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Becoming An Airline pilot With A Record

Old 14th Jun 2018, 05:53
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Becoming An Airline pilot With A Record

Im interested in pursuing a career as a pilot and saw that Envoy has a great student cadet program that Id be interested in pursuing through one of the partnered flight schools. But before I move forward I wanted to find out if my record would prohibit me from becoming an airline pilot. My record consists of a speeding ticket from 2010, a speed contest/unsafe speed charges from 2012 (both of the 2012 charges were given on the same incident), and a misdemeanor charge from 2013 that included a charge for prowling and resisting arrest but I was only charged for prowling and the resisting arrest charge was dismissed.
All charges were received when I was at the age of 20 or below. Since my last charge in 2013 five years have passed and I have had a no additional criminal or driving charges against me.

Do I stand a chance?
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Old 15th Jun 2018, 05:46
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I wonder how long those charges would show in any records, and would you get an airside pass at all? You could well end up easily passing everything, only to be told you can’t go onto the airfield to excecise your license.
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You need to look at how the law with this works in the context of where you live/are intending to work, specifically:

1. Do you have access to a list of offences that would disqualify you from gaining an airside pass?
2. What is the disclosure process?
3. Are the offences you list removed from your record after a period of time?

In some parts of the world (but not all) it is possible to put yourself through the disclosure process (i.e. ask the authorities to send you a certificate showing what they hold on record); if you can do that you might have a better handle on your prospects.

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I would advice you to contact FAA and couple of regional/major airlines and see what theyll tell you.
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Originally Posted by Negan View Post
There was/is a user called Buttonpushignored on here who I think is an airline recruiter, I think he would be able to give you some information

I speak both British English and American English, but not Double Dutch English.
Maybe something was ‘lost in translation’.
You take everything I say far too literally.
I’ve told you this before, that when I said MY airline.
I was referring to the company I’m proud to work for.
Just like I refer to MY wife, as someone I’m equally proud of.
And MY three children.
None of which I own.

I am NOT a recruiter for any airline.

Chris McQueen.
Speeding tickets.
My interview went like this.
“Any accidents or violations?” No.
“Any arrests or convictions?” No
“What, not even a speeding ticket?” No.
My friend rattled off a whole laundry list of moving violations in a Porsche 911 Turbo, that the interviewer was most impressed he owned.
We both got hired.
Just tell them that with a last name of McQueen, it’s in your DNA. KACHOW!!!

You may have to own up to what exactly a Prowling charge is.
I don’t know.
If it’s driving a Plymouth Prowler I completely understand.
Solicitation, not so much.
Sound more like an arsehole cop to me.

But airline interviewers are not looking for such stupid irrelevant details.
They are looking to see if you would be a good mix with the company culture.

I can’t see US regional airlines being picky these days.
They are looking for serious criminal behavior that would prevent you from holding a ATP.
Every flight school has an accociation with a regional airline.
With the required hours, you could get ten jobs in a week.
I wouldn’t put any weight as to where to train on just this.
Go where ever you feel works best for you.

The majors can afford to be more choosy.
Just tell them you were a teenager messing around with cars.
What they are looking for is theft, violence and substance abuse.

And the legacy’s even more so.
To include anti social behavior and today’s buzz word #metoo.
They monitor your social media, so mind what you say, do and post.

But don’t talk yourself out of anything you want to do.

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