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How long is the type rating valid?

Imagine the following situation:

A pilot is hired by an airline and completes the JAA B757 type rating course. His type rating is issued the 20 of March 2003. After 4 months, with 280 hours in the 757, the company has to close and this pilot is unemployed. How long is this pilot current on type? When does his type rating expire? What does this pilot have to do to keep his type rating valid?
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A type rateing or a ulti-engine class rating is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue, or the date of expiry if valitaded within the valitiy period for the JAA. To held the the rating the person must 1) take a proficinecy check within three months of the expiry date 2) and ten sectors as a pilot of the revelant type, or 1 sector with an examiner during the vality of the rating.

If the rating is expired the applicant hall meet any refresher raining set by Authoroty, and complite a proficinency check.
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A320 - Just to add to what Fresca has written; -

The LPC is valid for 1 year. The rating 'lives' for 5 years from the day of the LPC expiry, so that within that period, the pilot may 'renew' his LPC with any qualified TRE and the CAA do not specify any necessary retraining requirements; any refresher training is at the discretion of the pilot.

The TRE can sign the licence and the LST/LPC form must be submitted to the CAA (as always) but they will not levy any charge provided the TRE signed the licence.

If you did your LST on 20 Mar 03, the expiry date will be March 04 and you can therefore do another LPC (without mandatory retraining) anytime up until March 09.

After 5 years from the date LPC expiry, you must refer to the CAA who will decide what retraining is necessary.

For the bible definition, refer to Lasors. Section F4. You can e-mail FCL at the CAA but they'll just refer you to Lasors anyway.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards
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