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ATPL Question bank 2020

Old 23rd May 2021, 15:09
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ATPL Question bank 2020

Can anyone recommend any good question bank for ATPL (A) UK CAA exams? I am currently following the new 2020 syllabus and I was considering the BGS online however at my current ATO I have heard negative comments on it for the new syllabus. What do you people think about ATPLGS? I have been using ATPL online however I am not sure how accurate that is.

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Old 24th May 2021, 13:04
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You are not getting much response here. Most of the QBs claim to have questions from the 2020 exams but in reality feedback is quite limited. For the bank that I manage we have gone through the old syllabus questions that were live in ECQBs 6/7/8 to see how they match the 2020 learning objectives and then marked them as suitable or not for the 2020 exams. This follows EASA's path - they say that about 75% of the 2020 exams use questions from the old syllabus. This cross-checking exercise betweeen the syllabi is fraught with problems as every judgement about whether a question complies with the new syllabus or not is entirely subjective. Early feedback suggests that in some subjects the EASA editors have applied a liberal interpretation, in others not. In terms of direct exam feedback some subjects are better addressed than others, for instance in Radio I have nearly 80 new questions, in Performance only three or four. In General Nav maybe 40, but they are unremarkable questions which you could answer without difficulty if you had done the course. Looking at fb user groups most people recommend Aviation Exam and ATPLQ; I would add to that the fb user group ATPL Theory Students EASA 2020 and the associated discord server. Discord, in particular, will show you how sparse solid feedback is. On the plus side the horrendous failures in the early exams seem restricted to a few schools and pass rates and marks are now coming well up, for instance I just had a msg from one student who passed his first 2020 module with Met 88%, HP 84%, Instruments 80% and Gen Nav 93%, which is nothing to sniff at. This pattern seems to be reflected across Europe. I do have some residual concerns about exams which not many people have taken yet, and therefore not much feedback. Performance is one of them. I should add that EASA have been maniacally reviewing their databases and are now at ECQB 2021 and ECQB 8, while the UK do not have the capability to change much and say 'there is nothing to be done'.
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Old 27th May 2021, 09:43
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Aviation Exam seems to be the best of the bunch at the moment. Caveat I am doing CBIR. Incidentally, yesterday I had a nice/interesting email from the CAA revising the mark for a QB2020 exam I took in March up to 100%. I hadn't lodged any appeals as the exam was already passed, so looks like there is some kind of a review going on.

Having done ATPL in 2012, it is easy to spot the 2020 questions in the exams by the way they are written, generally very wordy and some glaring spelling/grammar/terminology errors, some of which invalidate the question. "Moving area"? For CBIR the biggest issue seems to be questions in the exams that are not in the syllabus.

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Old 27th May 2021, 11:38
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They were using questions from outside the CBIR syllabus! We think they may have been giving you IR exams by mistake, or not set up their software correctly.
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Old 29th May 2021, 20:36
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Having taken part in ground school training through 2019-2020 at CAE, the most prominent banks that the classes I was with were that of Bristol Ground School, (BGS) Online and AvExam. I'm led to beilive that BGSOnline was the most up to date one that we could find, with it seemingly being updated with the new questions pretty quickly after they came out, but it's worth checking around to make sure. This was a year ago, it could've changed since then.
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Old 9th Jun 2021, 08:53
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No change as of yesterday... Flight Planning and Monitoring littered with things not in the LO's
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Old 20th Sep 2021, 16:31
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I just did exams last week (Air law , Instrumentation and AGK) in Portugal the new syllabus EASA 2020 seems harder and more tricky to understand questions Aviation Exam didn't help.
I have changed to ATPL Questions for the second sitting in November (This was recommended by a friend) who back feedback from other students that its better than AvEx and questions are more similar.
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Old 24th Sep 2021, 11:19
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Planning to do my first sitting at Austrocontrol on December.

So far using Avexam. Any updated feedback if ATPLQ suits better for Austrocontrol ECBQ2020?
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Originally Posted by Lepo View Post
Planning to do my first sitting at Austrocontrol on December.

So far using Avexam. Any updated feedback if ATPLQ suits better for Austrocontrol ECBQ2020?
Yes. I just did a sitting on Austro 2020 LO, and ATPLQ was more accurate than AVExam (and that feeling was shared by others on my same sitting too)
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