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Ab Initio Smart Lynx & BAA

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@bakerlut: the 110k already includes the TR
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Okay, so be it
Just do your research. I know it's a huge dream. It has been for all of us at some point. And when "chances" like that arise we're all in danger to clutch at every straw, even when we have information that speaks against taking that "chance".
You'll do whatever you want my man (or woman), but make sure to understand that (especially during this times) there's no need to rush towards your fATPL. Get it elsewhere for 50k€ and save the rest to keep your license active or do some hour building afterwards until better options arise. At BAA training the same atpl scheme was 70k€ around a year ago. Now it's 110 grand and they place you at their own airline. Don't let your dream cloud your senses. I know it will, we've all been there. But at least you've heard some credible insights from other posters above.
Good luck
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 09:39
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Avoid BAA (save your money and your career)

Avoid it !

Wizzair got problems with the level of the students. Many of them had to retake simulator but you have one chance, if you fail they break the contract.

BAA ask all your money and once they have they do not plan you for flying.
Ig you want to fly you pay or they will propose you an extension, so don’t plan to finish school in 24 months.

Instructors are bad, they are not paid on the ground so they do not want to explain you anything. « If you have questions, ask another student » Do you really think it is professional ?

Instructors arrive 30mn before take off, sometimes 15mn. Nobody check your flight preparation. You can plan to go to Moscow they would say nothing since they check nothing. No briefing, no analyse of weather are done, some students got problems in flight because of freezing fog. It is not professional at all and this is dangerous ! And the safety manager does not care ...

They give students VFR chart not valid and no IFR chart at all, you want one ? Buy it.

They do not give you any book at ground school so if you want to review some subjects with details you cannot.

They have no multi engine anymore so some students are waiting for months (some students have to retake exam because they wait so long that it expired) without any training.

BAA asks you to be available whenever they want. You cannot organise your life.
You receive your planning the day before your flight around 18h so when you fly at 8h you are happy ! The planning is day by day, so you have absolutely no vision for the 2 next days not even the week, of course.

The financial situation is critical so be careful to the bankrupt : you won’t see your money anymore.

The worst is the behaviour of the managers. They are dismissive and rude. It is an old Soviet style. The communication is impossible. They hire people of 22 years old to be « manager », they change their flight dispatcher every 4 months, it is a mess !!!
If you tell them they are making mistakes, nobody will speak to you anymore. They are completely unprofessional and no polite. Imagine in what kind of atmosphere you must fly !

You paid but be careful according to them you are not a customer. They think you have no right only duty and they behave bad with students, they talk as you were **** once you paid.
Most of the students should have committed lawyers to solve problems with this school which abuses of its rights even if this is definitely illegal.

Some companies know now that the level of students once they finish BAA is very bad so they refused to hire them.
One of my friend was refused because he was trained by BAA. The company told him that they had too many bad experiences with pilots from BAA. You can have a license and be trained bad.

If it is cheap, ask yourself why ...

Maybe better to look Bartolini Air or Egnatia Aviation.
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What I find amazing is if you look at their ATO certificate, I just cannot see how they can get audited with FSTDs across so many countries and operators!
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Originally Posted by ZFT
[...] I just cannot see how they can get audited with FSTDs across so many countries and operators!
Speaking of operators, any of you guys know who other than SL affiliates itself with BAA? I know "affiliation" can be very loose with BAA, but a couple pointers would help
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