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Airways aviation academy, Think again

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Airways aviation academy, Think again

Hey guys ..

in this thread i will post my review from one year and a half of training in Airways Aviation Academy, I will try to be short and give deletes as much as i can , this thread will not offer advise only for student who think about starting there training with Airways, But also to everyone giving an overview about what problems could face students in some training organizations.

Flying :-

- started my ppl exams in march 2016 and after finishing my exams i have been told that i will start flying immediately , I had to wait for two months after exams because no flight instructor is available ! “ No suppress guys , welcome to airways” , It got worse when i realized that i had the right to prepare for my exams and flying at the same time as other student where doing, but in my case there where a lack of instructors, and the HOT were trying to crippling me “ this was keep happening all the time with other students”.

- Then the new instructor arrived , he was 22 years old new graduate flight instructor, Were not fully aware of the academy procedure such as “ the way of getting out of stall “ and we had to stop flying with hem at certain point because the HOT were flying with hem “ in other words testing hem from time to time“, and that result in extending our procedure of training .

- Every flight instructor has he’s own way of flying “ specially when in it come to stall recovery “ and this was the major reason for students to fail on there PPL skill test, Other reason where because some instructor do not give the full lesson at the airplane and they prefer to explain some small parts of it on the briefing room “ I had to do to retake my PPL skill test just because the examiner asked me to preform an easy maneuver call ( low level circlet ) and my flight instructor did not teach me how to do it and even never explain it to me theatrically “.

- Schedule problem is a big thing in Airways , some times you will not flying for 2 weeks because your Instructor is on a holiday, and may be more, and of course the academy has no back up plane in this case so you got to WAIT, Flight cancellation is pretty normal thing in the base of Spain because of the Mountains surroundings the airport increasing the gust probability of reaching the limitation of the student .

- overall, Safety record of AAA is the worst in EU , during my training “ one year and a half” I sow 1 bird strike happen to one of Airways airplanes and 1 fully crash airplane during training, Even the safety Instructor back in November 2018 “58 years old” and one of the most experts instructor as they claim was about to crash in other airplane in the sky while the other airplane was under student pilot control ! That makes the CAA authority came to Spain and stop all flying oppositions in the base for about two weeks and stated investigations to release that the academy has zero clue about the CAA safety requirements!, this drove the academy to change there flight opportunities way and apply more restrictions, such as what we call “Duty instructor “ who is responsible to sign off solo student ,And the change the safety Instructor as well !

Ground school :-

- During ATPL i had some funny things i have never expect to be a part of my training, once we were in AGK class covering fuel types and freezing temperatures of each one, I got back home and while i was studying from the book I realized that the values given in class was completely wrong , next day i went to my instructor asking hem which values should i use , he said do not worry it is not a part of the learning objective “ in other words , Not an exam covering area” , I had 7 questions regarding this part of the subject in my final CAA EXAMS! .

- Some Ground Instructor are good , And the majority of them has no clue about the topic that the teach , because they where brought from other academies they were teaching other subjects and maybe they will teach the topic to you for the first time , so the best way they will teach i to you is by reading only the slides of the Power Point file , and when student ask something more than normal “ specific “ they will answer the typical way “ Nice question, well double check and let you know “ and trust me , they will bring the answer to you very late and sometimes even wrong !

- Two ground instructors were teaching air low and met, At the official CAA exams i was surprised that they where setting next to me and doing exams!, i asked them what was the subjects , they respond that it was air low and met .

Management :-

- Despite being an international company there is little to no consistency between bases. Regularly changing the organizational structure and senior members of staff leads to confusion at lower levels and poor management in general. Restructuring frequently also creates positions that are redundant often, so valuable members of staff are terminated quickly and the workload is then distributed among other staff creating a ''fire-fighting'' atmosphere. Low staff morale. High staff turnover rate. No staff benefits in place. No HR manager so internal affairs are poorly handled by numerous members of staff. Lack of policies and procedures and those in place are not followed, defaulting to the ''legal minimum'' only.

- Some students had to travel for more than 10 hours to do there ELP exams in Jerez and within less than three days after there PPL skill test, Just because the HOT NEVER know that students needs there ELP Before they apply for there licness .

- Most of you guys heard about the students in the academy who refused to enter the CAA exams , The fact is that the previews HOT " Pedro Lopez " Has Arranged a big meeting announces that any student has the right " from now on " to attempted EASA exams under any EASA authority in EU , In the end of the face the student where surprise by changing the plane by the new HOT " Ian clarke " who has forced all student to attempt CAA exams only in two weeks and if they did not, they will be terminated .

- I have signed three different student handbooks , This is just showing the missing of professionalism and the unstable environment in AAA.

Accommodations :-

- the accommodation in Airways is in 5 different places , 3 hostels “ two of them has sharing bathrooms , one hotel , some sharing flats, and one building placed in the airport can hold 20 student , no air condition in this place with 40c in the summer time.

- One of the Hostel that we had to stay in has many insects and dirty kitchen and we always complain about it and nothing has been change .

In the end i would never suggest to any one to start there training with this academy, anyone would like to, please think again!
They have freezed about 150 Flight loger account to student who has leved the academy and they they refuse to give to them any records witch meen that you might start from the beggining if you want to change to other academy.

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We regard those records as your personal and private property - check in their training manual - it should say something like "a student can inspect and copy records at any time". They obviously need a record of your training to be kept for three years, but I would quote the Data Protection stuff

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No disrespect but that is an atrocious level of English, it's a shame because it takes away from what I'm sure is a good story otherwise, how is it an ICAO 4?

Unless you are deliberately speaking poor English to avoid being identified
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looks to me that, he may of written it in spanish , then used google translate to english
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Originally Posted by A320LGW View Post
No disrespect but that is an atrocious level of English, it's a shame because it takes away from what I'm sure is a good story otherwise, how is it an ICAO 4?

Unless you are deliberately speaking poor English to avoid being identified
Somewhat harsh I would suggest. Poor spelling and grammar maybe, but totally comprehensible.
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He has taken his time to share his personal experience with an ATO and warn others before hand. Instead of focusing on his non-native language skills or his spelling mistakes etc., a 'thank you' might be a better reply
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