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Hi All,

Has anyone had any experience with Skyborne? I am looking at potentially some bits of my modular training with them and wanted to see what everyone's views on them are.

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Did some examiner training with them. They have lots of spare capacity at the moment as their first few courses haven't gone through all the phases yet.
Stuff I observed;
  • Amazingly clean and spacious building with lots of amenities, parking for everyone, lots of classrooms.
  • Fleet of DA-40s and 3x DA42 flying when I was there. Their DA-42 was clean and serviceable when we flew it.
  • DA42 FNPT II was functional and clean.
  • No canteen but a sandwich van did the rounds every day.
  • Lunch/coffee room was clean and comfortable.
  • Flight briefing area was spacious.
All in all I would recommend going there out of all integrated ATOs in the UK.

Hope that helps
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Thank you Sleepybhudda!

Nice and insightful, how did you find it dealing with the people? Good quality of teaching etc? I understand this can be a more individual thing.


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We have worked with them on their integrated courses. In that field, they are top notch, nice people too. Like all the other integrated schools in the UK they have developed a sudden interest in modular training and while the quality should be good I will watch with interest to see if they come close to offering flight training at the price of a good modular school.
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My only experience of them was the other week when they kindly offered me a free sim session prior to an assessment. I found them to be of a very high standard and utterly professional/approachable. I'm not just saying that because I had a free sim ride but was genuinely blown away by the instruction and facilities compared to the mouldy porta cabins I'm used to!
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Alex Whittingham

Last century after the first Gulf War in 1990, BAeFC Prestwick, who in theory had the potential to train BA cadets until 2004, found themselves devoid of BA, Cathay, Gulf Air to name but a few in 1992.

Downsizing on the flying staff occurred without CR, and a 10% paycut for those remaining.

The decision was made to open the doors to what is now the Modular route with the CPL/IR upgrade courses under CAP509/54.
The 700 hour route was also available. Sufficient flying to pass the 170 and test with CAA staff examiners.
I think by this stage retired/ex-examiners did free lance testing.

The CPL training and test on the PA28, and the IRT on the Seneca III.
Despite being probably the most expensive along with Oxford, the customers kept knocking on the door.

The secret of success was the QUALITY contol applied by Standards. As the customers came from UK /Eire flying clubs in the main, it was by definition a mixed bag.
Some of the students had been very well taught for PPL/IMC.
The Newcastle flying club produced a good product. In fact one is now a FOI with the UK CAA.

Those ATOs who offer QUALITY training albeit slightly more expensive than others will survive and flourish.

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Well, to be fair, only the integrated schools at that time were in a position to offer what was then the CPL/IR upgrade course. In fact I'm not entirely sure that the UK CAA didn't actually restrict the provision of that course to approved schools which, at that time, were only integrated schools. That said, fair point, BAe Prestwick were the best at it. The thing that integrated school managers always fail to recognise - a form of cognitive dissonance - it that good modular schools really are very good, and bags cheaper than the shiny integrated-school-with-sunglasses to boot. Its like BA trying to compete with EasyJet. They have no idea.
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Thumbs up

I visited SB back in February. I was down there visiting to have a nose around as I knew what of the management pilots down there.

Just to reiterate what has already been written. At first glance this place is impressive, with its appearance and layout. With a polite greeting and friendly staff, the first impressions were very good. The building and teaching facilities are very well kept it still has that 'new' feeling about the facility.

I had a have a look at their brand new B737 MAX SIM which they will be using for their APS MCC course, which was also very impressive! Through some freelance work I have been doing I have come across plenty of cadet pilots who have done their CPL/IR training with SB, and they had nothing but praise for them.

All in all, it looks to have very good potential.
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It would be post Gulf War One that PIK accepted some refugees from approved schools
[email protected], and [email protected]
As BAe could afford to do so [after all the College was just petty cash in the great scheme of the PLC] their ex customers were accepted at ‘Cost Price’.

Seacoats has been subject to a CAA inspection, with a restriction of not accepting future customers until they improved. That finished them off. They folded with their only asset being a photocopier I believe?
I think Trent closed with significant customers pre payments which were not refunded...??

What aviation is facing now is an order of magnitude greater than previous world events.
Recover will occur, have no doubt about that.
The essential ingredient is public confidence.

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