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Bartolini flight school does not convert licenses on individual bases

So I have read good reviews about this particular flight school, and was looking into it to go and do my flying portion of the conversion, after I write the easa atpl exams. After a few emails, I was told that they don't provide training for license conversion on a separate bases and if I wanted to convert i would have to do the full course. Given my situation (cpl with multi ifr) I wouldn't need to do the entire course since I only need 3 to 10 hours flying for CPL and 15 for multi IFR. It wouldn't make sense to do the full course and hours since the cost is a lot higher. Only benefit is more flight hours in your log book. I thought I would share this with other members looking for flight schools to do their flying portion of their license conversion

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Bartolini Air has not been doing conversions for at least over a year now. And they would be overloaded anyway. It's already been written on several occasions in the relevant thread.
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Well, I got the same reply from them, about a year ago. Obviously they are only interested in making the big money. It's too much paperwork and to little profit. And the waiting time to start the training/flying is ridiculous as well, can't start this year because they are overbooked. Nobody want's to wait a year to start training, everybody want's to get done as fast as a possible and get a job in the cockpit. Waiting means loosing in this industry!!! So don't waist your time with them and go elsewhere!
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Or you work out when you are able to do the CPL ME IR and book well in advance and pay a deposit to secure your place?
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Are you serious man?
You don't have to wait for an entire year.. you can go somewhere else.
it's normal that they have a lot of reservations as they are one of the cheapest in Europe.
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I didn't realize it was posted so sorry for the double post.
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