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Thumbs up CAE OXFORD

Anyone starting the CAE Oxford Intergrated ATPL course on the 13th December 2019?
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Originally Posted by michael_1234 View Post
Anyone starting the CAE Oxford Intergrated ATPL course on the 13th December 2019?
no but I have my stage 2 assessment coming up for this, any tips or hits please?
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CAE Oxford stage 2

Hi All
If you are about to do your stage 2 assessment at oxford for the Integrated ATPL or MPL this message is for you.

Once you have completed your scheduling for the stage 2 assessment via booking uk, I suggest that you book 1 months in advance before sitting the assessment, depending on your maths and physics knowledge this would help a lot. The day consist of a battery of assessments that have been created by Symbiotics based in the UK.

The pilot screening that CAE use is called ADAPT where you will have to undergo 6 test within a time limited task. I suggest to everyone even before considering doing the ADAPt test at oxford get prepared as it may be difficult for some of you.

Letís get stuck in, the maths and physics test are based at gcse level especially for the physics as it requires some knowledge about the earths rotation around the sun, velocity and acceleration questions such as is velocity and acceleration the same ? A train is traveling at a speed of 49m/s and has increased itís velocity to 55m/s in a time of 5 seconds what is the rate of acceleration ? You will be required to know gay lussscs law such as temperatures and pressures. You will be provided with the formula to do the question. Then you will be required to know the formula of weigh= massxgravity, Potentially energy and kinetic energy, also properties of solids liquids and gases, knowledge in magnets, pressure, energy.

For the maths part it is very simple if you master Speed-distance-time you will be fine. The hardest part in maths are the combined S-D-T with fuel rate example: if 2.3=1kg. You do a trip of 1980 miles at an average speed of 430mph. You use 25lbs/minute. What is the fuel consumption in kg ?
And some basic trigonometry such as you are on a heading of 160 you turn left 260 degrees then right 12 degrees what is your new heading. Get familiar with all those types and you will breeze through it.

Also CAE donít mention it but you can buy a symbiotics maths progressive and physics test on their website at a cost of 15£ each but they will not provide any feedback only your results generated once completed the test. If you are a fast enough take screenshots of the ques And practice as much as you can those types of questions as they repeatedly the same typical questions but not the same way of course. The FAST test that requires a split attention and assess your multitasking abilities. You will have to answer maths cognitive orientation questions also fly a plane through barriers ect. You get 2 attempts the aim is to improve in your second attempt. Those are the hardest tasks, however the ball game is quite tricky if you donít have any hand-eye-coordination skills I suggest that you practice at home using a joy stick or if you sail that yould be such an advantage.

Maths and physics test are 30 min each 20 random generated questions.

Best of of luck to all of you thinking to apply for an airline or whitetail program.
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