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The cost of a piece of paper

Old 15th Jun 2002, 15:09
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Question The cost of a piece of paper

Just out of interest,

What sort of $$$$$$ are different people paying worldwide for their licences.

In Australia you would look at

AUD 12000 for a PPL (about 6800 Euro)

AUD 35000 for a CPL (20000 Euro) (inc PPL)

AUD 8500 for a MECIR (4800 Euro)

AUD 9000 for a FIC (5200 Euro)

and about AUD 2500 (1500 Euro) for the ATPL subjects (at this stage we can self study ATPL's and have no in flight test component)
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C'mon guys, I'm geunuinely interested!!!!!

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I say there boy
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I'll quote for a 'frozen ATPL' ie. CPL/IR with all ATPL subjects passed, all done in the UK, from scratch on minumum hours (ie. rare).

Prices range from £35,000 - AUD 92,000 - EUR 54,000 (modular do-it-yourself route) to £60,000 - AUD 157,000 - EUR 92,000(full-time, integrated route)

It can be done cheaper than this on the modular route, but that requires time outside Europe - SA/Oz/NZ/US being the favourites.
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Old 16th Jun 2002, 17:45
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It's a LOT cheaper in the US.. but you already knew that, right?
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Old 16th Jun 2002, 18:10
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Yep, it's a lot cheaper in most parts of the world than Northern Europe.
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Old 18th Jun 2002, 08:37
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As a wannabee (doing alot of soaring/gliding at the moment), I have begun a survey about 4 months ago to find the cheapest and best schools, that has JAR-FCL cources AND is certified på JAA. Also the possibility og taking FAA certificates and convert them to JAA is being considered.
I have no limits of what country it could or should be, therefore this huge survey that is getting more complex day after day.
I will hopefully be finish with my surveys in a few weeks. Man, if there was only 5 schools it would be easy to choose. But no no, there are hundreds, thousands of them and one is claiming to be better and cheaper than the other ..

At this time I have also seen som interesting prices in Turkey and Spain (and of course the US). And yes, nothern Europe is very expensive. A JAA approved school in Denmark cost something around 75.000 - 85.000 Euro for a two year integrated ATPL course incl. MCC course and some 210-230 hours ...
Yet I have not been confirmed with the quality of all the schools I am looking at. But when I am done with the surveys, I shall show the results to those who want to see it. Might be a help for some people/wannabe's ...

And if anybody has good or bad experience with some schools, please let me know. It will be a great help ...
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Old 18th Jun 2002, 19:02
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In Belgium, a PPL costs between €6200 & €7200.
The ATPL theoretical ground course is between €5500 & €6000
For the practical training (MCC included) you would look at €49000 to €55000.

In my opinion, these are pretty moderate prices.
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