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Anyone never got a job??

Old 10th Jun 2018, 08:35
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Anyone never got a job??

Just interested in knowing the stories behind them if anyone knows of anyone who’s had this situation?

Has anyone ever gone through the whole training process from PPL to MCC, either integrated or modular, and never got that job offer and had to return to a total different career path?

My guess is that whether your mod or integrated, you have to get through several stages, be it the difficulty of ATPLs, or the demands of an IR which prevent anyone who isn’t fully capable of being an airline pilot getting right the way to the end,

but how many people actually pay out and put themselves through a whole course never to get the job at the end of it??
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 09:20
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Those who struggle through training, require retakes, eventually scrape through the flying tests are the most vulnerable.
This is compounded by not staying current. Your performance on the MCC is a good indicator as to your ability.
The critical bit is the SIM ride as part of the interview process.
Going down the FI route is one escape route to gain confidence and experience before trying for say a turbo prop operator.
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 09:49
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Well you can never say never, unless with those who lost their medical. I know a guy who graduated from a respected flight school and was rejected by all airliners until eventually landing a FO job at a flagship carrier 10 years after. In the best cases you land a job in a few months but if it takes longer, it doesn't mean you will ever have to give up, unless you indeed lose your medical in the time being.
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 10:20
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I know a few people who gave up their licenses after 5 years of unemployment simply due to the fact of high loan repayments and high costs of ME/IR revalidation. They simply reached a point in their new careers that it wasn't really worth the money, time and effort anymore to keep the license current. Most of them came out of flight school in 2009 and gave up their licenses around 2013... just before the markets started to pickup again. It's a shame, but it is just the way it is in the end.

They have good careers now in different sectors.

So to answer the question. Yes, there are quite a few who never made it to the airlines but the people I know all gave up at some point. A few friends who were without jobs for years but always stayed current are now finally getting jobs in the airlines.
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 12:13
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My lady has a saying; "don't look for problems, look for solutions".

There is no success without failure, you must fail in order to learn how to succeed. You must take responsibility for your life and stop hiding from your potential in the bushes of excuses. Attitude is altitude..... All this stuff is very cliche and has been regurgitated by many of these motivational speakers, but the reality is; its true what they are saying.

If one person can get through the exams, get their licence and get a job then that means you can too; that person proved that it was humanly possible. Therefore, self analyse and find out what it is thats holding you back. Short of being medically unfit, anyone can get a job as a pilot if they have enough determination and desire for it.
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 12:56
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Originally Posted by MaverickPrime View Post
anyone can get a job as a pilot if they have enough determination and desire for it.
MP is spot on with this final sentence. This is the acid test which combined with being a team player will enhance your chances no end.
You simply need normal hand to eye coordination which any competent car driver possesses, and sufficent grey matter.

You really want to do it !

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Old 25th Aug 2022, 22:18
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As long as you have enough cash you can say theres a greater than 0 chance you may get a job. As long as you can get in front of someone to convince.

All these “stick with it post”, whilst inspiring, neglect to mention this. It costs time, money and your life and potentially another career.

At some point it is better to stop and live your life. I would never encourage anyone to pursue this as a career unless a company was paying for it. Talk to those that didnt make it, what doea that mean for you? What does success look like?

yes i can fly around in a C150 with a friend and have great fun, I made it. I spent about 70% over what was needed in time, energy effort, and life lived, than was necessary to get to that point. Chasing the right hand seat is not for everyone. It is a gamble, be prepared to walk away and loose everything.
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I know several people from my course that ended up not finding work and having to go back to previous careers or find new ones. Nothing is guaranteed, I also know one guy who kept things ticking over for just on 12 years and kept everything current and picked up his first airline job last year in the middle of Covid. So I guess if you have the funds available to keep things current you stand a great chance of finding work eventually. Can’t remember the exact numbers but we had about 25 people on our Modular Course and around 18/19 found work almost straight away and 3 or 4 of the others gave up after a few year of no luck with a couple finding work in the first year or so.
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I didn’t fly for 5 year after gaining my CPL.
Persisted and made it to a jet a grand 21(!) years after getting my Private.
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