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Pink_panther 10th Jun 2019 08:41

Foreign 1st Class Medical

I have a question regarding my 1st Class Medical. I have tried figuring this out with some research but I am still in the dark. :ugh:

I got my medical in Portugal because I was accepted to L3's Integrated ATPL course in Ponte de Sor (Portugal). However, since then, that ATPL course has been scrapped as they changed from being a Portuguese ATO to an English ATO. I am now going to be training with L3 in the UK.

Is the fact that I have a Portuguese medical going to be a problem?
Can I renew a Portuguese medical in the UK?
What kind of issues might I encounter in this situation and what would be the best course of action to avoid those issues?

Thanks! :ok:

tsvpilot 10th Jun 2019 22:12

If I have understood this correctly, your Portuguese medical is valid in the UK at least until Brexit. But you have to have your medical with the same state as your license, so as soon as you apply for a license you must transfer the medical to UK CAA. The tansfer of license will take some time, so be prepared for it as well.

captain mohamad 11th Jun 2019 07:41

You need to get the new UK medical, to transfer your medical will not be easy !!!!

Good Luck

parkfell 11th Jun 2019 08:57


With your Portugese medical, your EASA licence will be issued by the Portugese regulator, provided your training 'abroad' is recognised by Portugal.
If you wish your CPL/IR to be issued by another State, then you will need to transfer your medical records to that State.

The complication comes with BREXIT and just what the relationship will be with EASA.
You may decide to transfer to the UK in which case depending upon the politics unfolding between now and 31 October, the UK will either be OUT or remain in until December 2020. "OUT", and with medical transfer made, a UK CPL/IR will be issued which I suspect can be used to gain an EASA licence.

Your training provider will explain the advantages/disadvantages if they are worth their salt.

Pink_panther 11th Jun 2019 15:25

Hello guys,

Thanks for the replies so far. How would one go about transferring a medical license to the UK CAA?

parkfell This is definitely something I will bring up with L3.


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