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I have a very close connection with them at the moment, what do I think..... Just don't
The ground courses are a total shambles
They will have zero interest in you as an individual
You won't be able to contact anyone if you have a problem
They've fired a lot of ground instructors, the remaining ones say they hate the company
Initial flying training is now done in Portugal or Southern Ireland by contractors
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I personally know tens of very good, very experienced pilots out of work. There are thousands and thousands of folk like this across Europe.

The majority of airlines will be far more interested in these guys first. Even if there is a year of brisk recruitment, not all these folks will be back working on the flight deck. There is no sign of brisk recruitment at the moment. I would strongly suggest awaiting some solid evidence of a sustained recovery before committing any level of funding beyond PPL or ATPL ground school at the moment.

Splashing out large sums on training at the moment is a huge gamble, you generally only get one shot at it. Be patient and let the target come closer before you take your shot.

Trust me, you are missing out on nothing at the moment - a little patience and wisdom at the moment will serve you far, far better in the long run.
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L3 & CAE


Unfortunately everything that you have heard is true. L3 and their main competitor CAE only care about one thing and that is money. They view pilot training as a production line, make very little money at it and therefore try to push everybody through as quickly as possible with little regard for the standards of training. Until very recently they suffered from a lack of instructors and therefore students suffered from very large training delays. The same was true of CAE. If you are looking for a high quality training provider in the UK who really cares about their students you should try Leading Edge at Oxford. Whatever happens though, don't be fooled about their so called airline partnerships. The only airline recruiting in the UK / Ireland right now is Ryanair. However, their scheme is both unreasonably expensive, offers few guarantees and the employment conditions if you ultimately secure regular flying are terrible. It will probably be 2 or 3 years before any decent airline jobs become available.
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I agree. L3 are probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to not looking after students, I’ve seen over the pandemic they’ve been dumping huge fees on MPL students who have had their employment offer withdrawn and are then trying to move over to the ATPL course; one thread shows a student who’s total training fee came to 173,000!

A lot of people get sucked into their lies and sadly they just can’t see that it’s too good to be true. The earth could be on the brink of destruction and L3 would still be telling students that there’s a ‘looming pilot shortage’ when in reality they know the chances are that these students are probably not going to find any pilot jobs for the next few years even though they’ve just led them to believe it’s safe to start training and many of these students will have taken out massive loans secured on their parents homes. I honestly think L3 misleading students like this should be illegal.
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