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Western Michigan

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could you send it to me too ? . .Thanks.
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You can e-mail WMU on either of these addresses:

[email protected] [email protected]

They should work.

I got a bit ahead of myself earlier regarding the e-mail responses. Like I said, they have no marketing department (just one of the instructors and a part time secretary) because they are a University. E-mail them for up-to-date information, they are very helpful.


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Old 18th Feb 2002, 22:00
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I was curious about the topic raised by http about a week ago. I donít think itís a case of innocence or guilt here, a perfectly innocent question was raised about one of the world's most respected JAA schools. After all, if I was thinking of enrolling on a course at WMU I would certainly be interested to know what is going on there. Personally I was shocked to hear that five instructors were suspended, whether or not this is true, five members of a workforce do not get suspended for simply dropping crumbs in the crew room!!
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Thumbs down

Heck, I didn't need JAA, but left WMU ... To full of themselves IMO. And steep $$$.
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Red face

Woof woof

You're absolutely right, anyone thinking of going to WMU would be justified in wanting to know everything about the place. However, like I said in response to http's post reference this subject, this is a RUMOUR network and rumours have been known to ruin reputations and livelihoods. Speculating about this subject here will, if the rumour is untrue, probably ruin at least someone's reputation and possibly their employability - once tarnished in print no-one wants to touch you. Do you really want to be responsible for that? I sincerely hope not.

On the other hand, if the rumour is true, then once again, speculation on a public forum is not what (I hope) we all consider to be the correct course for absolute fairness and justice. Or are you just another beleiver in The Sun - as we all know, everything reported in that tabloid is absolutely true (yeah, right!)?

Anyone thinking of going to WMU is likely to be well aware of their web site which contains all the e-mail addresses of the instructors. Since these are published there one has to assume that they have no objection to potential customers asking questions in confidence which I am sure will be answered honestly, if confidentially.

Do yourself and everyone else a favour and stop spreading rumours about people and their livelihoods.
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Old 19th Feb 2002, 23:17
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I think presbycusis has grabbed hold of the wrong end of the stick. I think Woofwoof's comments merely opened up http's question for comment. After all, its agreed WMU is a good school right? The whole idea of this network is a way for users . .to be able to share news with others within the same industry.

Could presbycusis honestly say that he/she has ever speculated about anything in their life? We all hear rumors everyday, some more serious than others, perhaps presbycusis should question his/her involvement on a website that evidently goes against his/her principles!

In a sweeping statement suggesting that rumors on this website can ruin a persons career, you should think twice about taking part in a forum that you most adamantly oppose!
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Oh, for cryin' out loud!

I never said I was against speculation, but it does make me suspicious when someone by the nick of "http", on his first post and stating his location as Kandahar suddenly brings up this topic. Then Woof woof on his second post tries to raise it again. Now that I check, Flash Harry, you seem to be on only your second post too!

Now if that isn't a sign of mischief making at the least, malicious stirring at worse, thenI don't know what is! Apart from http, who says he/she is in Kandahar ( <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> ), you other two are in USA. Sorry, but I sense malicious intent - feel free to prove otherwise.
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Where should I go then???

WMU was recommended to me by many people and airlines. Now I am having doubts. Could anyone please suggest a school in the USA that will offer a reputable JAR ATPL that WILL without any doubt be recognised in Europe by the CAA?

DeltaConnectionAccademy was also recommended but then I heard that it wasn't fully JAR approved.

Who can we trust?
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Delta Connection Academy

Delta Connection Academy in Sanford, FL operates its JAA courses through a partnership with Atlantic Flight Training in Coventry. The CAA has approved this scheme though it is very new with most approvals only dating back to last fall.
Patrick Murphy
Director of Training
Delta Connection Academy
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Don't be misled by caaflyer. Delta Connection does not 'operate its JAA courses through a partnership with Atlantic Flight Training in Coventry', it acts only as a sub-contractor. There is a significant difference in that the CAA has not given any sort of approval to Delta Connection in its own right and it can only operate (for JAA purposes) under the direction and supervision of the Head of Training of Atlantic Flight Training at Coventry. This is why you see no reference to Delta Connection (or Comair) on the CAA website.

