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Feedback of Grupo One Air Academy Spain

Old 9th Dec 2016, 20:01
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Feedback of Grupo One Air Academy Spain

Hello all ! I hope everyone are in good condition.

Today I looking for Grupo One Air Academy feedback that located in Spain Malaga.
how is the school, instructor, fleet and everything about them.

I will like to take commercial pilot course with frozen ATPL (INTEGRATED ATPL).

Is there any problems with them? Flights.

Please fell about them in details.
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Old 15th Dec 2016, 09:25
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Hi, i was looking school this summer, i visited some of them, One Air looks great but finally i came to Airpull Aviation, one air they are in an international airport, sometimes you have to wait etc... so 1 hour flight you really flown 40 minutes..., Airpull Aviation they have own aerodrome so i dont waste time. i can give you more information in pm, i joined them in september and im very happy.
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Old 24th Feb 2019, 07:52
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I am expected to start my CPL/ME-IR training next summer in One Air Malaga.

Any past experiences? I would really appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards
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Old 24th Feb 2019, 18:01
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I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

I've not been to the school, but I've attempted to contact them since November and talk to a mysterious figure 'Cian', who apparently manages training, but I'm convinced he doesn't exist. Still yet to talk to him and I was hoping to go there in October for the full CPL/ME/IR. I have spoken to past students and the feedback has been mixed; some say it was 'OK' and others absolutely rubbish.

The school's got potential to be good, with a nice fleet and a reasonable price. But if they can't manage the very basics of communication, then I'm not going to spend a penny there.

Save the hassle and go to DFA in Sweden (if you can get a place secured and don't mind spending a little extra).
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Old 24th Feb 2019, 20:50
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I actually have a slot there and paid 2000€ in advance. I went to visit the school last year and I met Cian, who is Training Assesor only. I talked with him on the phone also. He seems to be a very nice man, but he told me they don’t answer calls from foreign numbers. Try to contact him by Whatsapp if you wish. I can help you with the number via PM.

Good Luck
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Old 25th Feb 2019, 09:32
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That would be great if you could.

I have called them about 20 times, managing to get through to a lady three times who told me Cian would call me back, which has yet to materialise. So I gave up.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 11:02
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Hello! I am planning to visit them as soon as I get my medical. How many hours do they give you in the CPL ME IR ”course” and is it all done in the DA42?
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 13:02
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Hello FuturePilot6

Aproximately 40hrs of flying including skill tests, flights in DA42 and DA40.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 14:13
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but he told me they don’t answer calls from foreign numbers.
That's a very strange practice if you are trying to get foreign students.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 16:06
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I agree.
I also failed to get a response by email/phone
I think if that's the attitude, I'll pass
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 20:32
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How much in the 42 and 40?
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Old 27th Mar 2019, 19:29
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Cool Grupo One Air Malaga ATPL Integrated

Hi all,
I'm going to visit Grupo One Air flight school in Malaga over Easter to begin my application for the Integrated ATPL scheme and do my aptitude assessment. Does anyone have any experience with this school, gone through this scheme or have any experience/advice they could offer?

Thanks in advance
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Old 28th Mar 2019, 12:58
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When will you be starting?
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Old 28th Mar 2019, 22:02
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Start date

I am applying for the course that starts in October, however I have not been through the selection yet. I will be visiting the school at the end of April. 👍
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Old 24th Jul 2019, 12:09
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Did you sign up in the end? I'll be starting the October course. I went over in February, set up looks great I felt
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Old 30th Oct 2019, 18:53
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Hi everyone ,

I did my courses in One Air , if you have time to stay here it's decent a school , I did all my modular course , it's not integrated as they try to hide, everything looks good BUT it's all show , we fly in a outside aerodrome not AGP the aerodrome is Axarquia and the weather is always gusty due to the surrounding mountains it is not the best , and also you have to drive 45min to reach the aerodrome. The course is very different if you are starting from nothing . So my opinion is if you have the time you could come otherwise try to search an another school . And also after the PPL you have to rush everything , pass all ATPL exam in a short time if you need to finish , and if you didn't finish you pay extra for accommodation.

I hope this review help you.
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Old 1st Nov 2019, 12:55
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Hi Julien974,

What do you mean the course "it's not integrated as they try to hide"?

I'm considering to start the ATPL programme next year and am planning to visit the school in early 2020.
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Old 1st Nov 2019, 14:51
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I just looked at the website thoroughly and nowhere does it try to imply that its an integrated course.

Just because it doesnt say it isnt integrated doesnt mean its hiding something
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Old 8th Nov 2019, 18:38
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I saw in the website of Spain national agency this is an ATO -190 with approved courses only ATPL modular NOT integrated.
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Old 9th Nov 2019, 13:31
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de minimus non curat lex
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Before any Junior Birdman* signs up for any course it is critically important that they carry out DUE DILIGENCE.

Visit those ATOs on your shortlist. Speak with the staff and most importantly the customers under going training. How any aircraft ? Reliable? Quality of instruction? Staff / Student ratio. The current students are best placed to give straight answers.
Management likely to say all “rosy in the garden”.

Read all contracts very carefully. They are invariably weighted heavily in favour of the supplier.
Keep a daily diary. Keep all emails. Follow up every conversation, if you express your concerns, with an email to them as if minutes of the meeting.

Any establishment which offers significant discounts for large upfront payments must be regarded as suspicious. It is not recommended and to the more discerning prospective customer be somewhat of a danger signal as to their financial state. Even if some form of Trust Account is mentioned, give it a wide berth.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Your training is expensive. You need to get it right first time.

And despite this advice which was issued was Pontius was a “Pilot” (Pilate). [5th governor of Judaea] the vulnerable and gullible are still caught out. Some will then start a thread to explain their tales of woe. If only they had taken advice and spoken with friends who were in / completed training.

Note: The term “ Junior Birdman “ is a generic phrase not identifying any particular gender / non-binary status.
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