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Modular course

Old 20th Jan 2016, 00:46
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Modular course

Guys I really need to share your knowledge all and your thoughts!

Now I have offered modular program fAtpl with Airways Aviation at coventry used to call Atlantic flight Academy.
Sadly. Cae oxford does not take any student with no uk or Eu passport for the Integrated aff po prgramme.
I am only left with Airways Aviation and they dont offer integrated course because they dont have enough students to start.

**** my question
Upon successfully finish this programme the modular at airways aviation
How the airline will know wheather its been modular or an integrated course, is it written in the EASA FCL UK CAA fatpl license ? This my concern hope will find and answer!
Second and last question.
Do is matter whether the MEP IR ratings done in spain or UK ?
Thank you upfront and hear from you all.
Ihope and wish everyone success and achieve dreams.
Thank you again.
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 05:05
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Well, at least you will still become acquainted with Oxford because Airways are moving there

In reality, the only way anyone will know aside from knowing the courses offered at the school is by the number of hours you have. You will probably end up with more having done a modular course. I'm guessing it will be a "structured modular", where you get a PPL straight away. With the integrated course you get no licence at all until you finish. The only other difference is more money to the CAA for the approval.

A rating is a rating and can be done anywhere once you have your licence. The licence gives you permission to hold ratings, and the ratings give you permission to fly.

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Great Article listing all the facts :

Integrated vs. Modular ? Which route to take | The Student Pilot Blog

to sum it up. Both integrated and modular will give you the same end result:
An EASA frozen ATPL (no difference - no comments on you license). The only way to tell the difference is on your CV or during the interview.

So, the only difference between the 2 is the course structure.

Integrated = full time course, more intense course with one only FTO.
Some of the training might be done abroad ie.: USA. This is the norm for the hour building part.

Modular = "A building block" course. You can pick and choose between the FTO's. Ie PPL with Oxford, hour building in the USA, IR with Atlantic and so on. It allows you to change FTO should you not like the place / instruction given and it allows you to "save" a bit of money as well, as FTO's are competing for your business.

- I would probably recommend you to do the IR in the UK. If you want to save money do it on the hour building part or CPL part of your modular course.

Good luck!!
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 23:09
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I will try to discuss with the HOT to make my CPL MEP IR skill test in Coventry rather than spain.

The price their are offering is 77,225 GBP
Total flying actual flying
Sinhgle DA 40 190 hours
Twin DA 42 27 hours
All flying in Huesca, Spain

FNPT 2 - 35 hours

Distance learning 10 weeks at coventry
Include caa fees

Mcc and joc a320 or b737 at EPST theory 25hours
Sim 48 hours Netherlands
Include all accomdation
+ license issuing fees etc
One return ticket spain uk
They offered 77,225 GBP
Course duration 50 weeks.
Please give me your thoughts.
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Guys as its obvious its all in one ATO full time. Exceptions for the mcc its with their partner in netherlands EPST.
Looking for forward sharing your thoughts with me.
One more thing, do airlines prefer distance learning for that amount of time 10 weeks? As it short duration and more harder to fininsh 14 CAA atpl exams ?
I wish all success

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I would have thought that the number of weeks you take for distance learning will be low down on their priorities

That sort of requirement is one of those excuses to weed people out at the resume stage.

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Old 26th Jan 2016, 11:25
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10 Weeks?

Have I missed something... distance learning in 10 weeks, I have been working here at CATS for many years and have not seen or heard of anyone completing 14 exams in 10 weeks... Sorry Phil, but I disagree most Airlines would be a little bit confused as to how the ATPL’s could be completed in 10 weeks when other students take between 5-12 months.
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It all depends on how you are taught and the quality and motivation of the student, plus the reputation of the school. I did my own in 8 weeks way back when, and that was with negative marking . My own feeling is that if you do well with the non-multiple choice questions at the technical interview, how well you did the real exams won't matter. Everyone knows that most people have to crash the databases anyway - you cannot pass the current exams on knowledge alone.

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