Were you to choose to go to Sanford, you would not be enrolled as a student of Delta Connection but as a student of Atlantic Flight Training. You may not think that the distinction is important, since you would still gain a JAA licence, but, as a paying customer, you should at least be aware of it. There is no implied suggestion that Delta Connection is anything other than a perfectly splendid school, merely that they appear to misunderstand their position in the great JAA scheme of things.
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Old 21st Apr 2003, 03:55
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Talking JAR Approval

The issue of JAR training outside of the JAA member states is a real thorny issue, and pretty hard for a newbie to understand.

BillieBob, what you say is not entirely correct. If a school in the USA, or anywhere for that matter, wants to act as a 'sub-contractor' for JAR training, they still need approval to conduct such training. This involves all intructors to be trained and tested by an approved CAA examiner (if under CAA juristiction), and the premises, airfield etc have to be approved. Its all a far cry from the early days of any shabby little school in the USA setting up CAA PPL training, JAR really have a lid on this, and quite right too.

WMU had a good reputation, employed very competant UK instructors who passed on the knowledge of JAR training to their American colleagues. No reason to see that has changed, although all the Brit instructors have long gone!
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Pressby wants it both ways; if it is a rumour then don't speculate, if it is not then don't talk about it. It is not a rumour, it definitely was true, 5 flying instructors were suspended. A definitive explanation can be found with a search for WMU, look for Wrinkled Plum's original posting 06/28/2002 with explanation by Shaft.ted. WMU certainly wasn't worried about their employees' reputations, rumour was good enough.
Now this is speculation; as there are no new JAA courses ay WMU there must be some very expensive QFIs sitting around doing very little. This situation will not last long-look for more contracts not being renewed at the end of June. I would imagine that the Ground Instructors (what's left of them)would also be seeing the writing on the wall.
Battle Creek put a lot of money into IPTC. WMU put very little. The enormity of what was done to the IPTC program by WMU has only now just filtered thru to to the folks of that town.
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Bow 5,

I have just finished the ab initio course at WMU, cannot recommend it highly enough. Awesome experience, great flying, great equipment and good instruction. Most of the course past all their JAA theory first time. You return to England after 12 months to do your IR at Bristol Flying centre, again no complaints with them, the changes between flying in the US and UK are not very dramatic as you are well prepared in the US.

Overall if WMU goes ahead with the new JAA course they are advertising in flight then you should have no worries. I now have a great year of memories!
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I recently completed my ab initio course at WMU too.

Were we really at the same place??!!
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Have recently heard that WMU has no JAA students, that the CFI is leaving (no work) and annual contracts are not being renewed.
Cvs from instructors have been seen at various schools. Seems a pity. From all accounts this was a great training establishment with very inept management.
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Tarbaby, you almost had it right. Yes the CFI is leaving, at the end of June I believe which is the end of the contract year. There will still be two CAA licenced instructors plus the Head of Training, although whatr training he will be head of is a mystery to me. I heard that the last JAA students have left already. The former Head of Training is also in the process of leaving.

WMU, or IPTC as the JAA element of the college used to be called, was a fun place to be and it had a huge potential. Unfortunately a combination of poor management, university politics and unsubstantiated accusations of racism have caused the downward and probably terminal dive.
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To add to whats already been stated.....The most senior person in the IPTC (advisor to the Dean) has resigned,the CFI is leaving ,the head of the synthetic flight training dept has resigned,4 JAA flight instructors and 2 sim instructors have been fired as well as some FAA flight instructors and admin staff.
Does it look good for the future?
Glad I finished when I did though no complaints about the instruction(first class) facilities and aircraft.BA ,Aer Lingus ,Emirates and EPST can't all be wrong?
From what I've heard beats spots off Oxford and is better than Jerez(though their weather is better).
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Embry-Riddle New Program

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are starting a new program for first officer candidates (focused on regional jets) is almost up and running from what I hear, based in Sunny St. Augustine, Florida. AWESOME flying!! Includes CRM/LOFT, level D sim..etc, mainly focused on USA regional jet operators.

If they start JAA they will take the WORLD by storm!!!! They have over 100 brand new aircraft, simulators....and very professional people.

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