a little distance from the corner, but if you are going around the corner with Rhine ATC, they are amenable to allowing you to go right to the corner to then head south (or vice versa). They could have put the VOR right on the country border corner, but presumably that would have part of the airway straddling the border.
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Old 2nd Oct 2004, 18:41
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Don`t worry so much about these small details. If the man at the screen ask you if you`re familiar with that corner, and you are. Just fly there
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Old 6th Oct 2004, 00:20
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German Corner

Just tell the Rhein that you now GERCO and then select a FIX
KRH270/12 and that brings you there. It is not seen on any chart
at all. It is just a local phrasiology.

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Old 6th Oct 2004, 06:23
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... and if you're flying an Airbus it is probably worth making it an overfly point, otherwise due to the logic used in the FMGC it will start the turn early (because of the large turn angle) to use the full 'airway' width, and hence ease into French airspace by a couple of miles.
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